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With Toy Vault's CTHULHU KNITTED SKI MASK, you can abide the cold and stalk the snowy fields for your sacrifices.
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Closer look

Posted by Toy Vault (Creator)

Hello fiends!  Here is a side-by-side view of the two CTHULHU SKI MASKS next to the red, original prototype which you saw in all the initial photos:

Some of you have expressed concern that the production copies don't resemble the original.  Partially to blame for this was the fact that the model we used in the most recent pictures has a different head shape than the strapping, young, handsome, physically perfect fellow (who I swear is not typing this) who modeled the prototype, the photos of which were also taken at different angles 'n such.  However, after close, careful examinations done by only the most dastardly of experts, the changes we've been able to notice are this:

  • Most notably, the production samples are made of a thinner, lighter yarn. This makes for a slightly tighter weave (or whatever the correct term is, for you crochet enthusiasts), which makes the mask look less bulky, but we've found to be more snug and comfortable.
  • The nose-bridge is much thicker and far less-likely to break than in the prototype.
  • There is an extra tentacle in the center.  This is simply an aesthetic decision that we feel improves the look of the mask.
  • The size of the eye-holes does seem to vary but by no more than 2/3rds of an inch per copy.

One point to reenforce is that these are individually hand-made so there is inevitably going to be some slight variation, but nothing that we feel lessens the quality of the product. Trust us - we want all you lovely, sinister folks to be happy! If, after receiving your Cthulhu Ski Mask, you are not happy, please contact us and we'll be happy to make it right.

Now, enjoy this GRAPHIC image of our departed Jeff the Intern who forgot to utter the sacred incanations before putting on one of the masks:


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    1. Julie McCartney on

      I wish the yarn was left thicker :| I'm not happy about the change at all. The red one's eyebrows look so much cooler. Do not know if want....

    2. Missing avatar

      Jane Gallagher on

      Any idea when we'll get our masks?

    3. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      do you send it by ship ?

    4. Toy Vault 10-time creator on

      Soon, we're waiting on delivery from the factory.

    5. Ben McFarland on

      When will then be now?

    6. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      Like Gleb said, It's the thicker yarn that gave the mask it's character. I'm rather disappointed with the change although it's still a cool mask to have.

    7. Gleb Semenjuk on

      The tighter knit is the problem. Items look completely different because of that. But it's still a Cthulhu mask, so still cool. :)

    8. Jasper Leenarts on

      any info on when the hats are shipped?

    9. Missing avatar

      Owen Chang on

      So instead of resembling a person, a dragon, and an octopus, it's now resembles a person, a dragon, and a nonopus? Am I right in that we now have nine tentacles in a five above plus four below, or could you do eight in a three above, two adjacent, and three below layout?