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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
5,331 backers pledged $361,030 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Josh Helton 3 days ago

      Well, he blocked me on Instagram.

    2. Creator Michael Sprague 3 days ago

      Yeah, must be nice to be able to play with those RCH's... while people who paid for them haven't gotten them yet....

    3. Creator Jeff 3 days ago


      And apparently his definition of a hard day at work is playing with the products he's supposed to be making for us!

      Again, he said almost exactly one year ago that the RCH's were FINISHED!!

    4. Creator Austin Brown 6 days ago

      Bill, you need to remember: the 6,162 people here entrusted you with $528,935 of their own money, and expect to be treated with a modicum of respect and adequate customer service in return. Would you agree that is a fair expectation? If so, I suggest you rethink your approach.

      I've said it once before and I'll say it again: Whatever happens, do not underestimate the future impact of how your first customers *feel* after doing business with you. At the end of this, do you really want 6,162 people to walk away thinking "Great product, but terrible customer service and boy that founder was a jerk!" Think hard about the outcome you want for the future of your business before you make any more drastic decisions about how you treat your early supporters.

    5. Creator John Drinkwater 7 days ago

      shame KS is not on his "To do" list

    6. Creator John Drinkwater 7 days ago

      has time to check out the locals ...

    7. Creator Ammon Beckstrom on January 30

      I'm with Jaimie Cramer. Please give us an update on the RCH! Thanks in advance.

    8. Creator Josh Helton on January 30

      So Bill no longer reads comments due to the negativity to his behavior. Rather than address any issues, he's just goin to blatantly ignore us now.

    9. Creator Eric Jordan on January 30

      Great, so we have been posting here for ZERO response because he has no interest in what we say on here. This ship is sinking faster than the Titanic did!

    10. Creator Jim Simonsen on January 28


      Any update for those of us who pledged toward Ultimate Collectors edition and the bag?

    11. Creator Jaime Kramer on January 26

      Can we please have an update in the RCH? It's been YEARS since we purchased them.

    12. Creator Josh Helton on January 22

      Bill, can we please get an update with some substance to it? You said people are back in the shops first week of January. It's third week now, and there's been no word on anything.

      At this point it seems you want us to take issue with how you're handling things, or delaying giving out information just to spite us. All you're doing is making us avoid anything with your name attached to it like it's the plague.

    13. Creator Matt Freitas on January 22

      One day i'll get my seafarer boards. One day....

      Maybe this will be a good excuse to play catan again as i don' think i've played it since i backed this project sadly.

    14. Creator Keith Buatti on January 21

      I'm beginning to think that just like the cake, the resource holders are a LIE!!!

    15. Creator Andy Roth on January 19

      My resource cards are all over the place! Help Bill Trammel Kanobi - you are my only hope.

    16. Creator Michael Sprague on January 12

      So, now with Asmodee taking ownership of Catan in North America, which will come first - we get the RCH's and Seafarer boards - or Asmodee says, "nope"....

    17. Creator Matthew Carlton on January 7

      Can we get an update regarding the Resource Card Holders?

    18. Creator Christopher Green on December 28

      Bill, is there any way we can get a quick update on the resource card holders? The August 10th update said they were being shipped but I have not received them. Hope everything is well!

    19. Creator Josh Helton on December 27

      The lack of payoff thus far from this project has gone so far as to make me apathetic about playing Catan. I've not played it in a year and a half, because the way my group always plays with Seafarers and I should have had the board by now. Anybody else feel the same?

    20. Creator Steve Creech on December 24

      While I appreciate seeing the progress of the other components and some of the setbacks you have had, it would be nice to be upfront and give us an honest answer regarding the RCHs. If you are having issues with the molds and the costs associated, be a man and just tell us. We've been very patient, but you have to keep the lines of communication open and continue to update us with the good and bad news. You may find that there are backers that have skills that can help you with whatever issues you are having if you at least let us know.

    21. Creator Sarah Russell on December 24

      I just submitted my complaint to Kickstarter and I strongly encourage anyone else who's been waiting, to do that same. There's a "Report this project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of the project's Campaign page.

      Maybe this is the only way to get our pledges finally fulfilled after 3 years.

    22. Creator Blair on December 24

      No kidding... three years and counting or is it more?

      Can we get an update on RCHs? The silence is deafening.

    23. Creator Jacob Landis on December 18

      Can we get an update on RCHs? The silence is deafening.

    24. Creator Michael Sprague on December 15

      @dustin - you haven't missed anything, they haven't been shipped - nothing has been shipped for like 2 and 1/2 Years...

    25. Creator Donatos Aphael on December 14

      1000th comment ! Hope we get our stuff pronto :-)

    26. Creator Dustin Clays on December 14

      My RCH still haven't arrived. Did they ship yet? Just want to make sure they weren't lost in shipment.

    27. Creator Matt Courtad on December 11

      Hi Bill,
      An update on the production status of the Seafarer's boards and the shipping of RCHs would be appreciated. I pledged $100 three years ago for 5-6 player Settlers board, a 3-5 player Seafarers board, and one pair of RCHs. Like everyone else on here, to date I have only received the 5-6 player Settlers board. Three years later, man. Three years.

    28. Creator Ricardo F. Ferreira on December 9

      I bought two resource card holders. The August 12th update said they were being shipped, but as of today, I have received nothing. Thanks very much!

    29. Creator Michael Sprague on December 9

      Have the returned molds been run, yet?

    30. Creator Christopher Green on December 7

      Hey Bill, would it be possible to get an update on the resource card holders? The August 10th update said they were being shipped, but as of today, I have received nothing. Thanks very much! :)

    31. Creator Josh Helton on December 4

      Can we get an update on the Seafarer's board production, or at least let us know what the cryptic issue was you had with the mold? I'm guessing that issue was the reason production is even further delayed.

    32. Creator Michael Sprague on December 4

      @andrew - don't be creeping in here just to give us a optimistic date �

    33. Creator Andrew Wilson on December 3

      Wow, is this still going on. I'm so glad I only got the 5-6 player Catan board. I very nearly went seafarers too. I keep checking back to see if it's available retail yet. I really like my board and want to get the seafarers one too. At this rate it'll be 2020 before it's available.

    34. Creator Michael Sprague on November 30

      @christopher - you are quite the patient man... How many times have you asked this same thing and not gotten a response? Just goes to show how much Bill does not care for his backers...

    35. Creator Christopher Green on November 29

      Any updates on the timeline for the Resource Card Holders? I was never quite clear on when those for my pledge level was supposed to ship. :)

    36. Creator Lucas Panoulias on November 18

      I've moved three times since I pledged - I need to find out what is the status of my resource card holders and make sure it's getting sent to the correct address (it was getting sent to my friend for Christmas) - who can I talk to or where can I go to find out? Thanks in advance.

    37. Creator Jeff on November 17

      Lol Jerierex...sounds like a legitimate possibility!!

    38. Creator Josh Helton on November 16

      On the collector's bag update, it said you had received word the Seafarers board would be done being corrected by 11/12. Care to give us either an update or another excuse as to why production hasn't begun yet?

    39. Creator Jerierex on November 15

      Jeff, the box tipped over spilling them all out and made a mess in Update 79.5 and needed to find a new box.

    40. Creator Jeff on November 11

      Let's not forget, the RCH's have been FINISHED since April! (Don't believe me, look back at Update #79!) I know there was an issue with the BackerKit but that's been fixed for months now!

    41. Creator David Siskin on November 8

      In 11 days, it will be THREE YEARS since the campaign ended. Still waiting for my two sets of RCH's.

    42. Creator Jimmy Hudson on October 25

      Any update on the RCHs for those who backed the 3/4 and 5/6? Thanks for a response!

    43. Creator Christopher Green on October 23

      I was never clear on whether those from my pledge level were getting their RCH shipped. Is there any way to get an update on that? Thanks, Bill! :)

    44. Creator Jacob Landis on October 23

      Haven't received my RCHs. Can we get an update?

    45. Creator Tasos Georgatis on October 12

      so, we are getting close in 3 years from the completion of thiw project and I still havent received anything...My $75 would be more succesful if i was going gambling, play lotto ot even put them in a bank..still waiting, while in the meantime i stop playing never know, probably my children in 15 years learn to play catan in this board!!

    46. Creator Sharon Rose on October 2

      I also paid the extra $10 for RCH and have not received them.

    47. Creator Jeff on September 29

      Of course, Bill ignores honest questions about the RCH shipping timeline but anyone who jumps to his defense is thanked by name. Bill, when will we get our RCH's? You said the $10 pledges were shipped and the over $100 pledges will be shipped when the seafarer board is ready. What about those of us who already have our 3/4 and 5/6 player boards but are waiting on our RCH's? I was under the impression they were produced over the summer but you didn't have the money in the bank to ship them. A ridiculous situation is getting worse with every "update."

    48. Creator Carried Away Games LLC on September 29

      Let me be more specific... I got the game board a long time ago, but not the RCH. Thanks.

    49. Creator Carried Away Games LLC on September 29

      Hi Bill, I was a pledger at $40 + $10 for the RCH. I haven't received anything. Is there anything I need to do to ensure that I'll get my pledge fulfilled? Thank you.

    50. Creator Bill Trammel on September 29

      @Joel LeBlanc Thank you, sir, much appreciated. I'll continue to fulfill on our promises to our backers.

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