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Introducing The tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand - electricity from a tea candle. Alladin's lamp had nothing on this...
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Battery Pack Gaining Power

Posted by Richard Harmon (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters,

A quick update to report on the battery pack status. 

The circuit board design has been approved, the first sample production intent boards are being stuffed and we expect to begin bench mark testing within a week or two.

The case design has been completed and we are obtaining quotes now.

My plan is to release tooling purchase orders soon and launch production as soon as we approve sample parts.

I hope to have product to offer to our kickstarter backers in the April/May time frame.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed.


Charging indicator (pulsing)

Press to test charge level indicator

This one is important! PASS THROUGH CHARGING

I will keep you posted on the progress of the battery charger.

Thanks to all of you

Richard Harmon

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    1. Richard Harmon Creator on

      Hello Kickstarters,

      It has been a long while since I have contacted you; I apologize for the long silence.

      We have been working hard on the tPOD1 companion battery pack that we had promised would follow this project. We have expended many hours and thousands of dollars pursuing a solution that would meet the high expectations of our Kickstarter community and our own high standards of quality and performance. Our progress has been slow, and there have been set backs along the way. We have reached a point in the design where we have production submittal parts and have begun testing them with mobile devices.

      We must report that, though the end product works, what we have is not good enough for our customers. We cannot release a product that would disappoint you. The battery pack prototype does indeed accept a charge from the tPOD1 and deliver that charge to a mobile device. However the “end to end” efficiency losses of the circuitry yield little benefit for the time elapsed for the recharge. The product would be received at best with a “ho-hum” and at worst with considerable, justified disappointment.

      We are also developing a second generation tPOD5, and that will deliver a mobile charging solution that will be fast and larger than could be accomplished with the battery pack. The opportunity cost of putting more effort into the tPOD1 battery pack at the expense of slowing the introduction of the tPOD5 simply cannot be justified. There comes a time in many development projects where decision points are reached and you have to ask; “Is the squeeze worth the juice?” At this time, the answer for the battery pack is no. It may be that the answer will be yes in the future. We will continue to work on enhancements of the tPOD1.

      We know that many of you have been anticipating the release of the battery, and that you will be disappointed with this news.We can only ask for your understanding. We have had reports from some of our Kickstarters that they have found commercially available devices that do work with the tPOD1 for charging purposes. We would welcome emails from our Kickstarter community to share those successes and information about how to obtain the relevant products in this thread.

      This is a hard message to deliver, but it is the right thing to do. Please understand our position and appreciate this decision. I would also encourage you to watch for the release of the new and improved tPOD5 product. It will be worth the wait.

      Richard Harmon

    2. Richard Harmon Creator on

      RiverRat T,

      Yes the companion battery pack can be charged by sources other than the tPOD. The input circuit will recognize any source and manage the charge circuit.

    3. Missing avatar

      RiverRat T on

      this may be one of those questions everyone knows the answer to, but can you charge this battery back without the tpod? I would like to be able to charge it from an outlet and take it with me on a long flight/etc. Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      Can't wait to get this on my supported projects list!

    5. antimix on

      Hi, do you plan to release it with a specific new Kickstarter project ?

    6. YoYo-Pete on

      Awesome!! I cant wait to get use out of my TPOD this outdoor season.