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Introducing The tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand - electricity from a tea candle. Alladin's lamp had nothing on this...
Introducing The tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand - electricity from a tea candle. Alladin's lamp had nothing on this...
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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick Visniewski on

      What is the status of this? The last update I see was in 2013 and its not one that says anything like "Hey we're done and shipping". Rather it seems to say that the project isn't year ready. But that was almost 3 years ago and I see nothing since.

    2. Jonathon Huang on

      Forgot about this project- attempted to Email via Kickstarter back in May- still haven't heard back!

    3. Joseph Tam on

      it slip my mind and i haven't received it yet

    4. Ryoji Tanaka on

      I still haven't received my tPod1

    5. Richard Harmon Creator on


      The battery pack was not part of the tPOD kit provided as a pledge gift. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    6. Maureen on

      I thought that we would be getting the battery as well. When can I expect this???

    7. Maureen on

      I thought that we would be getting the battery as well. When can I expect this???

    8. Paulina Salazar on

      I still haven't received my tPod either. Its been a year since the original date we were supposed to receive it. When can i expect to receive it?

    9. Ben Watson

      I still haven't received my tPod1 - should I be concerned?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jaden on

      I thought that we would be getting the battery as well. Am I incorrect?

    11. Roman Govorov on

      Where is my tpods? I still haven't receive it....

    12. Chin Lai on

      Have yet to receive the tpods.. :-(

    13. A. Joseph

      Sent a msg about mailing address 2 months ago no reply. Is there any way to contact this person.

    14. Michael on


      you do know that they said a few times on the main page that this CAN NOT charge a iPhone/iPad or anything else as the charge that comes out of it is very small and it CAN damange your equipment if you do?
      they are working on a battery that connects to the tPod that will store the power and then output it in a high enough voltage for iPhones/iPads and what not to charge

    15. James Bailey

      DanIAm: I had the same problem the second time I used it -> turns out there's a tiny switch on the side of the light near the circle doughnut bit. Just feel around for a switch and turn it the other side when the unit is warm. Also make sure there's no wind to be double sure there's enough heat going into the system.

    16. Missing avatar

      DanIAm on

      I received mine, but it was missing the light and worse, it does not work. I have tried charging a few different items, including my iPhone and iPods, but it doesn't do a thing. Very disappointed on both accounts. I have tried contacting Richard, but have had zero luck doing so. I would sure like to get one that actually works, along with the light that I paid for.

    17. Missing avatar


      Hi Richard,

      any update on my tPod? It has been sent back to you 3 weeks ago by customs as I did not get an invoice.



    18. Richard Harmon Creator on

      Check update # 25 for a battery pack announcement.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      Hi, I'm from Hong Kong and am still waiting for mine. Any chance to check and give a response? Many thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Today I received a parcel containing 10 (out of 25) tPODS at my home in Austria!

      I assume that the delay was caused by the fact that the parcel took a small detour via Australia :-)
      I'll call them "Aquavit Edition".

      So, hopefully the remaining 15 units will arrive soon!

    21. Evaristo Ramos on

      woot the mobility tray is very cool :) thank you!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Camey on

      Thank you so much. It was exactly as you said. My package was complete. Thanks again.

    23. Richard Harmon Creator on

      We have had a few people mistake the box that the lamp is in as additional candles. There is a white box that is a bit smaller than the two boxes of candles. That smaller box with no window cut out in it that contains the lamp.

    24. Missing avatar

      Camey on

      Was so excited to receive my package. Unfortunately there was no USB lamp included. How can I rectify this please?

    25. antimix on

      I have just received my tPOD1 in Italy. It is wonderful!

      I was lucky. This time Custom did not ask me to fill declaration forms and bring the copy of Amazon Payments as usual. They accepted the $69 value declared in the package so I had to pay "only" additional %21 VAT + €5.50 to the courier. I will light it this evening.

      @Creators: any news about the Battery with charger ?

    26. RMP on

      To be fair. It could be that the incompetent fools at the Norwegian customs office forgot to put it back in the box after checking it.

      I'll call them tomorrow and see if they have it.

    27. RMP on


      I just paid stupid 45 dollars worth in customs and guess what!? There was no lamp in there! Nor was there a USB adaptor!

      Is this a joke???????

    28. Missing avatar

      Till Santner on

      Hello Mr. Harmon,
      I did not receive an invoice by now, could you please resend it soon so I can check back with customs?
      Every day it stays there costs me 0,50€ for storage, so it would be great to get it soon.

    29. RMP on

      I'm having problems with customs too. Can you also send me an invoice so I can claim my tPOD?

    30. Evaristo Ramos on

      @Peter I also didn't get a mobility tray, but I also see it is not mentioned in the rewards, so we will have to wait to see if this was an oversight or we will have to purchase one.

    31. Richard Harmon Creator on

      Our German backers have been running into a problems claiming their gifts at customs. We are sending out invoices to all of our German backers to allow those gift to be released from customs.

      We are sorry for the paperwork misunderstanding and the inconvenience to you all.

      Please check you emails on Monday for those invoices.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Hendel on

      Received my tPOD1 today. I had to collect the package from the German customs but fortunately I didn't had to pay any taxes. The tPOD1 is great, I love it and looking forward for the battery pack :-)

    33. Peter Young

      Did anybody else not receive the mobility tray?

    34. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      But this would be wrong because you have to pay taxes for the shipping too. So I guess you have to decide what to do.

    35. Missing avatar

      kicky1235 on

      @Stefan, another option is to print out the regular website showing the price ( This worked for me; however I had to pay about 10 Euro tax (calculated on the price of $ 69).

    36. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      Stefan, just take the receipt from amazon payments. That's what I did and usually it should be sufficient.


      Woohoo !!! Just received both of my tPOD1 and this product is amazing !!! Looking forward to the battery pack :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Miller on

      Hey Tellurex....when will we see the battery pack that you said you were working on?

    39. Missing avatar


      Hi Tellurex, I am from Germany and my tPOD1 is held by customs. There should be an invoice OUTSIDE at the parcel for customs as they are not allowed to open it. Can you please send me an invoice to claim my tPOD? Otherwise it will be sent back to you in a couple of days. Thanks Stefan

    40. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      For future projects maybe you could send delivery notices and a receipt as most other KS projects do

    41. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      And a bill would be nice to have to for customs

    42. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      I even posted that they need to package the bill on the outside but Tellurex obviously doesn't care. Now I have to head over to customs again *sigh*

    43. Kagan Kayal on

      I received my tPOD1 kit. It looks nice and works like a charm!

      Benjamin: I am also in Germany and had to pick it up at the customs office.

      Tellurex: Please attach the "bill" so that it is accesible to the customs officers even it is declared as a gift.

      The customs officer told me that the fee that I would have to pay would be less than 5 Euros (for the 69$ tPOD1 kit) so they didn't charge me at all.

    44. Yuichi IKEGAME on

      I just got mine today (Japan). I'm impressed with this brightness and It's really cool. I'll try to use in a mountain :) Thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      Even if declared as gift you have to pay customs sometimes. I had to for my Digisparks I received yesterday.

      Could I please get my tracking number? How are we supposed to know where it is? Did you send some message?

    46. Richard Harmon Creator on

      All of the kickstarter pledge gifts have shipped out of Tellurex. If you have not received your tPOD by the end of this week drop us a line and we will check the status.


      he kickstarter tPOD1's were declared as gifts. Thank you for backing us.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Germany: Mine is at the customs office. Any Germans know if i got to pay or is it declared as a gift? On the letter from the customs office it only said "Value: 69 USD"... I don't wanna pay 19% MwSt (Tax)....

    48. Corey

      Got mine yesterday and this thing is really cool. Once it warms up, it kicks off quite a bit of electricity for a tea light. It was enough to kick over a little battery pack I have and make it think it was charging. Not sure how fast it would go from empty to full, but it it is seeing a current, that it a great start. Check out photos to this both lighting and charging at . One warning, make sure you follow the instructions. Moving it when running is not advised. I was careful but bumped something and ended up having to clean the tray of a bunch of wax :(. Thankfully it was designed really well and that didn't hurt anything. Everything just ended up in the tray and had to be scooped out.

      Thanks for creating a great little product!

    49. Missing avatar

      guillaume lefebvre on

      Juste got mine yesterday! Thanx from Strasbourg (France) :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris M on

      Received mine yesterday and works great. Glad about the USB converter. The materials used also seem to be of great quality and having the case is definitely a plus.

      What is this white material inside? It seems to be making dust. Is it toxic or anything?

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