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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
Created by

Bill Trammel

5,331 backers pledged $361,030 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Christopher Green 6 days ago

      @Kyle Mays Sounds like as soon as BackerKit is ready to go, you will be able to change your address. Which I will also need to do.

    2. Creator Eric Jordan 6 days ago

      I was an original backer of the board, so many forevers ago. I pledged for 2 of those red card holders. They look finished according to your picture. Why have we never received them? Are we still getting them?

    3. Creator Kyle Mays 6 days ago

      What about address changes?

    4. Creator Jacob Landis on May 17


    5. Creator Spookywanluke on May 3

      Oh and I forgot to say, but your new design looks wonderful.

    6. Creator Spookywanluke on May 3

      I'm an original backer from the first campaign and I adore my wood board, but I would like to check one thing:

      Are the plans still there for those first campaigners to receive rch's in this batch?

    7. Creator John Miles on April 23

      Bill, thanks for the excellent update. I for one really appreciate your effort on this project and your comittment to deliver as promised.

      I know this entire process must be very difficult for you as many people do not understand all the hurdles involved in brining a project from idea to delivery on a tight budget. And make no mistake for the number of customers and boards you are delivering this was a tight budget.

      The truth is for anyone who wants a product with a guaranteed delivery and a guaranteed final look, kick starter is not the place we can only ever expect those guarantees when a company has already poured tons of R&D and money into making a product. But the beauty of kick starter is it allows people like Bill to bring a dream to life for something that a larger company never thought was worthwhile.

      So good job Bill I look forward to getting my seafarers board.

    8. Creator Christopher Green on April 19

      Thanks for the update!

    9. Creator Christopher Green on April 18

      Hey Bill, any update on the RCH's? Last I saw, there was a picture with stacks of them. Have they gone out yet? I can't wait to get my hands on my pair!

    10. Creator shawn gore on April 8

      Last update from Bill on the RCH was on feb 4th, in that update we were shown pictures of the product but not given any details on shipping. Its now April 9th. 2 months later and no update from bill on a status. Hopefully with Mayfair now involved things will resolve soon but it would still be nice to see something from bill other than "please read my last update".

    11. Creator Michael Sprague on April 4

      And still..........waiting

    12. Creator Patricia McAllister on March 19

      @Bill I've sent multiple messages requesting a refund for my Seafarers board and have not yet received a response. At this point, I'm no longer interested in the product - I just want my money back. It's been over 2 years since I backed this project and the delay and lack of communication is frustrating.

    13. Creator John Drinkwater on March 18

      @Bill please answer the question

    14. Creator Michael Sprague on March 18

      @bill you do realize...
      1) your last update was well over a month ago
      2) Said nothing about actually getting the RCH
      3) talked more about things we didn't ask for, that are apparently taking too much of your time away from the RCH and SF fulfillment, than you did on finally fulfilling this project.

    15. Creator Bill Trammel on March 16

      @Ian Please read our updates.

    16. Creator Ian Ng on March 16

      Hi. I am very upset that till now I have not received the card holders, and there is zero communication on this at all. Please let me know when this is going to be shipped to me. It's been over a year now.

    17. Creator David Siskin on March 10

      We've seen photos of the RCH's. Is there a shipping estimate for those?

    18. Creator Tim Kain on February 25

      Bill - With so many updates coming out and so many products is it possible for you to issue an updated timeline of when we can expect the products. I myself am waiting for a Seafarers board and resource card holders. I know there have been updates for both of these products but no estimated time frame of when I can expect to receive them. I think if you were to give an updated timeline that it would please a lot of people.

    19. Creator Christopher Green on February 12

      John Getty: Your question is answered in the multitude of updates that have been posted since the campaign ended.

    20. Creator John Getty on February 12

      How on Earth are the Seafarers 5-6 player sets STILL not done? It's been 2.5 YEARS! ffs... This was supposed to be a Christmas gift in 2013 -.-

    21. Creator Pieter Vermaak on January 28

      Need to change delivery address. Help

    22. Creator Pieter Vermaak on January 26

      Hi Bill, thanks for the latest update on the RCH. I'm looking forward to it. However, I need to change my delivery address to be able to receive it. How can I do this? Help would be appreciated.

    23. Creator DanIAm on January 26

      I am sorry if this question has already been addressed, but I have not been following this project's comment section. I received my board a long time ago, and I am disappointed to hear others are still waiting for product. Not surprised though, as I am still waiting for my red Card Holders. Can anyone give me an update on deliver of the card holders?

    24. Creator Michael Sprague on January 23

      @bill prove me wrong, show me product that you have promised is almost here several times. Your updates are so far between, the project is so overdue, and there have been plenty of comments like mine, and quite a few others that took it further. I have messaged you, you have not replied. I have left messages here, and this is the first time you respond, and it took you 3 weeks. And you can not blame others for not understanding, when it is you keeping everyone in the dark. I do know the industry you are working in, very well. I have trusted friends in this field, each of them are left scratching their heads over this project.

    25. Creator Bill Trammel on January 22

      @Michael R. We've been quite distracted with unexpected discussions with Mayfair. Those discussions are now over, and we can focus on working. I hated to have to keep those discussions private, but it was necessary unfortunately. Will update more on that soon.

      @Michael Sprague Sir, your comments are unnecessary. Just because you don't understand the details of what we're quietly working through does not mean you need to insult and degrade my work. I've given two years of my life and never given up on my backers. I will not be giving up in the future. There is nothing more to say on the matter.

    26. Creator Michael R. on January 21


      Thank you for the last two updates. It's good to see that the SF mold is in progress and almost ready. Hopefully this pattern of updates will continue and you'll continue to keep backers informed.

      Having said that, you are obviously ignoring many peoples' comments and questions, both on the updates and in the comments section. People have repeatedly asked for updates on the Resource Card Holders, and you have not provided any.

      According to your Update on December 1st, the mold was almost finished and the RCHs were going to be produced starting the following week. That was the last we were ever told about them. People have been asking since that time if they were ready yet. Why have you not responded??

      I know there are a bunch of people like myself who are only waiting on those RCHs and nothing else, so where's our status update on that? Was there a delay in production? Was there a problem with the mold? What is going on? We are an understanding bunch, as long as we know what’s happening. I'd really appreciate some communication about the RCHs, even if it's to inform us that there is yet another delay in their production. At this point, I think your backers are used to the delays and are willing to wait for what we assume is to be a very high quality product.

      I think where backers appear to be the most frustrated, is being kept "in the dark" about what's happening with all the items. Especially because you are selectively replying to individual comments - you reply to backers who give positive comments and thank you for all your hard work, but you ignore anything else.

      I know you are working very hard to get all your goals accomplished, and I very much appreciate that. I just wish you could take a little time to keep us all fully informed.


    27. Creator Michael Sprague on December 31

      Still NOTHING.... Bill just come out and tell us that we are waiting for NOTHING... that there is no more. You took our money, gave some people a part of a product... and did nothing. Then you convinced a whole OTHER group of people to give you MORE money, and gave them NOTHING. I've read your "updates" on the other project, they sound like the same slop you were spewing here. Honestly, for anyone who backed the other project without reading how this one went, shame on them.

      You may have started this whole thing with the best intentions, but that's as far as I'll ever give you, you've become nothing more than a snake oil salesman - and you haven't done anything that says otherwise. You have treated all your customers with the utmost disrespect.

      As for @donatos suggesting that @thomas Martin has a good approach, good luck with that. It was already promised that things would be upfront, consistent and transparent. But Bill has a different definition to those things than the rest of the world.

      I find it ironic that next to the button I am about to hit, to post this, it says "Be respectful and considerate" - maybe the reason Bill doesn't update is because he hasn't been or could do either.

    28. Creator Donatos Aphael on December 26

      Hope all turn out Ok for Bill, the project has been delayed quite a bit, however the suggestion made by Thomas Martin on the other campaign is quite good.

    29. Creator Brad Andrews on December 22

      At least this wasn't the Up Front Kickstarter....

    30. Creator Michael Sprague on December 21

      Looks like we've gone to radio silence, again. ... we should be seeing finished products by now, based on his most recent time lines. ...

    31. Creator Joel Helzer on December 20

      So no fulfillment by Christmas I take it?

    32. Creator John Drinkwater on December 9

      It appears Bill may well not have his Mayfair license renewed ... Mayfair are not happy he hasn't delivered on product and he apparently has outstanding owing on license fees.

      Not looking good.

      If we are to believe Bill, he will still deliver product eventually. Here's hoping.

    33. Creator MannyLaMancha on December 5

      I understand there are unfilled orders for this project, but why are updates being posted just here and not on your more recent Seafarer/Bag/Box project? You may want to check in over there - the natives are growing restless.

    34. Creator Michael Yoakam on December 4

      Bill, as John has said below, you need to let us know what is going on with the other KS. Just posting here is not acceptable. People are growing susicious of the situation. I am hoping that this is all a misunderstanding, or poor communication, but my fear is that you do not want to tell us that things are delayed, or you cannot fulfill our orders.

    35. Creator John Drinkwater on December 4

      Glad you are "working" Bill because the lack of respect (or perhaps lack of social awareness) for those in your followup KS who actually enabled you capacity to fulfill this project is patently obvious.

    36. Creator Joel Helzer on November 29

      Any update on the RCH Bill? Still looking for my 2 sets to come by Christmas?

    37. Creator Bill Trammel on November 25, 2014

      Shawn, I'm working. If there's one thing I hope I've demonstrated in the past two years it's a commitment to fulfill everyone's rewards completely, regardless of how much money and time it costs. I'm going to pick up one of the Seafarers mold plate tomorrow from a gun driller in Santa Clara, and the other plate side is being fitted at Next Intent with all the machined inserts needed to make the hooks and holes.

    38. Creator shawn gore on November 25, 2014

      Well its now been a month since anyone heard from Bill. The lack of communication is unacceptable and unprofessional. If this is how both Bill Trammel and Mayfair wish to conduct business I'll stay away.

    39. Creator Jimmy Hudson on November 7, 2014

      Crazy to think this project was funded almost two years ago. Just shows you how complicated and drawn out it is to finish a kickstarter. Especially this one which took on so much at once. I love my board and can't wait for the card holders.

    40. Creator PadmesLover on November 7, 2014

      But I agree, monthly updates, would be good til the project is done or fails. Check out Xia, Cody Miller did weekly updates!!!

    41. Creator PadmesLover on November 7, 2014

      I'm hopeful that Mr. Trammel will deliver

    42. Creator PadmesLover on November 7, 2014

      to be fair when you contribute to a kickstarter you may never receive anything promised. You are donating to launch someones dream. I am enjoying my SoC board, and hope to receive my card holder and Seafarers board. Just have to be patient. I have only recieved four kickstarters on time so far. I assume the hang up now is Mayfair wants a kickback now the project initially succeeded and they are selling to Target.

    43. Creator Michael R. on October 24, 2014

      @Roger: I too received my board, and am waiting on 4 card holders! I paid extra for more holders, as well as extra shipping since I'm not in the US. It's sad that it's taken so long, and yet we still don't have the card holders.... card holders I'm not even sure I want anymore since the design was changed after the project was funded. They don't even have the side profile of the Cities anymore :( The card holders look so generic now.

    44. Creator Roger D Petrey on October 23, 2014

      This is November 2014 and this project was funded 2 years ago. However, I still do not have the two card holders I funded. I guess I should feel fortunate I actually received a Catan board.

    45. Creator Katherine Gualtieri on October 22, 2014

      I never would have thought that two years later this Kickstarter still wouldn't have been fulfilled. :(

    46. Creator Michael Sprague on October 21, 2014

      The reality is he IS ignoring us! I'm tired of hearing the "difficult discussion" excuse... He mismanaged the project, turned around and did it a second time. It's time to start refunding.

    47. Creator Jacob Landis on October 18, 2014

      Wanted to let you guys know that I tweeted at Bill about a week ago to let him know people were wondering where he is and here's his response. Figured you guys would want an update!

      "@trammel: thank you Jake. I’m not ignoring them, we are in the middle of some difficult discussions with our licensors. Will update soon."

    48. Creator Michael Sprague on October 17, 2014


    49. Creator Michael R. on October 13, 2014

      If you look at Bill's profile, you can see that he logged into Kickstarter as recently as yesterday. It's sad to know that he is obviously keeping up-to-date with these comments, and that he is choosing to stay quiet about any progress that he might be making. He hasn't posted anything here, on his other Kickstarter, on Facebook, or on Twitter in a very long time.

      Bill, assuming you're still alive and it really is you logging into Kickstarter, can you please take 10-15 minutes of your time and post an update? Thank you.

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