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PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
PERFECT TITANIUM SPHERE UNLOCKED! The Trance Copper Sphere is 1000 grams of 99.9% pure elemental copper.
3,057 backers pledged $502,998 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kirby M on

      It's December... any update on when these will ship?

    2. Missing avatar

      SRD on

      Same question as all the others...where is the product that had an estimated delivery date of July 2016 when I originally backed it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Johnson on

      Reported for post funding issues communication

    4. Scott Weston on

      So this is more than 2 months ago! Where are they? We did our part, why no more updates, to busy spending our money? VERY DISAPPOINTING!

    5. David Beaton on

      Update is needed badly!! Last photo on 20-Sept shows a shipping container and a pallet full of our pledges, did the ship go down enroute from Asia?

      Come on guys, this kickstarter made you big $$ and the least you can do is type up an excuse as to where our product is?

    6. Gina Capone on

      Like so many others, what's the current status? Thought I'd get it in summer, now looking at Christmas? I am VERY disappointed. Leaves a bad taste for Kickstarters with such poor communication.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tommy Lanier on

      Communication is important. Please update this project.

    8. Amy Nickolas on

      Update anytime now, thank you in advance!

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Miller on

      I was just watching a movie when I saw the classic swinging magnetic steel ball toy that sits on a ceo's desk...all of sudden...bam! I forgot about this project and my $100 I gave these guys about a year ago! What's the deal? Was I ripped off?!!!

    10. John Clark on

      any update on delivery date? I bought this for a Christmas present, I hope it is delivered in time. Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Ruscher on

      Also waiting patiently but patience about used up. Some communication update would be nice. It's been nine weeks since last update. Not impressed with my first kickstarter interaction. Love the concept, but this experience leaves me wanting...

    12. jamesfrancis on

      yawn... the classic resale from Alibaba... still received nothing yet

    13. Jim Davies on

      Same question - Backer 1717. What's happening with the project?

    14. Mark Henriksen on

      So, Im stil waiting for my early bird kilo copper and titanium? what gives?

    15. george Wijntjes on

      Same here backer 2967 ..September 21 is now nearly 2 months ago..can we have an update please

    16. Randy Hermann on

      Anyone else about ready to call this fraud?

    17. Missing avatar

      David Tucker on

      PLEASE update!
      I orderd this as an anniversary gift... which was last month.. I'm hoping I can give it as a christmas gift now... but we need some kind of information!

    18. Aaron Kirscht on

      Backer 2,022 here. It's been nearly two months since the last update. Why I keep messing around with Kickstarter is beyond me. ALL WE ASK is for some communication. Why is it so hard?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jackie De Los Santos


      I'm backer 1,455. Any news? Any updates? Anything in general? Please advise and thank you!

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel J Haus on

      An update would be nice.

    21. Robert Stanulis on

      I am backer #2,017 what are the chances this arrives before Christmas?

    22. Vadim Kagan on

      So when should I expect my shipment to arrive? Thanks!

    23. Enrique on

      Ive never got mine. Any help?

    24. Jeff Chong on

      i am backer somewhere around 1300, am i an early bird or later?
      definitely haven't got anything yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      It is a constant theme in these crowdsourcing projects to neglect communication. This has kept me from recommending companies in the past and may keep me from recommending this one as the communication has been particularly abysmal.
      Even if nothing changes, you should touch base at a minimum of weekly. Say hi, talk about a new product. We call these keep alive statements. If the process is really slow with manufacturers let the community in on it, " we are in this together" statements.
      Nothing...and I mean not even a sneeze while you are trying to sell your other products is gross neglect of your customers. The success of your other campaigns is fed off of your current ones.
      Please communicate, even if it is just to share a picture of your cat.

    26. Samuel Coker on

      What order number are we up to in terms of confirmed deliveries?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Charles Birmingham on

      Hi - I have not received mine yet. Can you please provide an update?

    28. Helen Strachan

      Got mine today - love it :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Noah Kanter on

      hey buddy --
      can you please send a real timeframe for sending to your remaining backers? its been several months.. how about an update

    30. John Fajardo on

      update please! and answer your messages.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stan Yoder on

      Please let those of us who have not yet received our spheres know where in the process we stand.
      What is the shipment date now?

    32. Missing avatar

      R M on

      Received mine today. Regarding the comment about if they are perfect spheres or not, I do note a small flat footprint on both my small and medium sphere. Do I wish they weren't there? A tiny bit. Is it worth getting your panties up in a bunch over? Not IMO. They feel well built and solid, and prior to this project, I looked for where I could purchase a well, made solid copper sphere (in quantities less than 10,000) and really couldn't find one. Now I'm sure there will be based on the success of this campaign, but Trance had first mover advantage on this one, and I'm pleased with the product that I received.

      What's next? Brass Pyramid? ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      Got mine yesterday! Looks / feels amazing. Nice work. Glad you took the time needed to ensure he product was exactly what you'd set out to create. Very happy :)

    34. Robert Lockstone on

      Hi, it's great that these are shipping. My address is correct. However I'm going to be out of town next week and there is no secure place to leave packages at my house. Do the packages require a signature to be delivered? Do you know if my package was shipped already? I was backer 1996, so hopefully mine won't be in the early shipments. Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      Will there be an email with tracking number, or notification of shipment with projected delivery date?

      The reason I ask is that my delivery address is a package receiving business in WA State (I live in BC Canada), so I would need this info in order to know when to head south to retrieve the package.

      Please advise. Thanks!

    36. Masque on

      Hadn't read the prior update; was delighted to receive mine just an hour ago!

    37. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick

      Some of you are basically asking our creator to commit a crime so that you can save a few bucks on taxes. That's just wrong.

      The taxes are not our creator's fault; they are the fault of your government, so complain to your government.

      Sometimes, you've just got to buck up and rendered unto caesar.

    38. Nick Roberts on

      If it's not too late for shipping to the UK to be marked as 'commercial sample' zero value? Otherwise I am gonna get battered on import charges......

    39. Will Satterfield on

      What is the status for those of us who were previous supporters and the small spheres?

    40. Cory Forseth on

      So excited these are shipping!

      Any word on the refund for those of us that added money to our pledge for the display box that sadly didn't pan out?

    41. Preston Hildebrand on

      I updated my address. It is accurate. It is a new address, but the post office and amazon have made deliveries to me so its valid even if your system says otherwise (it said it didn't recognize it when I entered it).

      Looking forward to the Sphere! Will look awesome on my desk!

    42. Justin Brown on

      It would be lovely to know if ours shipped... :)