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Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
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New $99 Transporter Announced Today


Hey Backers,

We've been pretty quiet here on Kickstarter, but have some big news to share. 

First off, thanks again for being early backers and believers in Transporter. Your feedback helped shape the Transporter 2.0 release in May that delivered a much more "Dropbox" like experience, the iOS and Android releases earlier this month, and also had a big hand in our announcement today.

If you missed it, we just released a new version of Transporter called Transporter Sync. It uses the same great software as Transporter, but allows you to use your own USB hard drive at a price of just $99. 

As our way of saying "thank you" once again to all our backers, we've created a special discount code just for you. Use code KCKST10 at our online store for an extra 10% off now thru November 30th.


The Transporter Team

Our Final Kickstarter Update

Greetings Backers,

All Kickstarter units will ship by the end of the week, so we are officially transitioning all communication from Kickstarter to our website. Below you will find some helpful information to get you started and help you stay up to date on all things Transporter.

Thanks again to all our of backers. Our Kickstarter campaign has been an amazing experience and we truly appreciate all of your support.

Warm Regards,

The Transporter Crew

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Units Have Started Shipping!

Hey Folks,

We have some really great news to share. Transporter devices have started shipping out to backers today. Our distribution partner is initially working through the backlog for "no-drive" units, with 1TB and 2TB unit backlog to follow later this week. 

Initial backers should start to see units arrive late this week or early next week. Keep in mind that we have a backlog of more than 1,100 units to work through, so your patience is much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

The Transporter Crew

They're Here!

Hey folks, 

Our operations team was at our distributor's California facility and brought some production samples back to HQ. As mentioned in a previous update, we had to enlarge the retail packaging slightly, but we hope you agree that it turned out really, really nice. 

We're doing some final quality checks on both hardware and software to make sure we deliver the best experience possible, and are literally days away from shipping these out to our backers. 

One final reminder: We still have approximately 250 backers that have NOT paid for shipping. Even if you were one of the initial backers, this will unfortunately delay your unit(s). We will be emailing all of you one final time with instructions on how to pay shipping on our online store ( 

Enjoy the photos! 

The Transporter Crew

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Initial Units Have Shipped!

Hey Kickstarters,

We know yesterday's launch news raised a lot of questions about the status of your units, so we wanted to provide a quick update. The great news is we hit a major milestone yesterday as the initial batch of units have shipped from the factory in China to D&H - our North American distribution partner. 

We expect to receive the units into distribution in approximately a week and immediately start shipping out to the initial backers. Once your unit has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with Fed Ex tracking information.

We expect to have all Kickstarter orders fulfilled in the next 2-3 weeks, so if you have not received your confirmation email next week, please be patient. Our hope is that folks that have backed other Kickstarter hardware projects will be pleased with our ability to get units in your hands within a few weeks of our original commit, especially when you consider we exceeded our goal by 160 percent. 

This might be stating the obvious, but we also want backers to know that all Kickstarter orders will be fulfilled before we start to fulfill any other pre-orders. It's the right thing to do.

NOTE: If there were issues processing your payment or you have either not completed the survey or paid for shipping, then your unit(s) will be delayed. You should have received an email notice from Amazon regarding the status of your payment and multiple emails from Kickstarter to complete the survey.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have paid for shipping, this is really easy to determine. Simply add $10 for every unit you ordered to the minimum pledge level that is displayed on the right side of our Kickstarter page. For example, if you pledged for a single unit with no drive ($179 displayed), your pledge amount should be $189 with shipping. If you pledged for two units with no drives ($349 displayed), your pledge amount should be $369 with shipping.

If you have not yet paid for shipping, you can still do this on our online store:

If your shipping address has changed since you completed the survey or you have any questions with your order, please send a private message or email to We are currently at Macworld, so it may take us a day or two to respond to your requests, but we will get to them all as soon as we can.

Thanks again and we really look forward to getting units in your hands in the coming weeks!


The Transporter Crew