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Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
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Reminder to Include Shipping Charges

Posted by Transporter (Creator)

Hey Folks,

Quick reminder to include the shipping charges with your pledge if you have not already done so. It is really easy to do if you follow these steps:

1. Once you are in the project, click Manage Your Pledge.
2. Increase the amount in the dialogue box by $10 for each unit. For example, if you are a $179 backer (single unit), enter $189; if you are a $349 backer (two units), enter $369.
3. Make sure the proper pledge level is still selected (it should be) and click Continue to Next Step.
4. When confirmation screen pops up, click Confirm
5. On the next screen, click Continue to Amazon.
6. Log into the Amazon account you used for payment.
7. Click Confirm and you are all set.

NOTE: You will NOT be charged twice for your pledge. It will simply pre-authorize the higher amount which is the ONLY amount you will be charged once the project funds at 3AM EST.

If you live in Canada, you will need to select "Ship to U.S." since Kickstarter is either U.S. only or worldwide and does not allow for selectively choosing countries. We will request proper U.S. or Canada shipping address from everyone once the campaign has ended. 

Thanks once again for your support!

The Transporter Crew


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    1. Transporter Creator on

      Zachary - All points taken and understood. As this was our first Kickstarter, we wanted to be as aggressive as possible on the product pricing to make sure we properly rewarded our backers. This meant stripping out any extraneous costs including shipping. When researching how to deal with U.S. shipping charges, we came across the successful Pocket TV project as a model for how to handle charging for U.S. shipping (

      Hindsight is always 20/20, and I think many Kickstarter companies would do some things differently. For us, the shipping is one of those things.

      For those of you that didn't get the email reminders in time or haven't seen the updates since, the "Manage Your Pledge" button disappears once the campaign ends, but you can easily pay the shipping charge on our online store ( Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.



    2. Judah Zeigler on

      Please send the shipping instructions ASAP. In future, might be better simply to increase your pledge amounts by the $10, and not ask your backers to have to take additional actions, which most projects don't require. Important lesson for post-launch; customer experience should ALWAYS be considered first!

      Can't wait to get my Transporter!!

    3. Steve Shabet on

      This is the norm...:
      Pledge $135 or more

      GAMESTICK BUNDLE + WITH CARRY CASES: Get Gamestick, (console + Controller), + Additional Controller + Name Check + Founders Tag + 2 Handy Carry Cases!

      Estimated delivery: Apr 2013

      Add $15 to ship outside the US

      I have backed lots of projects and the domestic shipping has always been included in the pledge amount.
      Judging by all the comments, I'm not the only one who thinks so.
      Live and learn.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on

      Call me stupid but I don't see the manage your pledge button on the home screen.

      Ps I've backed a bunch of projects so I have done this before - getting old ?

    5. Zachary T. on

      Actually of the projects you backed that asked for extra shipping, that's how they did it too:

      It's your project, you can set the shipping however you'd like, but this IS the norm on kickstarter. Just sayin :)

    6. Zachary T. on

      Doesn't have anything to do with kickstarters back-end or automation. You set your reward level amounts so domestic shipping is included in them, then you can say to add $x dollars for shipping to canada or $x for international. I'm not saying you should eat the domestic shipping cost. I'm saying if you had set all your pledge levels $10/device higher to begin with (set the one transporter with no drive to 189 vs 179) (set two transporters with no drives to 369 vs 349) you wouldn't be reliant on first time backers and the half of kickstarter backers who don't even read the pledge levels before pledging to manually adjust their pledge to include domestic shipping. A few projects I backed in which they included domestic shipping and asked for extra for canada/international (the norm on kickstarter):

    7. Transporter Creator on

      Hey folks - The "Manage Your Pledge" link goes away when the project ends, so apologies for any confusion if you didn't get a chance to adjust your pledge before it ended. We'll send an update out shortly with instructions, but there's no need to worry. Your pledge is still valid and good to go.

      Zachary - We studied similar hardware projects and how they handled shipping before kicking off our project. Kickstarter unfortunately only automates the process for International shipping, so there is really not an ideal way to do this. As we mentioned above and you stated below, we will come up with a simple solution for anyone that missed the deadline in an update shortly.


    8. Zachary T. on

      However... all that being said; The Transporter Crew did something extremely unusual for a kickstarter project with their shipping. You'll find that the grand majority of projects, practically all (97%?) never ask for additional shipping for domestic, they include the shipping in the pledge amount. Even seasoned kickstarters are only used to seeing the additional shipping money if its for an international shipment. Essentially they should have made each pledge level $10 higher and not relied on people to manually adjust their pledge for the extra $10 (like every other project). i.e. the $179 pledge level should have been $189 etc, etc. The only reason I can possibly see that they didn't do this was because it made it painfully obvious that aside from getting your Transporter unit before most, their kickstarter prices are only $10 lower than the MSRP they provided (179 level + 10 shipping = 189, MSRPs for 199).

    9. Zachary T. on

      ...they made it REALLY clear in 11 different spots that you needed to add $10 shipping for each device, in fact it even says so right in each pledge description --------->
      To everyone now saying you can't find the "Manage Your Pledge" button, that's because it's gone. You can only manage your pledge before the project is funded. Once the deadline for funding hits the amount pledged is withdrawn through amazon and there's no way to modify it. That's why the last two updates (prior to the funding deadline) both included reminders to add the $10/unit for shipping.
      I'm sure they will come up with some way (PayPal?) for everyone who missed the boat to pay the $10 shipping.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rob R on

      Hi transporter team, a link would be extremely useful.

    11. Missing avatar

      Micah Carter on

      I'm looking for the same...can't locate a "Mangage Your Pledge" link.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Zedro on

      Sorry, same as below, I have the 10 dollars but .....

    13. Robert L. Hicks on

      OK...looked this whole page over and as with many below, can not find the Manage Your Pledge link. Please advise.

    14. Missing avatar

      Susan Bready on

      Can't find Manage Your Pledge to add the s/h.

    15. Michael Pinkston on

      I'm trying to add the $20 for shipping, but I don't see the 'Manage Your Pledge' link in the project? Also I see the payment has been processed via Amazon so that is good. Need a followup method to pass the shipping costs. Looking forward to seeing your success.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert McLear on

      I'm trying to add the $10 shipping fee, but I don't see the 'Manage Your Pledge' link in the project?

    17. Thomas BOURKE

      Er.. looks like I didn't notice the domestic 20 buck charge for shipping either... how do we get that to you?

    18. Transporter Creator on

      Ernest - Sorry for the confusion and you are correct. As I stated below, adding shipping for U.S. is a manual process on Kickstarter. You would simply need to follow the above steps and increase your pledge to $369.


    19. Missing avatar

      Ernest Grzybowski on

      If my pledge is $349 for two of these, I have to add $20? Even if I'm in the US? Sorry, just a little confused just because most kickstarters include US shipping into the pledge amount.

    20. Transporter Creator on

      fuchskasher - Sorry to see you go. The note to add shipping was on all the pledges from the beginning of the campaign, so apologies if you did not see this.

      Kickstarter only automates this for International shipping and it is a manual process for U.S. shipping. We are simply reminding the folks that may have missed this since many folks did in fact include the shipping charge.


    21. Missing avatar

      fuchskasher on

      Cheap (bad sign for new company/product; it does not matter how many years of experience and how many great products you had before, this is a new, untested product)...withdrawing my pledge. Very sad...