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The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
The Settlers of Catan board we've all been waiting for. Portable, affordable, and true to Catan craftsmanship.
5,331 backers pledged $361,030 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Josh Helton 7 days ago

      I've named my robber Bill. His infamy will live on forever.

    2. Steve Creech on April 18

      So this project is officially dead with no chance of fulfilling remaining orders?

    3. Missing avatar

      Shahzad Farooqui on April 16

      @Christopher Green

      If it makes you feel better, I did put money in at the last day but haven't heard a response from them saying they acknowledge receipt or any type of status.

    4. Christopher Green on April 14

      We're past the deadline. That is my fault. But is there any way it's possible to still get in on this? Is anyone in contact with the business that has taken over this Kickstarter?

    5. Donatos Aphael on April 2

      This was my first Kickstarter backing, to think that I trusted this fool who not only did he screw up people here but on the other campaign as well. Billy boy, life will come and bite you in the @$$ someday, hope you remember all the people you cheated.
      Guess I'll have to make my own Seafarer's board using your ideas from the original one, good to have a 3D printer.

    6. Shawn Kirkham on March 18

      Bill, I'm extremely disappointed in how you handeled this situation!!!! I gave you $100 dollars of my money and all I got was the 3-4 players Catan Board!!!! I was supposed to get the Seaferers and Card Holders, and now you want more money to ship these to me? Are you freaking kidding me? You have disappointed us all, and one day God will Judge you, not me! Hope you enjoy HOT areas because where you are going is not Paradise!

      Kickstarter ADMIN's y'all need to make this right for all of us!!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Monique Dwyer on March 17

      Sorry to hear of the demise of the company and that your health has suffered as a result of the stresses of your efforts. Thanks for the opportunity to still aquire the 5-6 Seafarers board. I wish you good luck in your future and as previously stated, if you ever find yourself near St. Albans, Hertfordshire UK and there will be a friendly cup of coffee and a game of Catan waiting.

    8. Josh Helton on March 12

      From Bob Schrempp about 15 hours ago on the other KS:

      "If someone could please cross post this to the other KS.
      I sent Sybill an email and asked about CCI and her relationship with CCI and Bill. This is her response.
      Central Coast Innovations ("CCI") was the LLC formed by Bill and his previous partner around the time of the first KS. At one point the other partner chose not to be involved any longer, and Unibox (which I am 100% owner) agreed to "invest" in the project by charging cost only on all injection-molded production with the absence of profit to be in exchange for the available 50% of CCI with hopes of recouping future profit through mass production after all KS pledges were fulfilled. Sadly, this scenario did not play out and CCI operated at a loss for several years. When I could see the writing on the wall that the KS items may never be completed, the royalty agreement with Mayfair was not renewed, and the chance to earn a profit through that investment in the future was unrealistic, I chose to walk away from CCI, and assume a more typical vendor-customer relationship with Bill/CCI by charging a minimal profit on the Hex Boards production as well as charging rent for the significant storage of KS materials at the Unibox warehouse. I have never received compensation for my involvement as an "investor" of CCI and never will as it is now defunct. Unibox continued to produce Hex Boards in an attempt to help boost the fundraising efforts toward the completion of the outstanding KS pledges, but without available funds, we simply had to pull the plug on production. With no available cash, no inventory to sell, and a significant debt to Unibox, Bill decided to close CCI for good. The molds and other materials were in the possession of Unibox, and therefore would not be released to Bill without satisfying the outstanding debt. As a supporter of this project from early on, I felt that it would be the right thing to do to offer the backers the option of having Unibox complete what we could for the minimum cost possible. That is what was included in Bill's final update and I am committed to following through on that offer. I hope that sheds some more light on the situation. Bill and I have no current affiliation besides being "friends" on social media. We have cut our ties amicably and now Unibox is attempting to offer a solution to the backers as an alternative to receiving nothing, before moving on to future production of the plastic products for sale to the public.
      Thank you for seeking to understand rather than jumping to conclusions. :)
      Sybill Haley
      Unibox Enclosures"

    9. Tim Lopez on March 10…

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      There was deception over the BackerKit (which took about a year in itself). He gave everyone the impression things were ready to ship and solicited more money from people for things that were "complete". Some people paid more. I paid for another set of Resource Card Holders. I guess that photo of him holding the sign saying "Thanks for Believing in Me" was supposed to make us feel like this was coming to a close. He was playing on people's empathy.

      Make no mistake - he mislead us many times, took payment, and is now running away. This was a scam. There's no doubt that he paid himself some of the money he received. Some things were produced, but not everything was delivered. He embezzled money that should have been budgeted towards creating and fulfilling the products. If he wasn't taking the money for himself, he was off creating other things, like Bags no one ever asked for. He was banking on future sales to be able to pay off his debt to us. He simply ran out of money because he irresponsibly spent it on himself or on other useless things.

      He has an obligation according to Kickstarter to refund or to fulfill. We have legal options if neither happen.

    10. Nathan Edward Williams on March 10

      Well, that sucks. I guess when the company folds we're SOL. That money is gone. Since I doubt my bank would refund anything from 4 1/2 years ago, my options would seem to be to either lose the $85 I pledged originally and receive nothing, or pay $63 more to get it all. I still really want that Seafarer's board, so I choose the second option. At the very least, if it doesn't get fulfilled in the next few months, I can dispute the charge and get THAT money back.

    11. Ze'Manel Cunha on March 10

      Basically we've been played in a Pyramid scheme, rather frustrating...

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Kain on March 10

      Its one thing to not deliver on the initial project but to charge additional money on the backerkit which was supposed to get us what was owed and then still not deliver and now ask for additional funds to deliver again is ridiculous.

      We should have the option to get a refund or use our backerkit pledge towards fulfilling this "final" charge to get our goods. Seems like Bill took our money and ran.

    13. Patrick B. on March 10

      At this point, anyone that sends you more money should not be surprised when they receiving absolutely nothing in return. Sounds like another scam to try and triple dip into your victim's wallets.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Thorgrimson on March 10

      Hmm, thought I could edit my comment, but oh well.
      Just checked my emails, I an referring to the second backerkit that was sent to confirm addresses and order additional product on 3/4/2016.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Thorgrimson on March 10

      I think many of us understand that this is the risk of Kickstarter at times, but what about the backerkit update Tramel sent in late 2015/early 2016, where the RCHs were nearly ready or actually done, and we had the opportunity to order additional product?
      And now he claims that the RCHs physically exist, just need to pay more on top of the original Kickstarter pledge PLUS the second backerkit and then we might get the RCHs in our hands?
      I'm sorry, but does collecting the funds from the second backerkit and not delivering product count as fraud?

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Mays on March 10

      @ Eric do you know how paypal buyer protection works with this latest update?

    17. Dustin Clays on March 10

      I think I'm done giving. Another $13 for the card banks....not sure I want to keep funding this pig.

    18. Eric Lam on March 10

      Very unfortunate that this Kickstarter ended in failure: it was the first I ever supported and I'm sad to see how it ended.

      All I can say to Bill is take care, get better, and hopefully you have learned from this experience.

      For everyone that is complaining, keep in mind that this was a Kickstarter and not a guaranteed product. Startup companies fail all the time and it is no surprise to experience failure occasionally. I'm personally out $280 ($100 from the original campaign, $100 for the bag, and now $80 for physically making the board and shipping the bag and board) but the way I see it, it was an investment that didn't pan out.

      Finally, to everyone who is appalled by the wood manufacturer's decision to destroy their inventory: getting in bed with a large corporate entity is not trivial and is extremely risky. Given the amount of control Catan studios wanted, it could have gotten to the point where the manufacturer would be LOSING money for every board they sold (A good example of this is what happened between Rubbermaid and Wal-Mart). Rather than agreeing to what sounds like very unfavorable terms, the manufacturer decided to wipe their hands clean of all this. It sucks as much for them as it does for us because they obviously lost money too (labor, material, and storage costs) but if it could potentially lead to them getting sued and/or bankrupted, it was a sound decision. Please keep this in mind before lambasting them.

    19. Brie Henri on March 10

      I can't say I'm not frustrated by the latest update. After having given more and more money into the project which so willing took we still don't have the rewards.

      I think it's a bit rich that he's asking us to give more still. I can't trust him enough with my money to believe that I would get anything out of it. Which is a damn shame, especially after giving and extra half of my original pledge for nothing.

    20. Missing avatar

      HairyScottish Weresheep of Swede Slaying on March 10

      I backed this because of the warping issues of Catan 4th Edition. The extra money I already gave is now wasted as well, when I could have just bought 5th edition. If I'd just done that I'd have an updated working game for less money spent.

    21. Jay Hill on March 10

      crap, so the bags are sitting somewhere and now he wants us to throw more money out there to receive it. i already did that once and i got screwed. somewhere in China at a market somewhere, there will be hundreds of already paid for bags being sold a second time for basically nothing. wow, thanks Bill, but i think i'll just go get a duffel bag.

    22. Missing avatar

      steve emery on March 10

      Is anyone going to take the offer of throwing more money at this to get the item...??... if the shipping charge to the UK was better I'd be tempted, it's a shame not to use the mold now it's been sorted...

    23. Mark Stang on March 10

      This sucks all around. I was lucky enough to get my 5-6 player board in the initial Kickstarter. And it's great. And they fulfilled a ton of orders. I don't think they ever were trying to scam people. In fact I think Bill really, really wanted to get this done. Even to the extent of using a 2nd Kickstarter's funds to try to fulfill the first. (not a good idea) He's been trying for years.

      However, for those who are now not receiving their products I fully understand their frustration. It really sucks to be told over and over for years that their paid for stuff is coming, and coming soon,and it never arrives. For all involved, it probably would have been better if Bill had just shut down when he ran out of money during the first Kickstarter. Then there would have been only one broken promise, instead of dozens, and everyone who didn't get their stuff would be over it by now, instead of years of frustration, and we all would have said "Kickstarter is not a guaranteed pre-order system, some of them fail" and we would all have moved on.

      I don't believe Bill is a liar, or a thief, or a scam artist. I've seen plenty of Kickstarters that delivered far less, with far more funding, and no effort to make it right. My belief is simply that Bill got in over his head, and in effort to dig himself out, just kept digging deeper. And he didn't know when to stop.

      Maybe if I had not received my board I would feel differently, but I think, in the end, this shows one of the flaws of the Kickstarter model. Businesses, even those with the best of intentions, fail. Kickstarter, because it allows businesses to solicit money up front, allows people to lose money when businesses fail. It's an interesting, incredible platform to do amazing things, but it is not risk free, as this project so clearly shows.

    24. David Larson on March 10

      I feel bad for those of you who've waited this long to be told you're getting nothing for your money.

    25. Timothy Lim on March 10

      It all over. Doubt we will be getting anything from him.

    26. Michael Sprague
      on March 10

      He is a liar and a thief

    27. Missing avatar

      Gary Sparks
      on March 10

      It looks like it is all over at this point. Sorry to see how it ended. I am glad I got my 5 to 6 player board before it all blew up. A new business can be very difficult and unlike some other Kickstater projects I believe they gave it their best effort but the obstacles were just to much to overcome.

    28. Michael Sprague
      on March 7

      Which Monday? Apparently not this one....

    29. Christopher Green on March 2

      From Bill's Twitter:

      @car_tag @ChicagoBurdman @kickstarter @catan @kwiens @iFixit update coming Monday

    30. Michael Sprague
      on February 21

      @Jimmy - There's never going to be an update - he last logged in January 31st.... as per usual, didn't have anything to say and won't.... check back in April, that's when he scheduled the next excuse.

    31. Jimmy Hudson on February 20

      Any updates on the RCHs? Thanks.

    32. Donatos Aphael on January 29

      This is/was my first Kickstarter... Now I'm just hoping that Bill will be able to deliver the Seafarers board and RCH sometime this summer at the latest!

    33. Kody Christoffer
      on January 24

      Wow, was digging through my oldest Kickstarters looking for not received ones and found this. I backed this project in November 2012. Over 4 years ago, wow. I back for the seafairs board and an RCH. Have yet to receive either (which seems to be a common story), but it was pretty fun to go to a friends house who bought the same board on Amazon.... Yup, pretty cool.

    34. Missing avatar

      Richard Osterhout
      on January 19

      stupid question probably, but does anyone know if there is a legal recourse we can take? can we sue Trammel? do we file a complaint with KS? i know, i know - try to contain your laughter...

    35. Missing avatar

      Jerierex on January 18

      @J0KERtm of 2019 :P

    36. J0KERtm on January 14

      "There will be another update on this near the end of October."

    37. Michael Sprague
      on January 5

      I doubt he has had any genuine offers to buy, he likes to paint himself as being something he's not... It wouldn't take long for any savvy company to see through his bull, Mayfair certainly did.... although, I'm sure he blames the backers for this failure (not himself)

    38. Missing avatar

      Brad Andrews
      on December 27

      I heard he was holding out for a bit too much and was a bit rough to deal with. That fits the behavior I have seen in both campaigns.

      I just hope and pray he and they work something out.

    39. Josh Helton on December 27

      He replied to me on Twitter that he's having issues selling because "Kickstarter liability was too risky."

    40. Missing avatar

      Brad Andrews
      on December 27

      I suspect he could sell his company rather quickly if he was more flexible and realistic of its value.

    41. J0KERtm on December 22

      Fun Fact: All the items from this Kickstarter were intended as a Christmas gift. Now it's just a reminder of an unfulfilled promise.

    42. Josh Helton on December 18

      Not at all. I'm thinking the next update will say something about how he can't deal with the negativity (read: expecting him to actually be held accountable for something for once) and that he's taking a six month hiatus to try to sell his company again and let somebody else deal with the shitshow this has become.

    43. Michael Sprague
      on December 17

      @josh - you expected him to say something worth hearing?

    44. Josh Helton on December 5

      Still nothing.

    45. Missing avatar

      James M on November 22

      Does anyone live anywhere near San Luis Obispo? If so, have you tried swinging by their office and just asking for your RCH and/or bag? According to the CA Sec of State, they are at:

      SAN LUIS OBISPO CA 93401

    46. Josh Helton on November 10

      Time for the monthly "pesky backer" tweet asking @trammel for an update on my Seafarers board.

    47. Josh Helton on November 8

      Breaking News: Unexpected expenses have caused RCH to not ship until Q1 2017. Next update in late December.

    48. Michael Sprague
      on November 3

      I thought I'd check in and see if Mr Trammel might have left a little excuse here.... Everyone knows thieves like to visit the scene of their crimes.... I did notice he last logged in on 10/27.....

    49. Josh Helton on October 28, 2016

      I wonder how long he expects us to buy the "unexpected expenses" like that he's been using for the better part of a year now.

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