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Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory.
6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Justin

      "the Coles have mortgaged their house to bring this game out"

      Yeah, because they didn't stick to the original plan and changed it into something they had zero experience in. No tears here. That was a horrible choice. They should have stuck to the original plan. Now we're all getting something we didn't even back. That might be ok for you but it's not for many of us. Now we sit, wait and see what they dump in our laps. Good? Bad? I guess we'll find out, some day.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Paten on

      @Pedasn That's fair, but I'll have optimism regardless. A few dollars spent five years ago isn't breaking my bank but the Coles have mortgaged their house to bring this game out... who do you think has more invested in this game coming out and it being good?

    3. Pedasn on

      @ James Paten: So far, we have only their word that the game will be good, polished and deep. I don't think their word is worth a lot by now. Even if it comes out, it could still end up being an empty mess.

    4. Justin

      Malik, same here. I still have all my maxed out characters including Paladin. I played the heck out of those games. But this will be on the bottom of my list. I'll probably play SpaceVenture before this....even if it comes out years later.

    5. Missing avatar

      Malik on

      And this is coming from a veteran Quest for Glory player. I'm not some newbie who decided to support this as a random gaming interest.

      I was there when QFG was released as Hero's Quest in EGA and I first played it in my 286.

      I supported this game solely based on the names of Coles. And since this, I never supported another kickstarter ever, looking at how even legendary names fail to keep up the release.

    6. Missing avatar

      Malik on

      It's not even in Beta yet. I fail to see how some are still even excited over this project.

      With a change of design from original proposal to backers, and almost un-ending delays of release and postponements, and still an unclear completion status, it's more frustrating than exciting.

    7. Mike K on

      "We will be out in far less time than Duke Nukem Forever..."

      I should hope so. DNF was originally announced in 1997 and wasn't released until 2011.

      Seriously, saying you'll be done before a game notorious for being in "development hell" and took 14 years to see the light of day doesn't exactly fill me with a lot of confidence (or hope).

    8. Missing avatar

      James Paten on

      Just gotta say... still very excited for this project!

      I've waited almost two decades for a new QFG game... to see it come so close is a dream come true! It's great to see you all take your time and make sure the game is what you want it to be, not something that was only as good as the project plan timeline allowed.

    9. Jinx on

      "On request, I will also provide keys to other sites - likely steam, humble, and gog - to backers"

      I would hope so. Us backers aren't just wanting the game through your site. We will want it on either steam or gog, to be sure. I think that goes without saying.

    10. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      I plan to use a web-based bug-reporting database. I think that will be easier to handle than an Excel sheet, given that we'll have dozens (or more) of testers in all sorts of areas at once.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ford on

      Exciting update! Thanks for sharing! A quick suggestion for Alpha and Beta testing: if you create an excel spreadsheet for reporting bugs, comments, and features (with pre-filled column headings, e.g., "Date", "Time", "Location", and "Issue") it will make your bug squashing much easier. You could even have dialogue ID numbers displayed in the game for testers, to really help narrow things down. Best of luck!

    12. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Jeremy: New update is up. It takes me a week or two to write and illustrate an update, so it's hard for me to post them much more often. This one has specifics on our planned test release dates.

    13. Missing avatar

      Duncan Teed on

      Looking forward to it whenever it comes. I'm just glad the Coles are making another game, big thanks to them and all the team!!

    14. Jeremy The Jinx on

      Any new updates on the project, trying to be patient and let the updates speak for themselves but haven't seen much in terms of updates recentally

    15. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      ok thanks. fine if it is a few months after release; as long as the option exist.

    16. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      Flump: All backers are on BackerKit (including ones from our web site, which I've had to add to BackerKit one at a time), which makes it easy to get digital downloads there. On request, I will also provide keys on other sites - likely Steam, Humble, and GoG - to backers. I'm not spending any time working out those details until after the game is in Beta.

    17. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      Are you saying we won't be getting a gog key but rather have to use a different site for download ?

    18. V. Vorpal on

      I think we're way past the point of sticking to deadlines...

    19. Missing avatar

      James Paten on

      So I don't suppose this comment from two updates ago is still valid, is it?

      "I’m shooting for 'feature complete' and alpha testing in January, with Beta testing in February or early March and release 2nd quarter 2017. It’s been a long, stressful journey, but the end is in sight."

    20. Justin

      LOL! That's the kindest way I've ever heard someone telling people to shut up.

    21. Skyleaf on

      Let's return to silence until the next update shall we? Everything that needs to be said has been said. Everyone can read all the opinions posted here, and there is no delete button.

    22. Justin

      "I don't understand this anger."

      Then I don't understand your comment. All I see are people expressing they are upset.

      call for their heads
      heated angst
      handwringing (seriously?)
      personal attacks

      What on Earth are you talking about?

    23. Missing avatar

      SXF on

      I neither said nor implied that. I already acknowledged that this project has had multiple severe management issues over its entire lifetime, starting with changing the scope almost as soon as it was funded because some people didn't seem to know what they were backing. I 100% agree with taking the developers to task for these failures. What I don't find worthwhile or reasonable is some of the more heated angst, handwringing, and personal attacks. These, I feel, are just a bit out of proportion to the actual situation.

      All I'm saying is, let's keep things in perspective. If you feel that you already have things in perspective, well, carry on. I'm not going to argue about it.

    24. Justin

      SXF, read ALL the comments here and ALL the comments for every update. It's pretty blatantly clear why people are upset and it has little do with the project being late.

    25. Skyleaf on

      This is nothing. I was trying to gauge the hype for InXile's Tides of Numenera since they've released an official release date. So I go to their KS comment section and surprisingly, it is highly toxic. Kickstarter can really be cruel sometimes.

      I'm actually a little glad that the Coles didn't have to deal with that kind of animosity. They don't deserve it. They're throwing F bombs left and right in that place.

    26. Missing avatar

      SXF on

      I don't understand this anger. Yes, there have been serious issues getting this thing done and delivered, starting pretty much the minute the Kickstarter ended, but the team is communicating in good faith and the project is pretty clearly still moving. It is what it is. I don't see any need to call for their heads.

      I backed Worlds of Magic. Compared to the blatant disregard and lack of respect from the team behind that heinous aborted disaster, waiting for the Coles to dig themselves out doesn't even rate for me.

    27. Jinx on

      @Gamehoarder, I think we're sadly way past the point of potential refunds for a broken promise. I wish we could, as I would happily take my money and put those money into another project, but I just can't see it happening.

      I also doubt we'll get the game in 2017.


      I backed this at 250 ... Along with Space Venture ... Another 250 and still waiting. I also still own physical copies of almost every Sierra game made ... In other words Huge Fan, like many here . With that said , I'd like the game this year ... Or a refund

    29. Justin

      This is probably a stepping stone at this point. Once this game is done and shipped then they'll have the foundation for another game then another, that wouldn't take as long.

    30. V. Vorpal on

      how can this possibly turn a net profit!?

    31. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      Yes, I've made mistakes along the way, particularly in not knowing when to advertise for more programmers. Or I should have dropped my design role and jumped into programming the game. The good news is that extra time has made a huge difference in the quality and quantity of art and animation. It's also given Lori the time she needed to complete all the dialogue - more than in a Harry Potter novel, because novels don't branch. We will be out in far less time than Duke Nukem Forever, and in about the time it took Sierra to make Quest for Glory V (or less than half the time, if you include the first time we started it up, then management cancelled it). The game will be unique, and we hope our fans will love it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Malik on

      Quest for Infamy was what I expected from the Coles. That project was respectable...... and it delivered.

      I'm sure you superbackers must be feeling really frustrated, for as a person who just managed to support at the basic tier itself, I feel so empty and hollow..... not just disappointed... with this project.

      Goes to show that even renowned designers are simply no guarantee to place a hope on.

      I didn't feel the need to give during the second kickstarter round, since, I already feel cheated, when they decided to change the whole game design from the first initiative. Did any of us backers asked for it? Not me.

      No matter what, excuses after excuses just paint a bad picture when the project is not being delivered on time.

      Focus should have been on delivering the game, instead of delivering t-shirts and toys and what not...

      Despite my effort to refrain from commenting, I feel I need to let out my frustrations.... because my money has been lost in this unfortunate endeavor. Maybe my nostalgia towards Quest for Glory series and the Sierra's Coles made me pledge for this.... But Sierra's no there's no focus anymore...

      After all this, it will be a herculean effort to really enjoy this game anymore... if it's finished somehow.... I'll leave the "IF" to be a positive outcome, to all the die hard Coles' supporters, even now.

    33. Justin

      Yup, blew through 2 kickstarters worth of money and now into their retirement. Poor choices after poor choices after poor choices. Should have just stuck with the original damn game. Would have been done years ago and hopefully making money by now.

      Remember all those "NO's" Ken always gave you? This is why.

    34. Dawn_

      Sigh..more than four years..already and counting.

    35. V. Vorpal on

      ummmm, Hero U is being self-funded again. after a second Kickstarter. with retirement savings. this is incredible. this is like Ahab pursuing the accursed white whale.

    36. Justin

      Malik, well, the first two words in that quote are AFTER RELEASE. Not really sure how your questions are valid. All that stuff comes AFTER.

    37. Missing avatar

      Malik on

      I saw this in the mail sent to backers :

      "After release, we’ll be very busy for several months. First we’ll fulfill the rest of the physical rewards that depend on the game - the boxed games, art book, and canvas prints. Then we’ll visit our super-backer in Germany and make some publicity stops in Europe. Meanwhile, the team will continue to fix any problems reported by players, and we’ll investigate porting Hero-U to other devices such as tablets.

      Then we’ll move on to Hero-U 2. We hope to see you on Wizard’s Way!"

      Hero-U 2????? REALLY?????? How about releasing the Hero-U 1 in the first place!!!???

      Porting to other devices??? How about releasing the first game for PC as intended before?? Nevermind you already changed the design from the first time you came for help making the game.

      And as Michael Bantz said, it's all so dark and murky about the progress... delays and more delays let known by only words without any clarification on the actual status of the game... No demos or gameplay footage....

    38. Jinx on

      Another delay. This time by a quarter. In August you said code complete by November, and release early next year. Now that we're in November, it's not even "feature" complete (whatever that means) before next year, and then testing begins, and release in the second quarter. Can't we just get an honest schedule instead of this consistent delay thing you have going. I'd honestly feel much better about the whole thing if you didn't keep leading us on. Will we require another backing for the home, home stretch come June?

      I think I've been patient and understanding. How about some videos to tide the backers over. Surely you have more gameplay to show off since August?

      Can we get a more detailed plan of what's needing to be done still. Like a sort of bullet-point plan of what's missing exactly. I'm genuinely curious.

    39. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      Sean: 30 developers have worked on Hero-U in various capacities. Some only for a week or two, most much longer. Currently we have two near-full-time programmers, two part-time programmers, an artist, an animator, a writer, a producer, and Lori and me, so 10 active developers. We also occasionally get help from former team members when we have a specific need. No new additions since Adam joined us in August. He's helped us a lot.

      New update posting shortly.

    40. V. Vorpal on

      hey, how many people have worked on the game so far? has there been another change in roster since August? lol

    41. Ahenobarbus on

      yep, waiting patiently :) It has been a rocky road for sure but it`s ridiculous to claim that the project is deserted. Keep calm..

    42. Claus Bo Christensen

      Maybe some of us backers are just patient ;-)

    43. Justin

      deserved = deserted

    44. Justin

      Honestly, what you are seeing is a deserved project. Deserted by backers, not the Coles.

      "6,093 backers pledged $409,150 to help bring this project to life."

      And how many people comment? Do the math.

    45. Skyleaf on

      Well I got dragged into it finally. I don't want to waste my time arguing and you can say whatever you want. I got no problem with that. I'm just asking Corey to ignore you that's all.

      Literally, everytime I come in here to read updates, I see your name and another snarky comment to which another pointless debate follows. Sorry, I can't tell if it's if constructive criticism or just heckling. But that's just me.

      So again, I got nothing to say. You're a backer you can say whatever you like. I just hope Corey can move past you and actually communicate positively with the rest of us who actually still want to read what he has to say about the project.

    46. Justin

      Hey Skyleaf, if you're to call me out over here instead of over there then I'll be sure to follow up here anyway. Pointing out pieces of information as being not valid is not "heckling". It would do you well to learn what the word means before using it. My point was spot on valid and Corey even followed up with it in kind. He didn't have to rant as you did here. But hey, good job, solving nothing. At least I was on topic with this game. What are you on topic about? Other backers? Wow, great. We got ourselves the backer police over here.

      "It just means he has an opinion."

      You literally just described the entire point of the backer community. So then who are you undermine Kickstarter? Oh, that's right, you're no one other than another backer. Myself and others will continue to voice our opinions. Some positive, some negative. No one would be doing the Coles any good by using a positive filter. If you can't handle the good with the bad then I'm afraid you're in the wrong place.

    47. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Skyleaf. I try to respond honestly to what I perceive as honest comments. Yes it does take energy, but the real cost is in writing the updates - it takes multiple editing passes over a week or more to make sure it's both truthful and non-offensive. I would love to be able to spend an hour on an update and get back to the project, but don't feel I have that right.

    48. Skyleaf on

      Hi Corey,

      I love the update but please, please, please, for God's sake, stop responding to the criticism. It's going to eat you up instead allowing you to progress. I don't want to start any debates with anyone but I just want to mention your continuing debates with Justin. Ignore him. He's backer, let him say what he wants. Most of us are behind you 100% from minute one. We know what you're about. We know how hard you work, we know the sacrifices you're making. Him trying to undermine you does not change anything. It just means he has an opinion.

      Believe me as a small business owner I went through my share of shit. Twice I nearly went under but now I'm in a period of good health with my little company. I know what it's like to get so much shit thrown at you even though you're working your ass off because their problem isn't yet fix. You can't let this get to you.

      I suggest whenever you read the name Justin or whoever else have been heckling you in comments section, divert your eyes and read something else. I love you guys but seriously I've never read so much senseless debates between developer and backer as much as I have in this project.

    49. Corey Cole 2-time creator on

      @Kevin: No, we haven't recouped anything. You're confusing project lifetime with 2016 expenses. There is also the accounting issue of deferred salaries. Several team members, including Lori and me, have not been paid since 2013. When the game ships, we will have to account for that, with other team members being paid first.

      So far project expenses in 2016 alone have been $88,000. We're burning $10K /month, with that number gradually increasing. This doesn't include $5K/month of personal cost of living for Lori and me, so our debt is much greater than that.

      Including Kickstarter and personal funds, actual expenses to date and deferred expenses, the project is going to come in at right around $1 million total development and reward fulfillment cost.

    50. Kevin Willock on

      @pedasn your correspondence with Corey is quite interesting, as when I communicated with him back in June 2015 he said

      "We are working hard on our project and communicating regularly. Your $20 - along with $200,000 of my own - has already been used to fund Hero-U. You will get your game when it's done"

      When he clearly tells you only ~$50,000 of his own money has been used in 2016. Glad he's recouped some of his losses.

      I hope that this project completes, but I wouldn't hold my breath, and I think all the nitpicking and arguing is beating a horse that has been dead for a couple of years now. Chalk it up to a loss, and a kickstarter lesson and move on. If the game is ever released, the you get a nice surprise.

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