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A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
105 backers pledged $7,568 to help bring this project to life.

The Next Steps

Posted by Kevin Ballestrini / The Pericles Group (Creator)

Hi everyone!

The two week quiet period is now over and so we can share some more details about the roadmap ahead for VERBA: Español.

Backer Surveys

Sometime very soon you'll receive the backer survey from Kickstarter. This is an important piece for you to fill out for us to accurately fulfill your pledge level and ship to you the decks you requested. For those of you who backed at higher tiers with multiple decks and options for the different versions, it's also important for us to get this information as soon as possible to organize everything. For the few people who backed at a custom art tier, there will be information about where to send a reference picture for your custom art. 

Anticipated Timeline

From the very beginning of the project, we had a few different options for how to proceed depending on the level of funding that was generated in order to have an option which made the most sense for us and to get you all a quality product in a relatively short time frame.

We decided that we're going to do a slightly smaller run than we originally set out to do. This means a higher cost per unit for us, but, it will allow us to get VERBA to you sometime in mid-to-late August instead of an original estimated date of October. One of the biggest reasons for this decision, though, has nothing to do with cost but everything to do with some exciting future developments. More on that below...

Here's the anticipated timeline, subject to change:

Today, June 12th - Backer surveys begin to go out.

1 to 2 weeks out - final edits and revisions to the core sentence cards

3 weeks out - files prepped for print

4 weeks out - printing process initiated

10 weeks out - shipment received, deck assembly and packaging begins

11 weeks out - backer shipments begin to be prepped

12 weeks out - VERBA is in your hands

Kickstarter Bonus

We wanted to do something special for all of you as a token of our appreciation for making this happen. Included with your decks will be an additional 18 cards (a mix of new sentence cards and some new nouns). These extra cards won't be available in the standard versions which we'll have for sale after the Kickstarter fulfillment.

But wait, there's more!

So here's the exciting thing that we alluded to earlier (which factored into our decision making process over the last couple of weeks): not 1... not 2... but 3 new languages are currently in development and are progressing at a great pace. Chinese, French, and Japanese are all at various stages of completion and we hope to have at least one ready for a print and play file for initial testing by the end of summer. After a lot of discussion, we decided that we wanted to save a little bit of the Kickstarter funds to anticipate the need to order a print of whichever language is finished first. 

So for those of you who teach multiple languages, or have colleagues interested in VERBA, there's more on the horizon. We're very excited to be working on all of these languages simultaneously (and that so many content specialists are excited to be a part of this.)

One more thing...

For a limited time this summer, a preorder link will be available for US orders in the TPG store:

If you know of anyone who didn't get to back that still would like a copy of VERBA from the initial run, they can place an order there. If you decided you wanted additional copies, feel free to add them with the preorder option. Backer editions will ship first, preorders second, and then after all of the shipments are out, we'll make retail copies available to everyone.

In closing, thank you all again for everything and please fill out the backer surveys as soon as you can. It really does help us plan more easily.

We'll keep you updated through the summer as things progress!


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