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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
5,331 backers pledged $361,030 to help bring this project to life.

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Comprehensive Project Status


First, we at Hex Boards would like to thank you, our backers, for your continued support and patience. You decided to take a chance in [November 2012 or July 2014] by funding our journey to produce amazing, portable, high-quality Catan accessories that make your game nights awesome. We want you to know that we are working hard to deliver on our commitments to you, our earliest supporters and biggest fans.

We also want to acknowledge that our past attempts to keep you informed and our lack of responsiveness has left many dissatisfied. We can and will do better.

In this update, we would like to provide answers to the biggest backer questions about the status of this project, outline the challenges we are still facing and our plans to address them. Going forward, our promise to you is to be as transparent as possible and deliver summary updates more frequently. We will also monitor the “Comments” areas for questions, suggestions or feedback, and we will address the most frequently asked questions in upcoming updates.

We recently processed all BackerKit orders and are moving forward. If you have any questions regarding your BackerKit please visit:

and click on Contact Us to reach BackerKit's support desk. They are standing by to help.

Thank you again for your patience and support,

-Bill Trammel and the Hex Boards team


Summary: Reward fulfillment delays continue due to (1) unexpectedly low productivity in wood product manufacturing and (2) lack of funding to begin Bag production. Forecasted dates listed below are estimates and subject to change.

Status of each Product:

The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board (2012 Kickstarter)

  • 3-4 Standard Boards: DELIVERED
  • 5-6 Standard Boards: DELIVERED
  • Walnut Boards: DELIVERED
  • Aluminum Boards: DELIVERED
  • Resource Card Holders: READY TO SHIP
  • 3-4 Seafarers Boards: ON HOLD PENDING FUNDING (Rolling production to start in June)
  • 5-6 Seafarers Boards: ON HOLD PENDING FUNDING (Rolling production to start in June)

Official Catan Collector’s Series (2014 Kickstarter)

  • Parts Cups + Bags: ASSEMBLY PENDING – Forecast: June 2016
  • Dice Tower + Dice Tray: ASSEMBLY PENDING – Forecast: June 2016
  • Bag: PRODUCTION STARTING – Forecast: July 2016
  • Standard Collector’s Box: DELIVERED (defective part to be replaced)
  • Ultimate Collector’s Box: ASSEMBLED and awaiting parts (above)
  • 3-4 Seafarers Boards: ON HOLD PENDING FUNDING (Rolling production to start in June)
  • 5-6 Seafarers Boards: ON HOLD PENDING FUNDING (Rolling production to start in June)

Highlighted Issues:

  • Wood Manufacturing Capacity. Supplier has less capacity than anticipated and is currently unable to provide enough information regarding current parts inventory and productivity to forecast completion dates. Hex Boards is escalating this issue with supplier and exploring other suppliers as well.
  • Funding. Costs to date have exceeded the Kickstarter funding. Fulfilling all Kickstarter commitments is currently dependent on additional sales. Anticipated BackerKit pre-orders did not meet target. Next step is sell-through of existing Catan Boards inventory via Amazon to fund further production.
  • Missing Shipment. Amazon cannot locate a sizable shipment of Catan Boards intended for sell-through to fund reward production. We are currently working with the shipping company and Amazon to locate the shipment.

Highlighted Risks:

  • Bag Manufacturing Quality. With outsourced manufacturing, there is a risk of defects or other material deviations from final proofs once mass production is started. We are working with our supplier to mitigate this risk.
  • Wood Manufacturing Quality. After the Collector’s Box was delivered with defects, additional quality checks were put in place to ensure that all products will be built to specifications going forward.

What are your thoughts and questions? Post a comment and let us know.

Quick Update


Hi everyone,

The BackerKit support team has notified me that they've cleared out all of the backlog, and there is currently only a very small trickle of support requests. We're going to be closing preorders and locking down the BackerKit Friday night, so if you have any changes you'd like to make please complete them before then.

I am also working on a detailed and comprehensive production update, which will be going out soon. Thanks.

BackerKit Update


Hi everyone, we're still a little backed up on support tickets, so if you haven't gotten your issue resolved, fear not we'll extend the deadline until all tickets are resolved. Thanks for your patience. :-)

BackerKit Locking Down Saturday


Hi everyone,

We'll be locking down the BackerKit Saturday March 26th at midnight PST, so if you have any shipping address changes or add-ons to purchase, please make sure to do so before then. You can log-in here:

If you wanted to get in more entries on our social media contest you can do so here:

If you have any friends who'd like to pre-order a Seafarers Board, Catan Bag or more card banks, you can share this link for pre-orders. Pre-orders will also be closing Saturday night.

Thanks, everyone. Production will be beginning soon. Talks with Catan have been going well, will update when I have something more substantial to report in that area. 

Whoo! BackerKit sorted out. New Catan Travel Kit Giveaway Announcement


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience over the last two days. These issues aren't your fault, and we're working to try to make this process as simple as possible. I think we might be there. Yesterday BackerKit came up with a simple solution that will solve the RCH add-on pricing issue.

They created a pledge question that asks if you've added on a card bank. This then references a hidden add-on that is worth $10. Below you'll see what it looks like when you login on our BackerKit:

Select how many you added on, and BackerKit will automatically reconcile it.
Select how many you added on, and BackerKit will automatically reconcile it.

Important Good News for International Backers who Added On Card Banks

Due to BackerKit's payment processor rules, we could only offer a "store credit" type of refund of the $10. This didn't sit well with us, since we wanted to be able to offer a full refund of the money, even if you don't buy anything more from us.

With that in mind, we decided to just eat the cost of international shipping and send all card banks out, regardless of destination country.  We're very happy with this decision because it means everyone will get what they were promised, which is our ultimate goal.  It shouldn't be more than $5,000 or so in total for the shipping, so we'll just make it back somewhere down the line.

So if you're an international backer who's expecting a card bank, please login and select the number of card banks you pledged for and confirm your shipping address so that we can get them to you. Thanks!

Other BackerKit Questions

If you've reached out via the BackerKit Support Request link and have another question you need help with other than the above, please contact BackerKit support below and submit a ticket. They'll be more than happy to help.

New Catan Travel Kit Giveaway

In order to celebrate the pre-order launch of our new products, we're doing a social media contest giveaway.  One lucky winner will be shipped our production prototype Catan Bag, pre-packaged with the first production Seafarers Board off the line. This package will be shipped before we even place the order for the Catan Bags, so if you win, you'll be the first customer on the planet to own one.  The rest of the pre-order fulfillment will conclude by the end of July.

You can check out the giveaway here:

Some of the entries, as you can see, can be submitted once per day until the contest is closed, if you'd like to add to the statistical likelihood of winning.