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Hi! I am looking to raise $85 in order to print my Trashbat Patches & pins. I want others to be able to wear them on their jackets!

The Project: 

Hey boys & girls! Raven here and I am back..this time I am  looking to print up Trashbat Patches so that others with the Trashbat mentality out there can wear them on their bags and jackets!!   Each patch is 5x5 inches ( same image on my trashbat tshirt pictured) I just need around $85 to get them all printed up at the shop. These patches are going to be on  heavy black canvas and have white screen print. Perfect to sew on your jacket or bags!!

 If I raise more than my goal the extra $ will be going to Printing tshirts because I also want to launch a  trashbat t-shirt line (first kickstarter I did for the shirts did not get funded)

If you fit the description below then you are also a trashbat and should be rocking one of these patches!!!! 

so...........What is a Trashbat????????

Those that are diagnosed with the incurable "TRASHBAT Syndrome" will show three or more of the following signs:

1. Heavy interest in creation or appreciation in the macabre and    morbid. Bordering vulgar tendencies... 

2. Schizophrenic ideals of money, almost a hatered of wealth.  i.e. Living lower by choice not circumstance.

3. An unhealthy addiction to the following substances:
 In most instances other depressants like Marijuana as well

4. Contrary sleep schedule, hard time sleeping at night. Unusual  night time energy.

Those that suffer from this syndrome are prone to also wear  clothing:

-Devoid of colors, sometimes bits of red or purple are seen

-Tattered and shredded fabrics for shirts, tops and skirts.

-Most items using the "DIY" or, "Do It Yourself" mentality.

-When in company of an aforementioned "Trashbat", one may experience an unknown sound, a so called "Death Rattle" due to their heavy adornment of accesories and metals hitting against one another while in motion.
Chains, Belts, bracelets, rings etc...


Follow Raven on twitter here:!/ravenofskys

Raven is a full time artist:

Check out hashtag #trashbat on Twitter! <3


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    Donate unlucky $13 and get 2 Trashbat Patches and 2 pins!!

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    You get a trashbat pin, patch, and an original signed trashbat sketch by me!

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    You get a Trashbat pin, patch and a black trashbat shirt that has been bleached with the design by hand by me! Also you get a trashbat sketch by me, signed!!

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    If you donate this you just funded my project! You get a patch, a pin, a tshirt AND an original Trashbat painting by me signed and framed!!

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