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With Toy Vault's CTHULHU KNITTED SKI MASK, you can abide the cold and stalk the snowy fields for your sacrifices.
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They have arrived!

Posted by Toy Vault (Creator)

With a small delay from customs, we have our production samples in hand! Below are pictures of both masks. Unfortunately our intern, Jeff, was still recovering in the padded office closet. We promise to get some pictures of him as soon as it is legally allowed. For now you'll have to put up with pictures of our handsome game developer.

The factory should still be on pace to ship the masks tomorrow. Ship times vary but they should be here in 3-5 weeks. 

After Dark Purple!

Lovecraftian Green!



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    1. Billy Gove on

      I hope they all aren't as big as that one..

    2. Missing avatar

      Owen Chang on

      The eye holes may be the same size, but are they the same shape? The prototype appear to have triangular shaped eyes whereas the samples seem to have more rectangular eyes. The ridge around the outside of the eyes appear to be a lot less prominent too.

      The layout of the tentacles seems to have changed too. The prototypes had two under each eye, another two beneath them for a total of eight, with spacing over the mouth. It looks like the samples have two under each eye, one in the middle over the nose covering the mouth hole, and possibly three underneath.

      Can you show a photo of the sample in the same angles as the prototype?

    3. Nick Esposito

      This does definitely look cheaper than what I thought I was buying. The shape of the eye bridges looks way thinner and flimsier, and it looks like a lot more fabric shaped the eyes one the mask I was shown when I bought this. The whole eye set up is completely different, from all sides. Boo.

    4. Thaadd on

      Suggestion that I intend to do - just take some light translucent cloth and do a backing cross the eye holes - this (for those concerned about structural integrity) will cross stabilize *and* make me look creepier. Can't wait to get it! I'm eagerly waiting for when it's cold and snowy and I'm riding my bike, tentacles streaming in the wind....

    5. Toy Vault 10-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan, I compared our prototype we used in our original pictures to our production samples, and they have as identical styling as you can get with a knitted product. I have a fatter nose than our intern Jeff, which might account for the thinner look, but the stitching is actually very slightly thicker on the production end. The eye holes are identical in size.

    6. Johnathan Glass Devaney on

      Yeah, and the eye holes are bigger and less stylized. Honestly I wouldn't have paid for this, as it looks a lot cheaper than the earlier design, but I'm happy that I was able to help all the same, and look forward to receiving mine.

    7. Johnathan Glass Devaney on

      They look different than the original design? I've noticed the strip between the eyes looks really thin and, well, like it's going to snap at some point.

    8. Sockymon on

      In the name of The Nameless One, that is truly awesome!