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A Goth fairy tale! We are 2 romantic muses who hope to raise $ for our T-shirt line so we can sell them & raise the money to meet!

 Art, Filth, Love: We are the TRASHBATS

  Trashy Goth Romance! 

Meet Bats and Raven: We are the Trashbats! We are two Goth misfits who found each other online  & are dark muses very much drawn to one another. The unfortunate part? Bats lives on the west coast and Raven lives on the east coast. "Trashbat" is the term Bats came up with for each other to describe our Goth lifestyle, artistic vision, and similar mindset.  We are both struggling artist/ creative types so to unite or ever meet in person seems financially impossible! 

So what does our dark art & romantic angst have to do with Kickstarter?


 We want to have our t-shirt designs printed so we can sell them and raise money to actually meet and see what happens next. We are interested in starting up the  t-shirt line called "Trashbats".  We hope to get the start-up money to print at least 3 of our shirt designs in various sizes and colors and then sell our shirts online via etsy or our own website. Once we get the funding to launch the shirt line we plan on  selling the shirts printed & use ALL  profits of our sales to meet each other. Sound crazy to go through all this just to meet? Maybe.. but we are smitten with each other obviously!!

 This is our dark fairytale... we hope you find our story and desire for another inspiring enough to support and make it come true for us!!

We are also not opposed to someone privately contacting us & gifting us the $$ to meet. It would be a Gothic dream come true for that to happen to us! 

Eventually we plan to film our story as a reality show  called "Trashbats" so we can share with the world our Goth perspective on art, romance and lifestyle. If we exceed our $999 funding goal we will apply the money to our reality show project. Shooting the pilot episode would likely cost us at least $5,000 so right now we are just going to focus on the t-shirt line. 

The $999 will be used for us to purchase a website, print batches of 3 different shirt designs in girl cut and boy cut shirts, and print different colors. Our designs rock but we have no $ for startup!!! 


What is a Trashbat?

Those that are diagnosed with the incurable "Trashbat Syndrome" will show three or more of the following signs:

1. Heavy interest in creation or appreciation in the macabre and    morbid. Bordering vulgar tendencies and outbursts. 

2. Schizophrenic ideals of money, almost a hate of wealth.  i.e. Living lower lives by choice not circumstance.

3. An unhealthy addiction to the following substances:
 In most instances other depressants like Marijuana as well

4. Contrary sleep schedule, hard time sleeping at night. Unusual  night time energy.

Those that suffer from this syndrome are prone to also wear  clothing:

-Devoid of colors, sometimes bits of red or purple are seen

-Tattered and shredded fabrics for shirts, tops and skirts.

-Most items using the "DIY" or, "Do It Yourself" mentality.

-When in company of an aforementioned "Trashbat", one may experience an unknown sound, a so called "Death Rattle" due to their heavy adornment of accesories and metals hitting against one another while in motion.
Chains, Belts, bracelets, rings etc...


You can also follow us on twitter and look up hashtag #trashbats to see how we are doing!!

Follow Bats on twitter here:!/ChaseBats

Follow Raven on twitter here:!/ravenofskys

Bats is a model, writer, musician :

Raven is a full time artist:

*** location says NYC  but current location is Pa for Raven and Ca for Bats***


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