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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
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Bill Trammel

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Production Update


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience with us these past few months. We have a lot of good news on our production progress, so let’s get right into it.

Resource Card Banks

All of the production is complete for the card banks, but we're waiting to finalize our BackerKit before we send it out for everyone's address.  This review process should be complete in a few days, after which all of the surveys will go out. The packaging is also on its way, so shipping should commence within  a week or so of the survey going out. 

Seafarers Board

This next part of the update is something that I’ve been looking forward to writing for over a year. We ran first article production parts of the Seafarers Board and they work exactly as originally designed. 

It’s difficult to put into words how I felt the first time I put two Seafarers board modules together and put a couple hexes and ports in it. The parts lay flat and fit everything exactly as planned. Here’s a video of the first time putting our first article parts together:

We have a few next steps that will be running in parallel. The first step is obtaining custom packaging for the Seafarers Board.  A full set will be en route to our packaging vendor's design team on Monday to craft a custom cardboard box for it. We’re designing it to have a space to include two sets of resource card banks in order to help us save on shipping and allow for bonus bundles in the future.

The second step is performing some more machining on the mold to fix some issues.  The issues are fortunately minor, but they need to be completed before we can do a large-scale production run.

The primary issue is that the finish on most of the vertical rib area is quite rough, as you can see below:

 This causes the part to stick on to the core of the mold and causes the ejector pins to create stress marks on the other side of the part as you can see below:

There's also a bit of overcut on the edges of the port area that will need to be machined down before we send the mold to polishing/texturing:

But all of the important things, such as hex fit, port fit, road and ship fit are all spot on.

Here's a few close-up shots of the fit in the different areas:

We’ll update with a more accurate shipping timeline as soon as we have the final package design in hand. Once the production packaging order is placed it will take about 2-3 weeks for our packaging vendor to produce all the boxes and ship them to our warehouse. Once they arrive on our dock, we’ll begin packaging and shipping immediately.

Thank You

We can’t wait to get everyone’s rewards to them and really appreciate your patience and support throughout the journey to get to this point. We now have production parts for each product you helped launch, and it’s a great feeling.

We noted that Mayfair posted something about them having a plan to fulfill our Kickstarter. We’re not really sure what they meant by that, as they are not the ones fulfilling anything for any of our Kickstarters, but we are proceeding according to plan.  We are continuing to move forward to get your rewards to you and bring these products to market.

Thank you

Production Update


Hi everyone,

We've completed production of all the card banks, and are wrapping up our BackerKit setup.  We're beta testing a new feature of BackerKit that allows project creators to provide T-shirt rewards and have them sent out automatically, before all the other rewards. I've always wanted to make a cool Catan T-shirt, so this seemed like a good time to take advantage of this new feature.

Here's a sneak peek of the design:

 I wanted to create something representative of medieval crests, to show that the person wearing the T-Shirt is a noble citizen of Catan, and wields the power of the knight to grow their kingdom. :-)

The crest design will be white, but we're still  deciding which color to place the design on. I'm leaning towards forest green, to represent the Cities and Knights expansion color.  We're going to be receiving design proofs of the colors, so maybe we'll do a short poll to see which color would be most preferred by our backers once we get them. 

Today also marks the launch of a cool Kickstarter I've been doing some consulting for.  The Cardboard Guys are a team of guys who are looking to change the marketplace for kid's furniture.  If you think about it, kid's furniture is something of an anomaly in the design industry, as it's the only furniture segment that the target user is guaranteed to outgrow and no longer find useful.  There are entire companies dedicated to recycling and reselling kid's furniture/clothing to new users.  Not everyone takes advantage of these, though, which means a lot of the furniture just ends up in landfills.  The Cardboard Guys have created an affordable and strong desk/chair combo that's made entirely out of cardboard.  Not only is it recyclable, it's  super robust and is the only furniture that you can actually ENCOURAGE your kids to draw on and customize to make it their own.  I realized after I began working with this team, that the current state of kid's furniture really doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense to provide kids with smaller versions of standard furniture.  When I was a kid I drew on everything I could get my hands on.  Nobody wants to spend money on some Pottery Barn Kids furniture and then have their child grab a Sharpie and turn it into the Castle of Doom. Kids are going to be creative, and the Imagination Desk encourages that, which I think is pretty cool.  I don't have any financial stake in their company, I've just been helping them a bit, and I think they're a team of honest, enthusiastic guys who deserve some support to get started. Also, they made a custom one for Catan. I mean come on, how sweet is this:

RCH Production is underway

Producing around 3000 units for this first run. Whoo!
Producing around 3000 units for this first run. Whoo!

 Working on BackerKit so we can get everybody's current address confirmed. More on that soon. Thanks!

Resource Card Holder First Articles Complete


Hi everyone,

Early this morning our operator ran the first RCH parts, and we're quite stoked on how they turned out. Here's a video going through the parts and how they work/stack.

First article stack with standard resource cards shown.
First article stack with standard resource cards shown.
They stack so that you can keep the cards inside for storage
They stack so that you can keep the cards inside for storage
Logo is glossy and inset
Logo is glossy and inset
Stack of 4 card banks fits nicely inside a standard Catan box.
Stack of 4 card banks fits nicely inside a standard Catan box.

 Also, here's a couple Kickstarters I found recently that are rad. 

First off, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Exploding Kittens, The Oatmeal's HUGELY successful card game Kickstarter. So stoked for him.

This Exo Skeleton is probably the best designed iPhone case/accessory system I've ever seen. Somehow they've only reached a few thousand over their goal, which is silly considering how much effort they put into their Kickstarter.

And lastly, a friend of mine named Katie is part of a Film Kickstarter for a project called Brew House in Pittsburgh. Their whole team is already filming, which I respect. It will be the first found-footage feature film shot entirely in 4K technology. Their Kickstarter is for funds to cover their videography equipment with no extra overhead. I'm not even a fan of movies at all and especially not scary ones, but Katie's a solid actor and I wanted to at least help them get to their goal.

This is Katie, being awesome.
This is Katie, being awesome.

RCH Mold Complete


Hi everyone,

I realized it'd been a while since I did a video update, so today's update is in video form. For those who'd prefer the summary, that's below the video. Thanks!

#{project_title}'s video poster

Summary: RCH mold is done, and we'll be injecting first parts on Wednesday or Thursday.  Box production is chugging along. All material for boxes, boards and RCH's are paid for and in our warehouses. Catan Bags will be the last product sent out due to longer production timelines.