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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, January 5 2015 1:59 AM UTC +00:00

Codename: Morningstar - Dream Big!

Posted by Trapdoor Technologies (Creator)

Greetings Adventurers!

We’re about four days into the Kickstarter campaign and it has been quite a ride so far. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced the euphoria of that first backer (shout out to Torsten Baumann!). The outpouring of support and curiosity has been great to see.

Some of the first pieces of feedback we got over the weekend were around wanting to see more of what Morningstar can do. How do I build an encounter? How do I send secret messages? What’s character creation like? How do I share dice rolls with my GM? We’ve put together a UI Overview of Codename: Morningstar for your viewing pleasure - be sure to check out the video below.

For a lot of you, the UI Overview may be the first time you’re seeing the app since beta OR it may be the first time you’ve ever seen it. We wanted to show you how the app will look and feel and we hope you like it.

Another thing we’ve been asked a lot since the campaign started is: What about 5th edition D&D? Although we are no longer official partners with WotC, we are on the edge of our seats along with the rest of the community, waiting to hear what the 5e OGL makes possible. We would love to include it in Morningstar.

A few things to remember: Morningstar is an ambitious project. When we launched this Kickstarter, we embarked upon a dream to bring a whole new evolution to the tabletop digital experience. We’re asking you to dream with us. What would an app that just worked for tabletop RPG’s look like?

Tabletop gaming is about dreams, adventure, and conquering nearly impossible odds. Help us make this dream a reality by sharing it far and wide!

Excitedly yours,

Hobo the Delightful 

Community/Customer Support Manager

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    1. Trapdoor Technologies 2-time creator on

      @Dudley - sorry for any confusion there. Let me know if there's any questions I can answer for you.

    2. Trapdoor Technologies 2-time creator on

      @Bradley @Dan - Thanks guys! Yeah, that UI video brought tears to my eyes last night. Kickstarting is no joke ;)

    3. Trapdoor Technologies 2-time creator on

      @Zachary Hernlen - Well said and thanks for your continued support of Morningstar. As a team, we really believe that tabletop RPGs need this tool, even if it isn't being developed solely for 5th edition. There are SO many possibilities and opportunities. It is a tall order - you are absolutely right. We're hoping that the RPGamers will continue to show up and support the cause! And yes - we want to allow for as much customization as possible. Thanks again :)


    4. Zachary Hernlen on

      While I originally started following Morningstar because you were affiliated with 5th Edition, I'm holding out my money in support because the medium needs a truly great digital toolset and I think you guys have a chance to deliver one.

      It's a tall order, but as far as what I want to see... As long as you allow as much customization/homebrew control while facilitating the actual playing of the game (basically midwifing my job as a GM) I'll know my money has been well spent.

      Let's make this happen.

    5. Dan Morgan on

      Great video - the more I see the more you are winning me over to digital tools :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Dudley Birch on

      Oh. I backed this thinking that you were producing a 5e tool. I already have herolab.
      Thats a bit disapointing.

    7. Bradley Bristow-Stagg on

      Great work guys. Looking forward to announcements of expanded system support.