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A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
A rich, culturally-relevant Spanish language learning card game (almost 200 cards!) by educators for educators.
105 backers pledged $7,568 to help bring this project to life.

25% Towards Goal!

Posted by Kevin Ballestrini / The Pericles Group (Creator)

Hi everyone!

I wanted to provide a quick update and also say thank you, again, for contributing to VERBA and helping us to get a larger scale production going for the game. A quarter of the way into the campaign, we're a quarter of the way there!

We do need your help, however, to help spread word (and interest) in VERBA around the various communities you are a part of -- we simply can't do it alone! Let others know why you've backed VERBA and how you hope to use it; either in or out of a formal classroom setting.

Also don't be shy about spreading around the link ( to the free print-and-play file! The reason this file exists is two-fold:

1) We absolutely believe that people want to see what their backing to the fullest extent possible. This file allows anyone to see all 195 cards currently in the set. If successful, the final tally will most likely be 220.

2) Since we're all educators, we're incredibly sensitive to the realities of budgets and funds available, especially how much of our money each of us spends in the classroom. One deck isn't enough to cover an entire class but we didn't want anyone to feel compelled to have to buy multiple decks from the get-go. Our hope is that people will think it's a quality product, purchase a deck or two, but also print out as many cards as they need to fill the gaps. Even I use a few printed sets in my classes!

Lastly, here's an extended "why Kickstarter?" explanation since we have been asked:

While it is true that VERBA: Latin and English are both produced as a printed set, the cost of production for small runs is very high. From a business point of view, we're able to make very little profit per deck that we sell. For the Latin decks, specifically, the related costs of production (that is, the actual content creation) is nearly zero since most of us at TPG are trained Classicists.

However, in taking VERBA from beyond Classics and into other languages, we need to have content specialists to work on crafting the sentences in order that they align with proficiency standards and are appropriate for learners at the target level. The hope is that by getting together a large enough production run to bring the overall costs down, we can start to generate the capital resources needed in order to continue expansion of VERBA into other languages and to create new cards, new sentences, and new proficiency levels for the existing languages. This will be difficult to do without a successful launch here.

Thank you again for everything and together we can make a strong push to get the ball rolling on all of the big plans for VERBA!


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