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Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
1,055 backers pledged $260,453 to help bring this project to life.

They're Here!

Posted by Transporter (Creator)

Hey folks, 

Our operations team was at our distributor's California facility and brought some production samples back to HQ. As mentioned in a previous update, we had to enlarge the retail packaging slightly, but we hope you agree that it turned out really, really nice. 

We're doing some final quality checks on both hardware and software to make sure we deliver the best experience possible, and are literally days away from shipping these out to our backers. 

One final reminder: We still have approximately 250 backers that have NOT paid for shipping. Even if you were one of the initial backers, this will unfortunately delay your unit(s). We will be emailing all of you one final time with instructions on how to pay shipping on our online store ( 

Enjoy the photos! 

The Transporter Crew

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    1. ELLIOT STERN on

      Okay guys! They were "there" on February 7th. Today is the 19th of February. You have suddenly gone silent. I would really like to know when you intend to ship the backer units. Your original target was January, and now????? I would like more information. And yes my shipping charges were paid for.

      This is beginning to feel like some other Kickstarter programs that never made it to the door.



    2. Robert Gusek on

      Would be nice to hear from the 'Transporter Crew'

    3. Missing avatar

      David Siles on

      I don't think they are shipping ours (the backers) yet. Dave Hamilton is a podcaster / blogger so I think they are still dropping review units to build press and publicity. Oh well, still have better faith these will arrive sometime this year unlike some other Kickstarter campaigns like iCache Geode's.

    4. Robert Gusek on

      Any updates on the shipping for the backer units?

    5. David Black on

      Just saw these tweet - Some shipping ??

      @DaveHamilton: Ahh, my demo @FileTransporter just arrived. Very eager to test this one!

    6. Missing avatar

      Georg Feger on

      When can we / I expect shipping of the ulitimate 2 pack?

    7. David Black on

      Hi Jim

      Any update on shipping other than "days away" from your 7 Feb post ?


    8. Transporter Creator on

      Hey folks - Understand and appreciate the frustration about shipping charge reminders. Please note that this update will be the last reminder on this. We did send a final email, but ONLY to the ~250 folks that we could not find a record for having paid the shipping fee. Many folks used different contact information making it difficult to cross-reference between Kickstarter and our store.

      Best, Jim

    9. Missing avatar

      Rolf Boesiger on

      Please check your database and mail to the people which not paid there shipping costs. do not blame the ones already paid. I have paid the shipping quite some time ago and i still feel as i have not paid yet!! whats facts now?

    10. ELLIOT STERN on

      I am almost calmly waiting for the drive but I have to agree with some of the other comments that this constant pain in the ass about shipping should not be going on. You should have included everything in one offering. I have paid the shipping quite some time ago and I firmly believe you have the data base capability to sort out the ones who have and the ones who have not paid for shipping and address the have nots directly. Anyway I am awaiting shipment. The problem is I need to know when it is shipped and when it will arrive. I work in the field and have to arrange to be here when it gets here.

    11. Missing avatar

      William Brandt on

      I love this product idea also but this constant request for shipping cost even though I've already paid it is a real pain in the I will not ever do this again if it is not clearly stated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Parent on

      I hope in the future anyone who puts a product on kickstarter includes shipping in the listed price so they can avoid any unnecessary confusion. The rest of your project was well done but the shipping gets a failing grade. Looking forward to getting my two units.

    13. fmotta on

      It is awesome seeing how a skilled and professional team can make a kickstarter project operate well.

      Disclosure, transparency, updates, and friendly interaction are what is generally expected from the old (pre crowd-sourced) backers. Those who have traveled the start up road like myself know that this is the nature of doing business. And, to date the Transporter team has upheld the standards that VCs, angles, and backers require. Great job!!

      If this arrives soon I will have it available on my next trip and I can leave my USB drive on the ground when I fly out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      truly splendid effort behind all this! transporter definitely has raised the bar to set an example for other major kickstarted campaigns; on the whole deliverability model, by proving that strict and meticulous hard work will never fail.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrej Močan on

      I'd love to order 2 Transporters but as far as I understood you are not shipping to Europe?

    16. Missing avatar

      Rick Tavan on

      PLEASE stop sending everyone messages asking for shipping payment! Just send those to the people who haven't paid. The rest of us are Not Guilty and don't deserve the constant dunning. Please?

    17. Transporter Creator on

      pharmac - really appreciate the note and it's great to hear that Kickstarter regulars such as yourself noticed the effort from the team to be transparent and get the product out in time.

      We are very pleased with how things have turned out.


    18. pharmac on

      Outstanding. I have backed many projects here at Kickstarter (well about 20) and yours is one of the very few that provided good updates and a projected timeline that was honored. The packaging looks great and I already have the drive to slot into it. CANNOT wait for it!