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Pledge $10 and get to vote live/online in a dramatic, democratic ask-the audience game-show at COP15 where the audience decide how to spend the money.

We're starting a pyramid scheme to save the planet.

Pledge $10, and you get to vote online in a live, streamed game-show at the Climate Forum in Copenhagen on 18th December!

You can start by proposing ideas on Facebook, or if you prefer, you can add ideas via Uservoice. The top ideas will go through to the final show.

Imagination and the amount of money raised are the only limits to what can be achieved. So please invite more people, more ideas and more cash! Spread it on Facebook, twitter, myspace, digg, or,


Where/when is the live show taking place?

The show is at 7pm Copenhagen time (10:30am PST / 6pm GMT) at DGI-byen. Details of how to get there are on the Climate Forum website.

How will I connect to the live stream?

For people who have pledged, we will send you a super secret web address closer to the time where you will be able to watch the live stream, join the discussion and, of course, vote!

Why are you doing this?

For a number of reasons. You can see a video of two of us talking about some of those on the rethink climate site.

Why should I get involved?

Because it is going to be a lot of fun! You can get an idea about what the final show will look like by watching this recent video.

How does pledging and payment work?

From the kickstarter guide:

"Amazon processes all pledges. If you have an account it's a snap. if you don't, it's like two snaps. Your card will not be charged now. Pledges are collected at the end of funding only if the funding goal is reached. You can easily adjust or cancel your pledge anytime before funding ends. The People Speak is wholly responsible for completing this project as described. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact The People Speak directly via the "Send Message" button on any project page."

If you're not using any of our money to put the show on, how are you doing this?

We have some amazing partners and friends who are helping us! Aarhus University's Digital Urban Living programme, and Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Tekne Production, and the wonderful Mikrogalleriet in Copenhagen, the Rethink Climate project and the Alexandra Institute, Justin TV and


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    INTERNET VOTER - you get access to our online voting system and a special stream from the live game-show. You also get a commemorative voting card in the post. You get to vote decide what to do with everyone's money!

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    COPENHAGEN VOTER - you get a ticket to vote at the live game-show in Copenhagen on the 18th December 2009! You also get to vote and decide what to do with everyone's money!

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    VOTE SPONSOR - if you pledge $20 or more, you get to invite other people - members of your family, colleagues, friends, or anyone without $10 in their pockets to join in the final game either online or live in Copenhagen. You also get a commemorative card in the post, and the warm feeling of making it possible for skint people to make their voices heard!

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