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PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
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    1. Trance Metals 3-time creator on

      Chuck, that is an epic post, thank you! I remember using flitz on our musical instruments (brass) back in the day - I had forgotten about it! It's great stuff. I'll look into getting some sample sizes. It was great stuff. I remember you talking about renaissance wax before - are there any alternatives that you know of?

    2. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick

      In general, polishing products divide into two categories: chemical and abrasive (most modern abrasive polished also have a chemical action). Bar Keeper’s Friend, for example, is a well-known abrasive polish. Autosol is an excellent chemical polish.

      When a highly-polished surface is dulled only by oxidation, then a purely-chemical polish is the best solution.

      Another good chemical polish is Flitz polish which is what I have used on my copper sphere.

      Oxidation is the result of the bare metal reacting with oxygen in the air. You can prolong the time between polishing and keep the sphere bright longer by sealing the surface with wax. The best product for this is Renaissance Wax. I learned about Renaissance Wax when I made a sort of snide remark about “who polishes all of this?” during a curator-guided tour of the Portland Art Museum’s extensive collection of decorative silver. I was informed that the museum has a staff of conservators who polish the silver, but thanks to Renaissance Wax, each piece only needs to be polished every few years. Well, if it’s good enough for museum curators, then it’s good enough for my house.

      One of the things I love about my copper sphere is its color and purity. This is the color of pure copper. And so I keep mine mirror-polished and bright. I use Flitz, Renaissance Wax, and prefer to handle it while wearing inspection gloves.

    3. John Ryan on

      Barkeeper's Friend is amazing for polishing metals. Hadn't polished mine since I got it, polished with Barkeepers Friend gently for about a minute, looks like new!

    4. Missing avatar

      jeff galusha on

      yo, my sphere is looking rather dull. I'd love to shine it up. Would you please send me something to shine it up?