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$4,050 pledged of $12,000 goal
$4,050 pledged of $12,000 goal


Abaddon: Shattered Command is an expansion for Richard Borg's Abaddon, a tabletop game produced by Toy Vault.  Abaddon, is Richard Borg's  fast-playing game of far future combat featuring giant mechs called Links. We're thrilled to bring you this chance to get the original game and the next step in futuristic warfare: Abaddon: Shattered Command.

The main element this expansion adds is an all-new unit, the Command Bunker. These immobile fortresses are extremely potent in strengthening your team's defense, making them a prime target for your attackers. They provide support to all of your units through the Program Deck which adds powerful abilities to affect the battlefield and turn the tides in your favor.

In addition to the Command Bunker, Unit Upgrades have also been added. Now your Link or Infantry can be equipped with modified weapons, jump packs, or improved targeting systems.

Also included is a point system for constructing your own unique battles. With this scenario-creating system, you can pit any arrangement of Links and Infantry against each other, creating anything from the slightest skirmish to the most deadly of battles.

Terrain rules have been added as well - now terrain can be entered and it can provide bonuses for the occupants. 

Finally, eight additional scenarios are included. These scenarios feature the rules added in this expansion. 

Included in this expansion: 

16 page rule/scenario Book

3 tile sheets (Command Bunkers, terrain, power crystals and upgrade markers) 

2 reference sheets 

20-card Program Deck

War is chaos, and chaos is Abaddon.  

The planet known as the Abaddon hardly stands out amidst the other worlds in the Lifeless Quadrant. Scattered with the ruins of an extinct alien civilization, the ground is virtually barren and only the harshest of lives can exist there. No, the Abaddon is a wasteland, unremarkable in every way except for one key aspect: Feronium Crystals. Feronium is the fuel that powers empires. Just a few small crystals can power a mighty starship like no other source of power, and power is the one thing in this expanding universe that no one can seem to have enough of.

Abaddon is home to the largest Feronium deposits ever discovered, by far. It is conjectured that Feronium was used by the Beings Before, a mysterious alien race, of which only traces remain - perhaps undone by the power themselves. Two sides battle over the planet, engaging in never-ending territorial feuds, raids, and sabotage. 

The first side is the mega-corporation, The Commonwealth Alliance. Arriving on Abaddon several years after the small prospectors had laid claims across the planet, the Commonwealth Alliance quickly moved in and began their encroaching control of the land. By the time they had seized a third of the planet, the prospectors and their families got worried and formed a loose world government called the Satellite City-States with the intention of combating the growing power of the Commonwealth Alliance. Treaties were attempted, but as tends to be the case in the rise of war, pride eventually won out and true chaos began. 

Years have since passed and after some initial gains by the Commonwealth Alliance, a stalemate has been reached. Using converted mining equipment, paired with the ancient technology of the Beings Before the two sides fight over mining claims and ancients ruins, looking to gain the upper hand all the while supplying the galaxies with Feronium deposits to maintain their funding. These mechanical battle units, called Links, are neigh-indestructible and require a barrage of enormous firepower to take down.

The design of the expansion is complete, all the scenarios have been tested. The cover art is finished.

The artwork for the new pieces, the Command Bunker, and the terrain pieces need to be done. The layout for the new card type, Program, needs to be done. The rule book needs to be laid out, and example graphics need to be finished. Once the artwork for those are finished, we'll layout the counter sheets. The files will then be given to the printer.

 We have a pledge level that includes the game and expansion at a great price. Abaddon was released in 2012, and it features simple, exciting game-play. Each side has a group of Infantry and/or Links and battles the other side in 16 different scenarios. The base game supports up to 4 players playing in teams.

Box cover for Abaddon base game.
Box cover for Abaddon base game.


What's included in the base game. The miniatures are unpainted though!
What's included in the base game. The miniatures are unpainted though!


Battle-worn Links from our demo set.
Battle-worn Links from our demo set.


Abaddon Base Game Reviews:

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Watch a demo from Richard Borg here:


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Abaddon: Shattered Command previews:

Club Fantasci has done a great job previewing Abaddon: Shattered Command. He goes into detail about the new items and  the rules in the expansion.


Another preview from Boardggaming FTW:


Here is a quick overview of some of the new rules and pieces from the expansion. The video features prototype pieces, and doesn't reflect the way the final product will look. We are also playing on the oversize mat that is available as an add-on. 


$1  A Generalship in your Favorite Faction

You will receive our thanks for your support, as well as a pdf certificate proclaiming you a General in either the Commonwealth Alliance or the Satellite City-States

$15 A copy of Abaddon: Shattered Command expansion

You will receive one copy of the expansion as well as any stretch goals unlocked!

$40 A copy of Abaddon as well as the expansion!

If you're new to Abaddon, this is the pledge level for you. It includes one copy of the base game as well as the expansion. You will also receive any stretch goals unlocked as well. 


For this campaign, we've reduced the cost of the base pledge level, but have not included shipping. Shipping is expensive, especially for the base unit which weighs an impressive 6+ pounds. We've looked at various ways of shipping, and the rates reflect the least expensive way we could find to ship to various countries.

For just an expansion in the US shipping will be $7. It will be $10 in Canada, and $18 for anywhere else in the world that we can ship to.

For the expansion and the base game in the US it is very expensive, which is why the pledge level for the game is so low.  The shipping price will be $18 in the US. In Canada it will be $27. The European Union will be $44, and the rest of the world will be $77.

$20,000 Unlocks Additional Scenarios

Two web-exclusive scenarios are available on www.toyvault.com, These will be included on a nice thick cardstock and included in any pledge level that includes the Abaddon: Shattered Command expansion

$30,000 Unlocks More Scenarios

The rule book will grow to 20 pages and include 4 additional scenarios!

$50,000 Unlocks Plastic Command Bunkers

Two Command Bunker miniatures will be included in the expansion. 

$60,000 Unlocks A New  Link: Titan 

A new Link, the Titan that uses a D12 in battle will be available as an add on! We'll include 2 of them with the expansion, and you can add additional Links as an add-on

$45 a full 3' by 4' vinyl board

This makes the spaces very roomy, and your Weapon systems cards should fit comfortably on the board. We use this when we demo Abaddon at conventions. The board will roll up for storage.

$5 Two additional Command Bunkers

If we make the stretch goal for plastic Command Bunkers you can purchase additional Command Bunkers.

$10 Six additional Titans

If we make the stretch goal for the Titans, you can purchase additional Titans.

$20 A full set of Base Game Links. 

If you'd like an additional full set of Links from the base game of Abaddon, they are available.

Risks and challenges

We've been producing games for awhile, and are well aware of the problems that can come up. If the expansion funds, we've allocated three months to finishing graphic design as well as Scenario design and plastic design for any stretch goals unlocked. Shipping from the factory is generally two months, but this can vary widely depending on customs, and might present a delay if the customs wait is longer than usual. The challenge will be to meet these deadlines. After managing several board game projects, these times are generous in our estimate, and depending on which stretch goals are unlocked, the expansion could actually ship earlier.
As with all of Kickstarter projects, we ship to our backers before shipping to distributors, so you should receive the expansion well before it is for sale generally. The exception being international backers who will probably receive them a bit after domestic customers have had a chance to purchase the expansion in stores.

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    Satellite City-States Generalship

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    This pledge level includes one copy of the base game Abaddon, as well as the expansion altogether. If you've not played Abaddon before this is the pledge level to start at. The base game is normally $60 on it's own, and now you can get a the base game and the expansion for only $40!

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