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Long-awaited 11th album from folksinger Tracy Grammer, and the first ever to include her moving, poetic, original songs. Help fund it.
Long-awaited 11th album from folksinger Tracy Grammer, and the first ever to include her moving, poetic, original songs. Help fund it.
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10.2.17 Current status

Posted by Tracy Grammer (Creator)

Hello friends!


  • MASTERING   Last week, we finished the mixes and sent them in for the first round of mastering. For those who don't know, mastering is where all the mixed songs are strung together to make the album. Adjustments to EQ, volume, and between-song spaces are made to create a flowing listening experience. It's also where the album is coded for retail so that we can track our waterfalls of downloads and royalties ... right? We weren't entirely satisfied with the results of our mastering last week -- the sounds were a bit off, and the sequence didn't flow as we hoped. Bob Stark and I took a second look at our mixes and have resubmitted them to Airshow for another pass this week. The album should be fully mastered in a few days, which means the music will then be ready for production.
  • ARTWORK  I saw two beautiful pieces of art in a gallery that I hoped to use but despite my outreach via Facebook, the artist's website, and in email, I never got a response. Plan B! We are currently putting together the cover image based on a photo I recently took here in Oregon at Silver Falls; I am hoping to finalize the art within the next 10 days or so. Once I have a master and .pdf artwork ready to go, then YOU get your downloads. Yahoo!
  • ALBUM NAME: At long last, we have a name, inspired by cycles of conflict and resolution, union and separation, exposure and concealment, destruction and repair. I'm calling the album LOW TIDE.

We have just had our first round of CD celebration concerts without the actual CD ... a bit awkward, but it's getting done and it won't be long now, and in general, people seem okay with waiting (thankfully!). I'm headed to a regional Folk Alliance conference this weekend to speak on panels and showcase the new songs, and then on October 12, I begin the trek south, with shows in Redding, Mendocino, Los Gatos, Encintas, and Phoenix. This has been a whirlwind, getting this done on the fly with the kitty in tow, no less, but it's coming together beautifully, and I can't wait to share it with you. Soon, soon! THANK YOU.


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    1. Tracy Grammer Creator on

      @Roland Cyr: They should be on sale now…

    2. Roland Cyr on

      ....and we're in! woo-hoo! #:)# 12/15 yea.

    3. Roland Cyr on

      Tracy - any idea when the tix for the Parlor Room will go on sale? Our friends in Greenfield are trying to arrange a get-together....

    4. Roland Cyr on

      Sounds great Tracy; thanks for the update! (Don't forget the CDText for us old fogeys! lol...)
      Hope to see you at the Parlor Room on 12/15. :)

    5. Valerie Blaha on

      Thanks for the update! And can't wait to see you at FAR-West this weekend!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Barbara Winters on

      So exciting! Low the title. I've always loved low tide because so many more of nature's gifts appear to be discovered. So excited to hear "Low Tide"!
      Barb Winters

    7. Missing avatar

      Clytia Fuller on

      I love the title. When I think of Low Tide I think of revealing things I didn't necessarily know were there.