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A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
105 backers pledged $7,568 to help bring this project to life.

VERBA: Español Status Update!

Posted by Kevin Ballestrini / The Pericles Group (Creator)
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 VERBA: Español has arrived and we're starting to process everything in order to begin shipping in the very near future. The new boxes look absolutely fantastic -- we're very excited to start getting these out to everyone. As a reminder, Kickstarter backers will be receiving an additional 18 cards (10 sentences, 8 more nouns) in their decks. These are not in the normal versions of the game. Here are a few more images:

Shipping Plan

The plan is start shipping early next week if all goes as planned. It'll be a bit of a staggered send-off, but some folks should start receiving their decks as early as the end of next week. After all of you (the Kickstarter backers who made it possible) have had your decks shipped (some of you still need to fill out the survey!), we'll start shipping out the pre-order decks (there's still time, preorder at, and then we'll have VERBA: Español officially for sale for immediate shipping.

What's Next?

Well, as some of you know, the next VERBA deck to be produced will be Français, joining Español, English, and Latin. You can take a look at the preview of the print-and-play file at the following link:

After the French deck, Chinese will be next up along with Japanese. We very well could have print-and-play files for both of those before the end of summer and then production started in early fall. 

Picturae Database

The beta version of the Picturae Image Database is now live at - there are almost 300 images from VERBA and some of our other projects available for educational use. As we add more art assets to VERBA, the image database will continue to grow. In other words, the more successful VERBA is, the more everyone will have access to use in their classrooms so please don't be shy about spreading the word! 

That's It?

We have a few more things in the pipeline which we're excited about but it's a bit too early to reveal them. If you have ideas for additional sentences, in any language, and want to see them added to the sets or an expansion, feel free to drop them in the idea box -

Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement. We think you're really going to like VERBA. Look for a shipment notification in your inbox soon!


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