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pledged of $425,000pledged of $425,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 5 2015 1:59 AM UTC +00:00

What happens if we don't fund?

Posted by Trapdoor Technologies (Creator)

What If We Don't Fund?

Yesterday, I addressed the question about why Trapdoor needs $425,000 to fund the completion of Morningstar. Today, I want to chat briefly about what happens if we don't fund via our Kickstarter campaign. The answer is somewhat more complex than you might imagine, so please bear with me. 

First, we need to assess whether the gaming community has a real interest in our technology. The response to our Kickstarter is part of that answer - and I won't deny that the role player in me will be disappointed if we don't fund. 

Our decision to jump into the gaming market was not made lightly. Trapdoor is a software company that builds interactive publishing applications. This technology is at work in commerce, education, and other fields. Role-playing games are complex and thus a perfect showcase for our interactive technology which simplifies prep and play. This is a greenfield opportunity for us and the industry. No other gaming company provides digital distribution beyond PDFs. 

Your pledge to our Kickstarter campaign is the best way to express interest in bringing a remarkable, captivating and new experience to our hobby. It is the only way to 100% guarantee the success of Morningstar. 

If we don't fund (and assuming there is demonstrable interest in the technology), we will need to reevaluate the current gaming ecosystem: looking for publishers who are interested in leveraging Morningstar into their gaming system, assessing the OGL for D&D 5e (if any), combing the feature set in Morningstar to see what can be pushed back, etc. With $1.2M invested in the project to date, we would obviously like to see Morningstar launch. However, as with any business if there does not appear to be a sufficient market interest our continued investment in the gaming industry is not assured. 

The community and you have some decisions to make in the next two weeks. If you share our vision, pledge. Even if you don't think we will fund - throw your support behind our cause. Kickstarter collects pledges only if the funding is successful. It's a no risk proposition - at worst, you will show your support. Not pledging is telling the industry that you are happy with the status quo. Hopefully, you elect to be on the ground floor of a truly remarkable journey.

Respectfully submitted.

Chris Matney

Managing Director

Trapdoor Technologies

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    1. Zak Hennessey on

      Just found out about this today, and forwarded it to A LOT of people. Hard core gamers. People who hadn't heard about it. If it doesn't get funded, it isn't necessarily a reflection of whether or not people want to have something like this - it almost slipped by me. I had no idea it was out there but for a random FB post. Having run 2 Kickstarter campaigns and sadly failing both, I can't suggest how to succeed, but in this case, perhaps enough of the people who would be interested in this just don't know it exists. As I said, I didn't and it is something I am very interested in. Don't give up if this one doesn't happen. Use the resources and followers you've gathered from this, and see if there is a way to reach a larger audience in a few months. Believe me, I was stunned when people I was sure would back my projects didn't even take the time to, at the very least, share it with their friends. And people who promised to help didn't come through. But there ARE people who are interested in this. And many more who don't even know about it. Just saying...

    2. Iyar binyamin on

      See, that's the problem, not pledging does not mean that I like the status qou, in my case it means that I don't like pathfinder and have no intrest in it.

      If Morningstar would have supported 5e, or if the added benefits were more visible (a character generator is great but not really useful to me) than I believe that a bunch of folks would have been all over this.

      Just my 2cents

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrian Plack on

      @trapdoor well Chris you know I'm looking forward to this if you don't fund it will be sad indeed, I hope people pledge and show enough support so that the company sees it as monetarily viable. Thanks for keeping us informed now off to forums to try and drum up more support.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sendokami on

      To be honest I dont see it funding as you need around 28000 in pledges a day to fund. With that said though I seriously hope you will continue with the project, see if you cant partner with the big games and get them on board. I think that's the biggest problem here. Some people will play a single game for 2 years, if its say Legend of the Five Rings they will see you only working with 3.PF and 5.0 and pass up since they cant use it.

      I myself backed because I play a ton of 3.PF so I will get a lot of use out of it wich is why I can completely understand people passing it up if they dont like 3.PF or are simply playing other games.

      Good luck, I hope you continue but I understand if you need to do what is economically sound for your business.

    5. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      For me, I'm hoping it funds and it useful for 5e D&D (or Numenera or The Strange) since I don't play Pathfinder at all. Otherwise, I won't have a use for it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gehrigan on

      If my fellow players are worried about not having the cash for it due to christmas purchases, might I recommend buying a subscription for a gamer friend. Two birds, one stone :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gehrigan on

      Very well put, Chris. I love the inherent versatility and community environment that you are trying to develop. I picture this almost as a tabletop RPG gamers version of Steam.

    8. Bradley Bristow-Stagg on

      Have you considered relaunching a KS in the New Year? This is a pretty hard time to launch a KS with most peoples disposable incomes dried up due to Christmas. Half of a KS success comes from launching at the appropriate time and having suitable materials to demonstrate your goal.

    9. Kevin Rank

      I'd like to see you fund, but I think putting this at the feet of the Kickstarter may be a poor idea. Your platform has a lot going against it.

      1) It was canceled by WotC.
      2) You don't have a good demonstration.
      3) A lot of us have been bit by big promises and little to no return in the RPG and digital realms.

      I don't think Kickstarter is the best venue for what you all are trying to do, though, I really do hope it makes it. I have put in to fund it, because I like what you say. I also heard about it from The Syrin. It is the only gaming site I have heard about your KS at.

    10. Trapdoor Technologies 2-time creator on

      Thank you Bradley :)

    11. Bradley Bristow-Stagg on

      I really hope you guys fund as I'll definitely be leveraging your platform in my games as much as possible. I've been using several different platforms for the past 10 years from Roll20, HeroSheets, Obsidian Portal and more but none have the potential and beauty of your product.