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PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
3,057 backers pledged $502,998 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar


      I have never received my order! Can you please send it or refund!

    2. Missing avatar

      John H Caldell on

      I still have not received my order, any chance for a update?

    3. Missing avatar

      Emily Korona-Luscher on

      Hello, I have not received my spheres yet. Who do I contact for more information?

    4. Robbie Millar on

      Received mine this week (to a big island in the south a fair way away!) and they look cool. Were well packaged and pretty weighty so I imagine packing these for shipment would have been a great work out .. and for the couriers too !

    5. Missing avatar

      Steven Peltier on

      Please don't be another take the money and run person. We'd all appreciate an update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Keith E Brinkley on

      The production side of things must have ground to a halt once again.. as it's been awhile since an update and many of us are still waiting patiently.

    7. Real Atomsk

      Echoing other comments here, it has been over a month since the last update and have not received my order.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Peltier on

      Still waiting on my set. Any updates?

    9. Missing avatar

      Amy Payne on

      The last update I got was on 12/7/16 saying that you were almost done shipping the spheres to everyone. It's a month later and I still don't have mine. Do you still have more that have to be shipped out? Info from my order:

      Amount pledged
      $79.00 USD
      Pledge status
      A one pound (454g) trance copper sphere!
      99.9% pure copper in a matte or polished finish.
      * 454 gram copper sphere
      * 4.60 cm (1.81 inches) in diameter
      * minimal desk base
      Estimated delivery
      Jul 2016
      Shipping to
      United States
      Backer name
      Amy Payne

    10. Missing avatar

      Cynthia on

      Above it says that my email address needs updating. It doesn't. I have searched high and low for updates from you to no avail. I receive a lot of Kickstarter messages with no problem.
      Cynthia Ettinger

    11. KSK Electrics LLC on

      Please advise when I will receive this product. Thanks

    12. Rozi on

      Arrived today, ADORE it! So beautiful.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Cons on

      Got my 500g copper, love it, worth the wait

    14. Missing avatar

      RonL on

      Looks great! Thanks for all the attention to deal. BTW, the packaging is indeed nice, but it was spoiled a bit by being used as the shipping container plastered with tape and label... not so nice. Still, very happy.

    15. John Ryan on

      Ok, it was a long wait and communication could have been more frequent but I got mine today and... WOW! Beautiful to the point of mesmerizing. Simply stunning. Very excited and pleased!

    16. Jim Davies on

      I did finally receive my Cu sphere today - backer 1717. Looks awesome. Yes, we should have had updates.

    17. Missing avatar

      eieio on

      I've left messages before, with no answer, sadly. I did receive my two spheres (one titanium and one copper), but alas, they are NOT the Mega sizes that I had paid for! Why would I have paid for the Mega sizes if you simply ship me smaller spheres? Why have you not replied to me? You shipped me the smaller sizes of spheres despite the fact that I paid extra/more for the MEGA sized spheres. Why? Will you ship me the Mega sized spheres? If so, when please? Kindly please reply. Thank you.

    18. Kimberly Wright on

      How can I change my shipping address?

    19. dougEzero on

      You guys really need to post updates. Three months between posts is unacceptable.

    20. Missing avatar

      Schoun on

      I'm a late backer, but happy to know I may get mine soon.

    21. Jennifer Merritt Depew on

      I received my copper sphere over the weekend and it is beautifully mesmerizing... I opened it like a kid at Christmas, unwrapped it and rolled it around in my gloved hand for about 10 minutes, staring at it like it was going to give me answers to the great mysteries of life. Alas, no answers, but a very cool sphere that feels like magic. THANKS! Oh, and btw, I never got a tracking number

    22. M F Koors on

      Will tracking number be sent when item is mailed?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tom Newbold on

      Thanks for the update. Where did you get the boxes and how much did they cost? Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Steven Peltier on

      BTW Im backer 527. Should have been something by now.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Peltier on

      I purchased the whole set in Titanium and Copper and have not seen a one. Very disappointed so far on this.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stuart Wright on

      Got mine, copper, a month-and-a-half ago. it is indeed a thing of beauty. The epitome of 'cool'. Congrats to all in the supply chain.

    27. Bruce Kennedy on

      Wow. I remembered about this literally yesterday, scrolled thought a mile of upset backers on the comments sections, wondered if I should add my voice or remain patient. Turns out patience is rewarded!! Literally 12 hrs later and we get news! A coincidence I know, but never the less a happy one. Cant wait to get mine... come on!! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Wolff on

      I got mine today. My wife said "what is that?". I said it was my precision polished titanium ball. She just looked at me. It is the coolest thing I have ever had. And I make recording consoles, records, design products and invent things...

    29. Daniel on

      Backer 1320, and I've not heard a peep about a shipment. From the info posted above, my spheres (2 x 4.6cm) have been completed. The product looks amazing, but I'm very disappointed by the lack of communication. We should have been given regular updates; how far through production was, why delays were occurring, when you'd shipped a significant portion of orders. You guys have got to improve your customer service. Silence for two and a half months is not acceptable.

    30. Missing avatar

      Wayne Brehaut on

      It would be a crime to drill a hole in these, but can you imagine a Christmas tree with Ti and Cu balls?!