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Introducing The tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand - electricity from a tea candle. Alladin's lamp had nothing on this...
1,342 backers pledged $111,697 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks For The Support!

Posted by Richard Harmon (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank those who are posting positive feedback about the tPOD1.  We have passed the halfway mark for our kickstarter pledges and are pushing to complete the orders.  I would like to ask further favors of all of our kickstarter backers: if you like the product tell others about it and send them to our commercial website:

Thanks again for supporting us

P.S. The photo is of a display I put up in our lobby, I am getting teased that I am like a kid with a new toy.

Rich Harmon 

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    1. Matt Porrovecchio on

      Dear Richard,
      Apologies for the terse post, I received my Tpod the very next day after I sent the last message. Awesome device, so impressed. I will be taking it to my Boss to see if the school I work at will consider raising money to buy a bulk order to support a developing school in Kenya that we currently sponsor in a variety of ways. Are you open to the possibility of bulk purchases for charity?


      Matt Porrovecchio

    2. Missing avatar


      Germany / Hannover
      Received my tPod today, too. It's works very well. Thanks you :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jay Bennett on

      Received the tPod today. Looking forward to the next power cut.
      Thanks alot all the way from New Zealand.

    4. Stacey

      Got mine today, thank you. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Nerida Haycock on


      It would be very much appreciated if you would please provide a quick update on where things are at regarding completion of orders. The last update we received was on 19 December 2012, and you said at that time that you were about halfway through the pledged orders.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

    6. Matt Porrovecchio on

      Dear Mr. Harmon,
      I have been very patient (up until now). I have been waiting since your estimated shipping date of August (2012), it is now January 2013 and still no sign of my Tpod! At what point can I expect to receive the product I have already paid for? Seriously, I almost feel like I am being scammed. When can I expect to get what I have paid for?
      Respectfully yours,

      Matt Porrovecchio.

      Please respond to this message ASAP.

    7. Missing avatar

      sweetmilk on

      Dear Mr. Harmon,
      it is now 5 months since the original estimated delivery date; still no tPod received here in Germany...
      Do you care to give us an update about the shipping situation?


    8. Missing avatar

      Valeriy Kartashov on

      Hi, friends!
      I hope that your project continues its successful development. I know that we are waiting for many technological breakthroughs.
      And now I want to know where is a my tPod?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jay D Yong on

      I just received my T-pod1 as well =) was able to test the Light, works great and it still stay lit-up after I blew out the candle until the heat sink starts to cool down. It looks great too! and I just wish I could've pledge more for the tPOD5 =)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ron Me on

      it will be great if anyone from germany let me know when you receive your tpod1. so i could check for letters of german customs control.

    11. Missing avatar

      Walther on

      When you sent the tPOD1 to my Adress in Germany?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason G. on


      It's more of a liability thing. Many people, despite being told otherwise, still think that the tPOD can put out the 2.5 watts that their device requires. Even if a device won't be able to use the power output of the tPOD, it's not likely to cause damage. It's more likely that the device will simply register that it isn't plugged into anything at all.

    13. tom olofsson on

      Your festive display makes me wish I had pledged at a higher level. I would love a t-Pod Christmas tree. I received my t-pod yesterday. It looks great... better than I thought it would be. No time to test it yet. Can't wait.

      What does the warning label on the little manilla envelope mean? Does it mean that I may burn out my iPod if I try to recharge with the t-Pod?