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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
5,331 backers pledged $361,030 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Josh Helton 5 days ago

      Promises to update more frequently; nothing for two weeks. Keep it classy, Bill.

    2. Joseph Stark on May 5

      Bill so once this magical missing shipment to Amazon is found - how many of them need to be sold before you have enough money to start the Seafarers boards? Also any thought or guarantee that the folks from THIS (the first) KS can get their stuff before the other one? I backed both - but at least try and finish up ONE of the two KS!

    3. Eagle-Man on May 4

      Reska: there was an error with the BackerKit setup. Contact BackerKit to get it straightened out. I think they added a special question to the survey later to take care of this.

    4. Josh Helton on May 4

      Seems Bill wa lying here two months ago when he told me the manufacturing had begun. I'm guessing he sent out the BackerKit surveys again to try and distract us, give us false hope that we were going to actually receive something.

    5. Missing avatar

      Reska on May 4

      So, I pledged an extra $10 all that time ago for a RCH. I was told during the most recent BackerKit that I wouldn't be paying extra. So why was I charged $24 for the RCH and shipping?

    6. Steve on May 4

      I have not commented before on this project. I just thought you should know that this project has taken so long that I do not even play Catan anymore.

    7. Michael Sprague on May 4

      BILL where are we at? I have received TWO requests to update my STILL THE SAME PLEDGE AND ADDRESS as THREE YEARS AGO... and nothing is being shown as happening... Are the Seafarer boards even being made, yet?

    8. Josh Helton on April 28

      Prediction: next update will tell us that production has *finally* begun despite telling us it already has multiple times now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shon on April 21

      I was charged an additional $86 ???? Totally confused. Pledged $110 for two sets of RCH and the 5/6 Player Seafarers set.

      Emailed Bill but haven't heard back ):

    10. Missing avatar

      Jen Rogers on April 20


    11. Missing avatar

      Jen Rogers on April 20

      I complete the survey when it first came out and got it again. From what I can tell, they added a question on two on the front end (extra RH on original bid?) and since I answered before it, my survey response was now incomplete.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jen Warren on April 19

      I got my resource card holders ages ago, why do I keep getting BackerKit emails?

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael R. on April 19

      @karstil, the regular boards were sent out at the end of 2013. You should have received one at that time.

    14. Missing avatar

      karstil on April 19

      I got also a backerkit email.
      I checked and backerkit says I'm getting resource card holders and one 5-6 player seafarers board.
      My pledge level is 100$ which means I should get the 5-6 player non-seafarers board as well, or am I wrong?

    15. Missing avatar

      Keith Hall on April 19

      Three years late & they've the nerve to charge $40 to post it too me. Like a idiot I've paid it.

    16. Josh Helton on April 19

      Is there a reason I got an email to finish my survey when I did so in the beginning of March? I double checked and got confirmation it was submitted on March 4th.

    17. Graham Williams on April 18

      I'm owed some card banks - three of them, and you want $40 shipping? Bill I've been good with things thus far but you're pushing your luck here.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jay Collins on April 13

      Your estimated delivery was June 2013. It is now April 2016. You have still not fulfilled this Kickstarter. Wow, well keep up with those updates. I can't believe you actually got me to pay an extra $4 for you to complete my order going on 3 years late. I am a complete idiot. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

    19. Josh Helton on April 6

      On March 24, Update #103, he says "Production will be beginning soon." Yet on March 5th he said it had already begun. Which is it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Glen Howard on March 28

      @Jason L thank you. I went through some old updates and found one which had a link to the backer kit support. My issue has now been resolved and only being charged the $20 to Canada now. Phew.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason L on March 28

      @Glen, I believe Bill is referring to BackerKit when he's talking about support tickets. I think you might search their website for a support e-mail address.

    22. Missing avatar

      Glen Howard on March 27

      Sorry that last post should not have posted just yet. I was trying to say:

      I sent a PM to Bill but is there some where else I should be raising a ticket?

    23. Missing avatar

      Glen Howard on March 27

      Can someone please tell me how to raise a ticket? As mentioned in the latest update as Backer Kit is trying to over charge me $60.

      I sent a PN

    24. Missing avatar

      Glen Howard on March 27

      @Michael R well that gives me some hope it's just an error that needs to be resolved for me. Thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael R. on March 25

      @Glen Howard and @Jeff Slater, I'm Canadian and at the $100 level with $120 paid. My Backerkit shows two preincluded items:
      - pledge level: $100
      - pledge level shipping - Canada: $20

      It's not trying to charge me any extra shipping.

    26. Missing avatar

      Glen Howard on March 25

      @Jeff Slager we ordered the $100 board but paid $120 at the time to cover the $20 shipping now to post to Calgary it wants an extra $60 so a total of $80 shipping - unbelievable.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tasos Georgatis on March 20

      ok, after 3 and a half years this guy comew and asks me for 30$ more to send me this stuff...I DONT want it anymore my friend, give me a link to ask for refund and stop asking money just to send me nothing...

    28. Nathan Greco on March 16

      @Andrew Asdell: I also started at the 35 early bird. Send backerkit a ticket regarding the seafarers board cost. They manually changed mine from 100 down to the level in the kickstarter. It took a few days for them to get back to me, but hopefully they'll fix it for you.

    29. Girard Quicho on March 16

      Has anyone been able to successfully receive a refund for anything you backed? I'm trying to get one for the RCH since this thing has just been a huge and long mess. Plus, I honestly don't play Catan anymore. I sent Bill a message a few days ago requesting a refund, but unsurprisingly have not received a reply.

    30. Andrew Asdell on March 16

      I started out pledging $35 for the Early Bird 5-6 player Board.

      Then, before the campaign ended, I upped it to the $100 package to include 5-6 player Seafarers.

      Then I also added an extra $30 for Resource Card Holders.

      Now with Backer Kit, it's deducted my $35 for my original 5-6 player board, and then I got 3 RCH sets for $30 total, which leaves me with a $65 credit.

      How am I to get the Seafarers board with that credit, since it's now apparently $100 on its own?

    31. Nathan Benner on March 13

      Okay, reporting since the latest survey update. My remaining pledge is the seafarer board and a total of two RCH sets... the campaign itself offered 1 of each, then my extra $10 for the second RCH. The only downside to the process is that after I added my card, even after removing the $17 + 7 RCH from my cart to go answer the question, it kept adding one of them to my pledge every time I would go answer the extra question. Had to struggle with it a few times before it finally reported properly as me owing nothing and getting the second RCH as per the kickstarter addon pricing.

      Long story short, it seemed to work with a couple minor hiccups.

    32. Missing avatar

      Shahzad Farooqui on March 12

      So the $65 i pledge for the 5-6 Seafarer board is just the same thing as the $100 add-on ultimate hex board? Just more pieces?

    33. John Drinkwater on March 12

      Sorry about the auto correct on your name Shahzad.

    34. John Drinkwater on March 12

      Shazam, no difference. Bill's Licence from Mayfair was not renewed (reason unclear) and so Bill is not currently permitted to call his boards Catan boards. He is in negotiation with new owners of the English version Catan but until such time as he gets a new official Licence Bill cannot use the word Catan in his product line.

    35. Missing avatar

      Shahzad Farooqui on March 12

      I'm sorry if this has been answered before but can someone explain to be what the difference between the 5-6 Seafarer board and the Ultimate Hex board is?

    36. Jeff Slager on March 12

      I'm looking for any other Canadian $100 supporters who were to receive the full 5-6 player package (base and seafarers boards). My backer kit is saying that I still need to pay the $20 international shipping, which was paid initially as I've received the 5-6 player base game board. Has any other Canadian buyers experienced this?

    37. Missing avatar

      DustMan on March 11

      I would suggest looking at your backer kit surveys again. I just opened it up to check if I got the adjustment, and saw that they added a question at the beginning asking if you pledged extra for the card banks (with options for 0,1,2 or 3 card banks). Once I answered that question, it recalculated my total, and added the card banks as a "Pledge Upgrade" at $10 per.

    38. Jeffery.yelton on March 10

      I'm with you Michael...if it can be fixed "after" can be fixed "before". The whole concept of "trust me...I won't charge you", well good luck unraveling that nightmare if we get another "whoopsie" email/update.
      What is "completely unnecessary" is expecting the continued foul ups that we, the faithful backers, are expected to shoulder the risk on.
      I'm simply going to wait for it to be corrected, or count myself as being robbed of the RCH fee that I already paid if I never see my card holders, it really is that simple.
      He has my address as he sent me my board already, he knows I paid as he "cashed my check" (so to speak) a long time ago, simply send me my product so we can both put this horrible mess behind us.

    39. Christopher Green on March 10

      @Michael R. That sort of fear mongering is completely unnecessary.

    40. John Drinkwater on March 10

      My understanding is that credit cards are not charged until the BackerKit closes. This will not happen until Bill tidies up the BackerKit data.

      If people are getting charged as soon as they fill in BackerKit surveys and orders they should report here so we know and I can be corrected.

      Otherwise worse case is that Bill has a lot more work to do (more than he should have but that is another conversation) before BackerKit closes and credit cards are charged.

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael R. on March 10

      @Nathan, I think you had it right the first time when you said you would "hold off" on the add-ons until the credits are fixed in Backerkit. I have a very low confidence that it will be "fixed" in time. I have this suspicious feeling that all you people who are providing their credit card information are going to end up getting their cards charged. Good luck!

    42. Nathan Benner on March 10

      @Christopher Thanks... I'll do that.

    43. Christopher Green on March 9

      @Nathan Follow the entire process -- including "paying" the extra money. You won't actually be paying for anything, however, as nothing gets charged until BackerKit closes. At which point, the error will have been fixed and your balance will be $0.

    44. Nathan Benner on March 9

      Bill, thanks for your hard work... waiting to hear more about the backerkit issue as - like many others - I tossed in the extra 10 for the [in my case] additional set of RCH and am seeing the $17 price when I go in to finalize things. Hopefully you are able to get that resolved soon... until then, I'm holding off on finalizing this campaign... let us know when you know more! Thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      James Dempsey on March 8

      I think some of us, including myself own Bill an apology. Bill you forged on to fulfill these pledges, sorry for the negativity I threw at you from time to time. My hat is off to you Good Sir.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael R. on March 8

      I still don't understand why international backers at the $100 complete package level aren't getting the cards holders. I know you've said that it's because shipping is high, but last time we heard about the boxes for the seafarers board it had space for four card banks in it! Why can't international backers get their card holders in the seafarers box when they are finally sent out???

    47. Jeffery.yelton on March 8

      So I guess I'm still confused. I see some people saying they are getting their RCH as expected, at no additional cost (sorry to you international supporters), however when I try to apply my "$10.00 credit" to get the item, I'm still charged 17$ +7$, then -10$ (my credit), for a grand total of me owing $14.00 for the item I believe I've already paid for.

      The last update almost sounds like they're addressing these issues one at a time, so does this mean we won't have our issue resolved unless we send an email through the backer kit? I have been waiting, assuming they would be resolved en masse, but it sounds like this may not be the case?

      For those that have been able to get their RCH order processed as expected (ie, at no additional charge), did the backerkit site just suddenly start working for you, or did you have to send an email directly through their "help" function?

    48. Endlessness on March 8

      I would also love to know when this well get fixed, and if we need to do anything on our end?

    49. Jeremy A Earl on March 7

      I got a backer kit stating I had my pledge level + $40 to fulfill.....That was my pledge for the two six player boards I already received more than a year ago.

      This news is....troubling for the state of the current project.

    50. Ryan on March 6

      I'd like to know as well. My backer kit still says I'll have to pay $17 to get my one set of card holders.

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