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Pensilmarks' Light Touch Flosser's video poster

for EVERYONE, incl.children who are learning to floss .Also another product is the LED Extension Cord. NEW DEMO Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 12, 2011.

for EVERYONE, incl.children who are learning to floss .Also another product is the LED Extension Cord. NEW DEMO

About this project

Hi ,My name is Mark Major. I have teamed up with a talented group of product developers & designers.  Our new venture is called Pensilmarks. We are featuring two of our patented products. One is this unique dental flosser. The Light Touch Flosser is designed to make flossing easier and fun.  The key difference is the grip. Only one finger is needed. Although its easier for everyone, flossing is easier for people with arthritis or grip issues & children developing motor skills. And yes, Children have arthritis too.  Some cannot floss with what is sold in stores today.

The second patented invention is the LED Extension Cord.  It was one of the finalists on AS Seen On TV (Sullivan Productions).  It is a more complex & expensive product to make therefore, we are launching our flosser first.  A mold + about 10,000 pieces can cost over $18,000.  The Extension Cord can cost over $25,000.

Inventing is a passion of mine.  For the last 25 years I held a full time job while I learned more about patents and inventing.  I auditioned for various shows because my dream is to see one of my inventions in stores.

Crowd funding provides a platform for our team to engage with new customers, get feedback & to raise additional funds.  By pledging today, you will not only receive one of our first models but you will also be helping us start our new venture.  My patents were featured on ABC American Inventor, Sullivan Productions & Everyday Edison. Manufacturing these products is costly so we are raising funds in a variety of ways.  I

If you're wondering how to floss with the Light Touch Flosser, watch the video. There is a demo.

 We would love to exceed our minimum funding goal with your support. 

**This first basic model is designed to work with the REACH accessory currently sold. We do not make the REACH bow floss attachment.  There are other designs in process. The REACH accessory is not included with our Flosser at this time ***


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