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Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
1,055 backers pledged $260,453 to help bring this project to life.

Units Have Started Shipping!

Posted by Transporter (Creator)

Hey Folks,

We have some really great news to share. Transporter devices have started shipping out to backers today. Our distribution partner is initially working through the backlog for "no-drive" units, with 1TB and 2TB unit backlog to follow later this week. 

Initial backers should start to see units arrive late this week or early next week. Keep in mind that we have a backlog of more than 1,100 units to work through, so your patience is much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

The Transporter Crew


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    1. fmotta on

      @All: The one transporter I have in action ROCKS!!! The Mac SW update was automagically installed on one of my MBs (not the other for some reason). I am loving this.

      @Transporter: Excellent work! Is there a way of getting all the files from my 3 other "cloud" boxes onto my transporter without having to ship it to the internet and back (using intranet)?

    2. Evan Lum on

      have the 1 Tb drives been shipped out yet?

    3. Transporter Creator on

      E Bordeaux / Brian - Glad to hear your units arrived.

      Jay - Sorry about the 2.5" drive only requirement. We did our best to have it documented in the FAQs, but realize not everyone reads those.

      Crystalfontz - Thanks for sharing the link. That is the same 2TB drive we ship in the bundles.

      Linda - You should have received a response from either Sales or Order processing that you are all set. Canadian orders are going to take a bit longer, but we have all your info and there is nothing holding up your order.


    4. Missing avatar

      Linda J. Hauley on

      I pledged for $359 for one 2TB unit. You have been asking for an additional amount of $10.00 to ship the Transporter. I am unable to find out how to pay this to you as I live in Canada and even trying to pay you through PayPal rejects me because my address is in Canada. Please let me know how I can get my unit?

    5. Jay Grabbe on

      Just got mine yesterday, very nice, simple. The one time I didnt read and re-read the fine print, I was expecting to throw in a 2TB 3.5" drive I had.
      Doh Only 2.5" drives, sigh. It appears Western Digital WD20NPVT is the only one available, found for $173 but I will wait a while.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian L on

      Surprised to find my transporter has already arrived. Drive loaded and registered. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      My no drive Transporter arrived today! I have yet to try it out but, the packaging looks great. (I still need to buy a drive.) Looking forward to giving it a go!

    8. Transporter Creator on

      fmotta - Our support site is experiencing a pretty severe power outage, so as a result the Knowledge Base is temporarily down, but you can still call if you need help getting the WiFi setup.

      pharmac - Apologies on the Knowledge Base. We're doing everything we can to get it up as soon as possible. The Windows app How-to videos are in process and should be posted in a few days.


    9. pharmac on

      I got a shipping notice yesterday from FEDEX ground and it arrived today. Formatted drive with no problems, a little problem in getting it recognized, but it did (the directions are not 100% clear) am still have a little problem with it but the support section is still down. Would wish you had some videos besides OSX available.

    10. fmotta on

      Interesting... I cannot find a tech support email/form at the site and I cannot see my transporter in the connecteddata app preferences wifi dialog. I am online via wired and it seems to work - but I cannot see the device after insertion of the dongle.

    11. fmotta on

      My two driveless Transporters are here. The first one just finished formatting the 2TB drive I had waiting for it...

      This was a very professional project and the hiccups were handled expertly!

      More in a bit - blinky lights want my attention

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Richmond on

      My two drive-less Transporters arrived today (Feb 20, 2013) delivered to the San Francisco Bay Area.

      I have been impressed by how the Transporter Crew has handled this Kickstarter project. Communication has been clear, expectations have been set appropriately for backers, and the expectations have been met. This project has been a great way to establish trust with your customer base. Well done.

    13. RJ

      Glad to receive my shipping notice today. Can't wait to receive them and test them out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nathan Battan on

      Anxiously awaiting my "no-drive" unit. When I shop for a drive, can you recommend specs that will give me the best performance?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ernest Grzybowski on

      Can't wait to uninstall dropbox and get rid of my pogoplug. Thanks guys!

    16. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Ya!! It's always great to see a backed project get shipped, can't wait to start using it.

    17. Brian Vigil on

      Can't wait! Looking forward to uninstalling dropbox - which I stopped really using since I became a backer of Transporter.

    18. fmotta on

      Excellent! I look forward to mine. I have been delaying my Pogo update in hopes to replace it with this.