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Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
Transporter is an online, but off-cloud storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
1,055 backers pledged $260,453 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. jay chai
      on March 12, 2017

      Still have mine's in a box. LoL i should pop it open and install it. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      JKL on November 3, 2015

      Don't exist now. If you have one, consider yourself lucky. They were bought out and now their marketing strategy has changed and focuses on high end version priced far beyond anything here. Same software, but hardware radically different looking.

      Fortunately, they continue to update software and improve frequently and my unit works great. Love using it to continuously backup to another continent with no fees.

    3. Missing avatar

      JKL on May 9, 2015

      Still using this device and I added two more, one for my wife and someone else.

      However, there is still a fatal flaw that people should be aware of. There is NO password protection for the Transporter app. There never has been and there has been no progress on this seeminly easy option to add.

      Having had a neighbor have his compter and all backup drives stolen recently, I realized that if that had happened to me, I still have my Transporter backup OFFSITE--BUT--the moment the computer was started if I was not using a password (often the case in many peoples home)--or--the thief cracked the password--the moment the system was operating and Transporter app was started--all files on the Transporter drive are accessible--and thus could be read or worse, deleted. Your last hope for a cloud backup (that you own) to save you, would be gone.

      If the Transporter app required a secure password to open, and your password was strong--you would have opportunity to download from your Transporter apps on a new machine and continue on with life.

      So, the Transporter system works well and I'm satisfied with it for my puposes--but for anyone with seriew security concerns--this is not the product for you. You are completely vulnerable until the day comes they close this gaping security hole.

      Good product that could possibly be great if this simple flaw was fixed.

    4. Missing avatar

      JKL on October 3, 2014

      My comment below on the slow upload speed has been traced to the source problem--my ISP--not the Transporter. With faster upload speed from my ISP--the overall speed will increase directly.

      So all is working well, although resumable upload would be nice as large uploads that have not completed need to start from scratch if there is a connection break or you shut down your computer.

      Otherwise, everything is working solidly.

    5. Missing avatar

      JKL on September 12, 2014

      It's working. I needed to erase everything and then reorganize my entire way of storing my data so that it would fit inside the single "Transporter" folder. If it's not in there, it won't work. Following instructions help :-) Now I finally have a system that syncs to the drive I have at home in the USA.

      It works well, although it is extremely slow. But for daily small files, the speed is reasonable.

      A 2 or 3 GB file might take half a day to a day, and if the connection breaks or you shut down for the night, the upload will begin again from scratch. This upload will repeatedly try to upload--endlessly--not allowing anything else to upload until it's done. So unless you leave your machine on 24/7 to assure that it's complete--and then confirm it's been uploaded--you risk having no sync or backup at all for all other changed files.

      Unfortunately, there is no ability to resume an upload like you expect on most modern systems today. Maybe someday . . .

      So happy to be able to use it anyway even with it's limitations. I came within a day of pitching the whole thing and now it's a very, very useful tool for someone living outside the USA to have a sync copy or backup (using the "Transporter Library" folder) at home while traveling. You can even have an encrypted file opened as a volume and backup incrementally to the volume using the "Transporter Library" folder.

      Works well, which is most important but will grind all Finder activities to a near halt. Best to do that backup only while sleeping.

    6. Missing avatar

      JKL on November 18, 2013

      This is probably my final comment. The final word from the Transporter--now Dobro--people is I need to start over and I need to do it from the USA. I don't return there until next Spring.

      I will have owned the Transporter for more than a year by then without as much as a single minutes use from it. My only purpose was to have a safe backup outside of the country I reside in most of the year. If that is your purpose and if you live "outside" the USA, I would seriously think twice before purchasing this item. It simply is not capable and neither the old support staff nor the new support staff has had any solutions for me. They had me try many things--but all of them failed.

      I may have a go at it again next spring but I can't waste much more time on it. The system does not let me delete folders I create--making backups impossible, it is glacially slow--slower than uploading to a number of cloud services, and at least on my macbook pro retina, is the only app capable of crashing the OSX system completely if you make a mistake like closing the app before ejecting the storage folder.

      You can read my comments here from the beginning as I was one of the very first backers and excited supporters of what I "thought" was an incredible idea. The idea still is incredible. But the actual product is an utter failure from my viewpoint. I've lot $300 with no recompense and none offered.

      If by some miracle months from now this things works, I'll eat every word I've written. Until then, I'd like to know if there is a single other user out there who lives outside the USA and has used this for simple backup successfully.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Cohen on November 15, 2013

      When I try to use version 2.0 of the Transporter software and set up the software it asked for a folder location, which regardless of whatever folder I select results in an error message of

      There is not enough disk space on the volume that you selected. You must pick a different location that has more disk space.

      The minimum required disk space is 39814239300There is not enough disk space on the volume that you selected. You must pick a different location that has more disk space.

      The minimum required disk space is 39814239300

      How do I get around this problem so that I can continue to use my Transporter? The support options are not good in that there is no way to ask a question via the support site. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      JKL on September 30, 2013

      Update: Running the latest updated 2.x firmware and 2.x desktop software. Absolutely no difference. Cannot remove any folder I create as before. The last thing to try is a total reformat and to begin copying 500GB again. After 7 months, as "pharmac" commented--it's a very expensive piece of plastic. I haven't given up hope yet and will stick it out through a reformatting, etc. I'll comment after that. Hopefully the new owners of Transporter and the new support staff that has sent me emails will have some idea.

      Great idea if only it actually worked in real life.

    9. pharmac on July 30, 2013

      An utter nightmare-it works when it wants, doesn't when you need it. AVOID! I was an early backer and it never worked for me as advertised. Money down the drain for a lump of plastic.

    10. Missing avatar

      JKL on June 4, 2013

      Not sure anyone visits the comment section anymore but feel a duty to those who might have interest in this device for simple backup purposes. For those who need a device for sharing data with others, it may work well--but I don't need that.

      For simple backup, the same reason I would use other cloud services, it doesn't work for me from overseas even with high speed fiber optic connections from my end. Maybe the Transporter works in the USA for backup and someone might let me know if that's true.

      I have my Transporter located in the USA though but I am overseas. There are two issues that have stopped the show for me and make backing the project a net $300 loss at this point--however, I still have hope.

      1) Speed. 140 meg upload takes close to 3 hours--and my Macbook becomes unresponsive intermittently during this time. I have 500,000 megs of data to backup.
      2) The file system in use on the Transporter. If I create a folder on the Transporter, empty or not, it cannot be deleted. I now have dozens of folders littering the drive from the many unsuccessful tests I've made. Various files also will not delete--but some will. Those that don't will not delete no matter how many attempts are made.

      Root level folders made through management web page can be deleted from there. But any other folder created at a sub-level remains forever. I uploaded 500GB by hard wire connection before I left the USA. To expect to delete any sub-folder, I need to delete the entire 500GB making it pointless.

      Just so you know, if I delete a file or folder, the item(s) do temporarily disappear for roughly 30 seconds, then blink back into place.

      I've submitted this information in detail to Transporter people and the only instructions they have are a "possible" speed fix by following a lengthy procedure while sitting at the computer that the Transporter is connected to. Since this is new information and it didn't exist when I set it up in the USA, it's meaningless to me. I now live 12,000 miles away. That fix is for speed only also. It doesn't address the more important issue of files and folders that cannot be deleted--making mirrored backups impossible.

      Again, for sharing files between machines and if you are all located in the USA, it may well be a great purchase. But if your need is backup from outside the USA, be cautious at this time.

      Transporter has announced there is new software coming soon and I am still hopeful this will address my issues. If it does, I will write again and state this is fixed. Until then, I'm forced to abandon the effort and pay the money to set up drop box. I'll need to limit my storage there to save dollars--but at least I have a secure backup outside of the middle east country I reside in.

      I use a Retina with the latest Snow Leopard sending through the latest iMac in the USA. Both connected with cable modems.

    11. David Black on April 14, 2013

      Backed up data, deleted both transporters and reclaimed them - now working ok


    12. David Black on April 12, 2013

      Two transporters in different locations. They both appear online and 'good' per the web interface however, data isn't syncing and the desktop software only reports the local transporter as connected (ie each is connected when I am in its psychical location).

      Help !!

    13. Missing avatar

      JKL on March 27, 2013

      Small update. Found out my brother had briefly unplugged my Transporter completely causing my issues. Once plugged in, it self-rebooted and was back to normal a few minutes later.

    14. Missing avatar

      JKL on March 25, 2013

      I received an email from the Transporter folk an hour ago saying there had not been contact with my Transporter for some time prompting me to check it (I'm overseas and the Transporter is in the States.) I did and it said it was offline and I had no access.

      Wrote to my brother to check it physically and immediately after I sent the email I saw it was already back up and accessible again.

      When I went to the website to manage it there--there were some issues for about 5 minutes and then it was good as in the past. This seems like it was a very short time temporary glitch that has passed now.

    15. J Wang on March 25, 2013

      My wi-fi dongle fell apart in my hand and i cut myself when i slid it out of the transporter. I also can't see one of the transporters on the network. Help from customer service? I have emailed twice!

    16. Baback Shahriari on March 24, 2013

      Hi everyone. I am a baker of this project and have been pretty happy with the solution so far. I am also a backer of another project called: Ube WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer & switch. It does not have a direct relation to this technology BUT I do know a lot of my clients in this field have expressed positive interest in this solution. The Ube project is pretty close to funding but it needs a little boost and I am hoping any interest that comes out from other projects might help it reach it's goal.

      The link is:

      Please do not post comments or suggestions in this comment section so we do not go off topic from the Transporter solution.

      Transporter: I hope you are ok with a small spam on the comment section in relation to the Ube solution.

      Thanks again and hope to see some of your guys back another great solution.

    17. Missing avatar

      JKL on March 23, 2013

      I transferred over 500GB using SMB and both laptop and Transporter were hard wired to the router when I did this. I have no idea what the speed number was but there was no comparison to when I has the laptop sending wireless to the router. From copying the same data over later from an external hard drive to a desktop a couple weeks later using USB 2, I'd say the transfer speed was longer than that by maybe 50%. Very reasonable speed. I don't recall but all together less than 24 hours.

      The SMB got the info transferred quickly and now writing from another country, I have access to that info without needing a month or more to transfer it all by internet. For my needs, I'll likely not use SMB again for years as I don't have access to the unit easily.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Hercz on March 23, 2013

      Hi guys,
      I'm seeing only around 800kb/s when doing backup to a Transporter using SMB/CIFS connected via wired GB Ethernet. Is this normal, or should I expect a higher speed? What speed have other backers seen?

    19. pharmac on March 21, 2013

      Downloaded it, does not work at all. I opens, it sees the shared folders, you click on a shared folder, it dies.....and just so others know, I asked about an Android app, remember this was supposed to work on mobile devices, the response back at the help desk was "we are not even working on it"...Great....I guess mobile device = iOS only

    20. David Black on March 19, 2013

      For those interested ipad app seems to be out. Tried for 2 minutes - works fine.

    21. Missing avatar

      JKL on March 10, 2013

      Ignore my last comment please!!! I was writing the comment for an entirely different project and goofed by placing it here. So sorry.

    22. Missing avatar

      JKL on March 10, 2013

      Anyone else have similar experiences or have yours come in better condition?

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bostic on March 7, 2013

      I have 2 Transports (w/ 2TB capacity). One for home and another for Work. They installed without incident and they appear to be working pretty much as advertised, but there are a couple of things that didn't match what I was expecting.

      1) I expected that I would be able to designate a directory on the local HD that would mirror to a matching directory on the Transporter. Then I could set up the Transporter directory to mirror to another remote Transporter. It doesn't quite work that way. It seems that the Transporter software can keep a local copy of a Transporter directory, but it is always on drive C (I wanted to set up different linked directories on different drives). Also, the mirrored directory on drive C isn't accessible as a regular plain file system directory that I can tell.

      2) I was expecting to access the local files just like I can with Dropbox or InSync or SkyDrive or GoogleDrive. Instead i have to access the directory contents as if it was a NAS directory through a Transporter created drive letter. I gather that the Transporter drive letter is sometimes "fake" in that it just connects to the local data and sometimes the drive letter behaves like a real NAS and access the Transporter drives -- depending on if the local copy checkbox is set or not.

      3) If I don't have it mirror the data files into the hidden C drive mirror directory (I'm not even sure where the directory it mirrors to is located -- probably in the hidden AppData directory) and just access the data as if the Transporter was a typical NAS, it goes sooooooo slow. I'm getting 4-5 megs per second. Another NAS (from Drobo) gets 20-40+ megs per second (depending on network traffic). The Transporter is so slow that i can't really work directly with the data in that fashion. I'm relegated to using it as a kind of slow network mirroring system between the two Transporters.

      4) My workplace likes to keep DHCP use to a minimum. Anything that stays connected to the network long term is assigned a static IP (not through the router DHCP server by MAC address identity, but by setting up the static IP on the device itself). I didn't see any way to access and control the network (wired) settings for this in the Transporter configuration screen.

    24. Willis Gomez on March 5, 2013

      Can a PORTABLE (USB, Standalone) version of the Windows Desktop Software be possible?
      I don't have the Admin privileges at Work. So i cant install any software. But I do can use portable versions of other applications like Google Chrome, etc.

    25. Jason Hsu on March 4, 2013

      I created a simple guide on getting the Debian/Ubuntu backup tool (Deja Dup) working with File Transporter. Might be helpful for other Linux users here.

    26. Jason Hsu on March 3, 2013

      Kodi: Ah yes, if you don't have a second transporter then you would need to have Connected Desktop installed to use the "host access for users without transporters" functionality. I recall they said being able to access files on a FT without CD installed is a future planned feature.

    27. Jason Hsu on March 3, 2013

      My only misgiving about File Transporter is it's advertised as a cloud-free storage solution, and to the extent that data itself is not stored in the cloud that is true. But access control to that data IS stored is done in the cloud. If someone successfully hacks Connected Data's servers and is able to add themselves to the access control lists for our connected folders, they can arbitrarily read, write and delete data at their whim.

    28. Kodi on March 3, 2013

      Thank you for the feedback
      by offsite
      i meant that I was no longer in the LAN so the SMB/CIFS
      access is no longer functional

      So, how would I be able to access my transporter when away from the LAN
      was my question
      I do not have a 2nd transporter, and would like to access my data like Dropbox

      From the FAQs, it appears that this functionality is nixed when the end users are operating with OS 10.6
      if there is a work around
      please show me the way

    29. David Black on March 3, 2013

      I have my two transporters set up with 1tb drives in them in two different locations.
      Switched them to SMB/CIFS and so far loving them - working fine and doing exactly what i expect of them.

      Might try the software again when the ios app comes out but for now very happy to have SMB/CIFS running smoothly


    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Hercz on March 3, 2013

      Hi guys,

      I got three Transporters and have fitted them with 2TB WD drives. One will be at my office, one will be at home, and one at a third location. The main purpose of the setup is to make certain I have secure backup of important files, as well as sync'ed select data all over the place.

      My impression after a few days of testing, is that Transporter is a *great* idea with fantastic potential.

      The software and services still have some way to go to be ready for prime time mass market use. I really hope that Transporter at some time will be as well integrated with the OS as M$'s SkyDrive or DropBox, and have similar Web, iOS, Android etc apps for remote access, etc.

      There are some issues with the products, including the desktop applications. In my opinion, Transporter is the best product out there of its kind, but it doesn't quite yet replace SkyDrive or Dropbox. I am, however, sure smaller issues and problems will be ironed out. I am also quite sure that the Transporter team will work to improve software and services.

      Keep up the great work guys!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      KRIS on March 2, 2013

      I returned mine and never look back. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Amy Rich on March 2, 2013

      So far I'm having a very unhappy experience. The desktop software doesn't support my OS, it doesn't work through double NAT (which means it's useless for shipping one to non-tech savvy users like my 75 year old mother... and it doesn't support HER desktop OS, either), and it just sits there flashing blue/green forever. I can ping the device; I know it's alive, but UDP 8083 isn't actually accepting connections. I tried manually claiming the device to see if that would help; nope. So basically I have a brick with pretty lights. I've emailed tech support to see if they can at least get it working. If not, I'll be seeing about the return policy or selling these off to someone who can use them.

    33. Missing avatar

      Aubrey Lu on March 2, 2013

      Just received my transporter and it is having problems staying connected by wifi when connected via ethernet the device works perfectly with my MBP Mountain Lion. I tried to unplug the usb dongle but it came apart in 2 pieces. Is there a fix for this or a way to get a replacement?

    34. Jason Hsu on March 2, 2013

      By the way, Connected Desktop is not required to update the firmware on File Transporter. As long as FT has internet access, it will automatically update its own firmware (I hope this process has been thoroughly debugged...) I am using FT purely with SMB/CIFS, and i've seen the firmware version reported in the management webpage go from "0.9.38 (6277) Beta" to "1.1.3 (7785)".

    35. Jason Hsu on March 1, 2013

      @RJ: Correct, you use SMB/CIFS to copy files to and from a transporter on the same local network via your operating system's file browser. Then you set up transporter syncing using the web interface at, and the transporters will then synchronize data as normal. The only difference between SMB/CIFS and Connected Data Desktop is _how the data gets from the operating system onto the file transporter_.

    36. RJ
      on March 1, 2013

      @Jason Hsu - from the same KB

      "Is SMB/CIFS LAN only, or can I route it across the Internet somehow?

      You should use the Connected Desktop app for remote connection. Generally, SMB/CIFS is a local only (LAN) method of connecting; and as far as the Transporter is concerned, we intend SMB/CIFS for local use only. "

    37. Jason Hsu on March 1, 2013

      @RJ: From the SMB/CIFS knowledgebase article: "The main disadvantage is that you don't get the same client-Transporter auto syncing options (such as local copies of folders), though Transporter-to-Transporter syncing still occurs."

    38. RJ
      on March 1, 2013

      I received a replacement WiFi Dongle yesterday. Instead of the small one which came in the package, they sent out a thumb drive sized WiFi Dongle. Unfortunately this sticks out from the USB port and makes it aesthetically unpleasing. It only had this plugged in for 20 minutes and it also got warm but I was able to remove it. This one still does not connect to my hidden and WEP enabled WAP. I am still concerned about this USB dongle overheating and possibly burning if I leave it plugged in for hours.

      I was promised a call from Tier 2 within 48 hours when I called on Tuesday evening and no one has called back yet. Having problems connecting my WAP and slow data transfer rates were concerns other than the broken WiFi dongle. I'll try and give them a call tonight but customer service for me wasn't the greatest (no call back within the promised 48 hours).

      @Jason Hsu - I believe when @Kodi mentions off-site, s/he is talking about having 2 Transporters in 2 different locations (example: one at home and one at the office) which is not supported by SMB/CIFS.

    39. Jason Hsu on March 1, 2013

      @Kodi: If by offsite access you mean transporter-to-transporter file syncing, yes that does still occur even if you use SMB/CIFS. The main feature you using with SMB/CIFS is transporter-to-desktop syncing, but this may be a non-issue depending on your application. For example, if you are using a backup program that writes to SMB directories, it could be preferable to use that instead of the Connected Data desktop app.

      More info about the SMB/CIFS functionality here:…

    40. Kodi on March 1, 2013

      Amy, glad to hear other people feel a bit misled.
      I thought for sure OS 10.6 would have been supported.
      I am not all that techno-savvy but it seems that SMB only works on the local level, so until the iOS version comes along, there is no offsite access. Upgrading is not on my horizon either, I like the way my Mac runs and all the software is functioning perfectly. Maybe if there were enough OS X 10.6 user out there, the demand might help drive the development?

    41. Missing avatar

      Amy Rich on February 28, 2013

      I backed this kickstarter and got two transporters because the OS requirements said OS X. So now I find out that there's actually no app for 10.6 and am pretty angry about that. I specifically do *not* want to upgrade nor do I really want to run SMB.

    42. Kodi on February 28, 2013

      Just received my HGST 1TB drive today
      installed it in my transporter without a hitch
      it formatted within 15 minutes and probably updated the software (can't tell no desktop software on OS X 10.6)
      set up was easy and worked just like the instructions said
      and now the transporter is warmly glowing like a night light
      Have set up the SMB/CIFS so I can transfer files locally

      Look forward to being able to replace my Dropbox someday...

    43. Craig Dunn
      on February 27, 2013

      I just received my two Transporters (w/ 1 gig drives) today....but after reading all the comments, I'm nervous about breaking the seal on the box.... It seems there are quite a variety of problems. While it is great that phone support is provided, it doesn't do much for propagating the solutions to the masses so things can be done right in the first place, common questions answered, and notices of working firmware announced. Not everyone is able to call during the specified hours....either for time zone reasons or those of us that work odd hours.

    44. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reed on February 27, 2013


      Received my replacement Transporter and everything is up and running. This Transporter formatted the 750GB drive in less than 10 minutes, did a firmware update and started downloading the folders I have setup on it. Everything seems to be working really good.

      Thanks to Jim and the support team for all the support and help.

      I agree with Kris, this is not going to be a solution for all, nor is it going to be an end-all solution. The Transporter is great at what it does and it will get better. This is the first release and it is a really good product, offers some great features. Future upgrades/updates will only make it better.

    45. Missing avatar

      KRIS on February 27, 2013

      I will just say that even though the Transporter is not best suited for my needs, it's still a great unit and will best for others, just not me.

      Support from Jim has been nothing but the upmost respectful and professional.

      Thanks Jim!

      Remember, if you have problems with your unit, give them a chance to help you out before you give up. This unit just doesn't serve my way of using it.

      Good luck ALL and keep on Transporting

    46. RJ
      on February 26, 2013

      @ W.Raymund - I purchased a 2TB Western Digital Green drive. Model number WD20NPVT. Fits just fine, just be careful when installing it as to not break the caddy.

    47. Hyper Frontier, LLC on February 26, 2013

      We ordered and have received 3 Transporter units, each set up with a 2Tb WD Green and spread across 3 locations. So far we're very pleased with the units, and especially the packaging.

      Addressing some issues in the comments here, some of them seem like they might be special cases.

      We were careful with the caddy, but not overly, and had no issue installing the drives. Formatting was a breeze, software set-up cake, and creating shared folders was as easy as sending an invite.

      Regarding the "new" Mac OS, we have had no issue with any of our up-to-date Macs to this point [2 MB Pros, 2 minis] or Windows 8 machines.

      We have had the USB dongle issue with two of the units when trying to remove the dongles from the transporter [for no other reason than to see if there was an issue with them :P].

      We had one crash on the office transporter, but that seems to have been a localized issue at the office related to the time machine. Beyond that, all three Transporters have been syncing without issue. That said, it will take a little time to sync a lot of data, so its best to sync important files overnight, or individually, if you require them between locations. There is no speed indicator, so I'm not sure what kind of transfer rate we're getting.

      As with most new products, there is a slight learning curve, but nothing that either hasn't been addressed in this forum, or on their site.

      For those thinking of shipping these back, I recommend giving it a chance [apparently you get 30 days]. Once you get things running properly its pretty much on auto pilot.

      We're excited to watch Connected Data as a company and see what else they can deliver.


    48. RJ
      on February 26, 2013

      My USB WiFi dongle broke last night when trying to remove it. It did get pretty warm (not enough to smell anything burning) and I only had it plugged in for 2 hours while playing with it.

      It could not connect to my hidden WEP enabled AP. I had to both unhide and remove WEP for it to connect and each time I had to reboot the Transporter for it to recognize changes.

      I have both units in my office with me and my transfer rate isn't going above 3MB and my laptop is plugged into a gigabit switch on my desk (which plugs into the main corporate switch).

      I did put a drive into my other unit to see if that unit was DOA but it is working, it was able to format the drive without issues. Right now I have it mirroring a couple folders and transfer speeds are much faster. Looks like about 8GBs transferred in about 20 minutes. I wish there was a way to view the transfer speeds between the 2 devices. Or some indication it was done mirroring. What happens if I unplug one of these drives right now? Is it smart enough to pick-up where it left off when it comes back online?

      I guess my next step is to test with a fresh out of the box Windows 7 image without our corporate security on it. It would at least rule out our security settings is causing an issue.

      I did call tech support and a ticket was escalated to Tier 2 due to my broken wireless dongle. Now someone will be calling me back within 48 hours. We'll see what happens...

    49. Kodi on February 26, 2013

      Thank you for the suggestion of enabling CIFS/SMB, when my hard drive arrives
      I will give that a try, it would be nice to have a native app for OS X 10.6

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