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ZOOKA™ - Wireless Speaker for your iPad, iPhone & iPod's video poster

Silicone Bluetooth speaker for your tablet, smart phone, laptop or media player. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 19, 2012.

Silicone Bluetooth speaker for your tablet, smart phone, laptop or media player.

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CORE 77 - Zooka bluetooth speaker set a new standard for iPad audio

UNCRATE -  this slim-line sound tube sports a rechargeable battery, speakers on either end, and a silicone exterior that provides great grip while managing to not scratch whatever you've put it on, whether it be an iPad, phone, or even laptop.

JANET JACKSON  -  Janet periodically shares her latest picks and favorites in select categories, Zooka is #1 in her technology picks !

designbooma truly portable sound solution for tablets, smartphones, and even laptops and computers.

thrillist - Zooka packs high-quality audio in a low-profile bar-like design that slides onto the edge of your device (while leaving any cameras open for use), and is built from rugged, medical-grade silicone, just like Heidi Montag's career.

apartment therapy - Made of medical grade silicon the device can take a beating and it's minimal buttons make use dead simple.

design milk - 8 hours of usage from the rechargeable lithium ion batteries making it super convenient to take with you anywhere. It’s made of medical grade silicone making it long lasting and soft so it won’t scratch your device.

TUAW - Gadzooks! Zooka's wireless speaker bar is a hit on Kickstarter

Cnet - I'm not sure why adding a bit of glow-in-the-dark makes everything so much better. Kittens? They're OK. Glow-in-the-dark kittens? Awesome! iPad speaker? Meh. Glow-in-the-dark iPad speaker? Cool!

hypebeast -  portability of a tablet and high quality sound at the forefront of its design.

mocoloco - The Zooka is portable, durable and doubles as a grip - a simple design that lets it clip on to the bezel of the iPad or any other tablet, and uses Bluetooth connectivity to receive audio for wireless playback through its stereo speakers.

cultofmac  has speakers firing out of either end, can either slide on top the top of your MacBook’s screen like a very wide clothespin, or you can slip it onto the iPad whereupon it also acts as a prop, wedging it up at a good typing angle

trend hunter blends in with the existing tablet and smartphone designs as seamlessly as possible. Essentially, it slips on the top of the device to amplify sounds

PCmag - stylish speaker that slides onto the side of the iPad, providing five times the amount of sound as the small, inboard speakers

mobilemag - And no, it’s not just for iDevices. The Zooka can pair up with any other smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.

cool material - Seeing as how the iPad is a device for the go, tying it down with wires or 30 feet ranges, kinda kills the purpose. For better audio from a speaker that travels with your iPad, there’s Zooka.

geekygadgets -  Oh I soo want one of these!

slamxhype - designed to clip onto your iPad and make for a seamless connection to your music experience

digg - Ideal gadget for your iPad and iPhone

nothingbuttablets - Looks perfect for all those situations where you want better sound but not the hassle of external speakers being awkwardly hooked up with a cable.

gadgetmac - This speaker has all the right ideas to become a hot product we see at Apple stores.

astaire -  much-needed grip for those rather slippery tablets, It even acts as a prop for your tablet.  

technabob - Here’s a way to improve your sound without lugging around something that’s too heavy. The Zooka portable speaker  might be the perfect solution for tablet-wielding road warriors.

elmanco - Mi ha favorevolmente impressionato lo speaker Zooka perché è una soluzione pratica e versatile 

feeldesain - The wireless revolution 


The Zooka Bluetooth Speaker has been created with the portability of a tablet, and high quality sound at the forefront of its design.

Tablets are made to move, adapt, and flow from one use to another, and "docking" a tablet or trying to turn your tablet into a desktop is limiting and counter intuitive.

So instead we designed Zooka to work with your tablet. It goes where you go, functions with your smart cover, and provides you with 5x the sound of your tiny, in-board speakers.  Made entirely of silicone its simple to slide on any iPad. Design and Utility Patent Pending.

(Product photos courtesy of Neil DaCosta


Zooka wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone, tablet or computer.


If you don’t have a Bluetooth device, no problem, Zooka has a 3.5mm audio input that allows you to plug-in any device without the Bluetooth function.


The design of the Zooka allows it to also fit perfectly on your laptop screen, enabling you to play high quality audio while surfing the web. And the cutout groove makes sure your camera lens doesn't get covered in the process.


The rechargeable lithium ion batteries support  8+ hours of streaming music, movie audio, web and digital content. 

Take Zooka on vacation, to the office, poolside, a picnic, throw it in your back pocket and take it on a hike, take Zooka practically anywhere.


The Zooka can take a beating. The sleeve is made entirely of medical grade silicone, making it both durable and comfortable to the touch. 

The silicone will also not scratch your tablet and will provides an ergonomic and comfortable grip for the lengthy movie or the quick grab and go situation.


As well as being rugged, we've designed Zooka in such a way to allow it to function perfectly without any mechanical or moving parts, thus adding to its portability and the durability of the internal components.

The silicone will also not scratch your tablet and will provide an ergonomic grip for the lengthy movie or the quick grab and go situation.


We are NEW, a design studio in Portland Oregon. We have experience designing quality audio products for large companies for years. One could say that by now that we know what looks good, and sounds even better. With all that knowledge, it's only natural that sometimes we get great ideas of our own, but we just don't have the capital to get them produced. 

Zooka is one of those ideas, and we're really excited about it. So excited, that we've put in almost a year of work to get it this far. Now the rest is in your hands.


To date Zooka has been self funded and looking for your help to make the final push into production. Your contribution will help us with development costs and injection moulding tools.  Tooling is expensive, and many times factories require a very high MOQ (Minimum Quantity Order) which tends to discourage small budget projects. With your help, we are hoping to surpass those obstacles and get Zooka into your hands.

Our factory is confirmed and on schedule to begin tooling March 1, should the funds be received.

With your help we could put a Zooka in your hands by Summer 2012.

Thank You!

**New to Kickstarter?**

For those of you new to kickstarter, it's important to know that if projects do not reach their funding goal, they do not receive any of the funds. Even more reason that we need your help!



The poster will be letterpressed by local Portland printer KeeganMeegan & Co (More info on letterpress can be found in our updates) Each poster will be hand signed by the NEW crew and personalized to each backer. It's the least we can do to say thank you for helping us turn the Zooka into a reality.


The launch party will be held a UNION/PINE, a mixed event space located in the heart of SE Portland. We would love to help celebrate the kick-off of a great product, and thank those who helped make it a reality.

Live music will be performed by Hawkeye ,1776, and 37 Minute Law Degree.

Photos of the space are below



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    Every dollar counts. Be a part of making a cool product for others, spread some good karma. If your dollar helps make this a reality you will be able to buy Zooka online or hopefully someday, at an Apple Store or Best Buy. You also get a personalized Thank you and your name on our website as a backer of this product.

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    You receive a Zooka process poster, showing you how we came up with this idea, including our sketches from our moleskins, reverse engineering, rough models, and final product. You will also get a promo code giving you a percentage off of a future purchase of Zooka !

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    EARLY BIRD PRICE - The first 50 people to back Zooka at the $59 dollar level get one for half the retail price !

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    You are essentially pre-ordering a Zooka ! The $89 price tag is for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign only, so buy them now and save some cash. Choose from a black, grey, blue, green or orange Zooka.

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    **Newly Added** Back Multiple Rewards: Select this level, add the total of the rewards you want, and enter that as pledge amount. For example, if you want two Zookas ,you would enter $178 in the pledge amount (89+89 =178 ) . Or if you just want to add 1 additional Zooka to your existing pledge, upgrade your pledge to this and customize it to your needs. We will email you when funding is complete to reconfirm your order exactly. [USA shipping included, add just one $20 charge total for international shipping]

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    You will receive 1 of the 500 we are making specifically for the Kickstarter campaign, complete with Kickstarter logo and premium packaging !

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    You get a limited edition Kickstarter glow in the dark Zooka PLUS a ticket to our Zooka launch party! The launch party is an invite only event at Union/Pine ( ) featuring performances from 1776 ( ), Hawkeye ( ) and 37 minute law degree !!

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    You get 3 Zooka's of your choice in the standard colors. Buying 3 saves you money, so get some friends together, or buy them as a gift for your favorite people !

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    ZOOKA LAUNCH PARTY PACK #2 You get a limited edition Kickstarter glow in the dark Zooka PLUS a VIP ticket to our Zooka launch party! The VIP ticket includes everything from party pack #1 PLUS free food and drink all night long !

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    FAMILY PACK ! You get all 5 colors of Zooka, or if you want them all the same color we can do that too, of course.

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    You get all 5 Zooka's, VIP tickets to our launch party, and we will purchase round trip plane tickets to fly you and a guest to Portland from anywhere in the continental USA !!

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