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$65,178 pledged of $55,000 goal
By BC Games
$65,178 pledged of $55,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kehlenschnitt 2 days ago

      @Patrick SAYET: Hahahah, ok that makes sense. Seems like you misled us all with your previous comment ;-) But it is good to still see some buzz and backers in this comment section, that try to spread the word about this game. So thank you for your input.

      Although attending a convention might bring in some new backers, I'm not sure if this is financially feasible for them. As far as I'm aware of, BC Games is basically run by two friends with (normal) full-time jobs. A convention costs a lot of money (exhibition booth, travel and hotel, advertising material, flyers, roll-up displays, freebies and even more) and time (which they might lack because of their normal jobs). It might give them some more exposure to a broader audience, but the question is, if an investment like this brings the desired results ?

    2. Patrick SAYET
      2 days ago

      or if a Print and play can be done anyone can show the game in conventions? (maybe there's advertisement authorizations needed for that)

    3. Patrick SAYET
      2 days ago

      @Kelenschnitt : no, the Shadowrun Sprawl Ops guys use conventions to make the game advertised and have people play it so that the word spreads out to have more people back the game ;
      so I thought it would be a good idea if Towers of conquest can go to conventions to show the game and get backers there

    4. Missing avatar

      Kehlenschnitt 2 days ago

      @Patrick SAYET: I also didn't understand your last comment. Do you mean the creators of the "Shadowrun Sprawl Ops" will feature/advertise/talk about "Towers of Conquest" on their own KS campaign page ? *confused*

    5. BC Games Creator 3 days ago

      Im not sure what Patrick means on how we can market there

    6. Missing avatar

      mike higgs 3 days ago

      What do we have to do to get this advertised there?

    7. Patrick SAYET
      3 days ago

      I'm backing Shadorun sprawl ops, and they will advertise the project there, so this can be another way make Towers of conquest known and to find backers

    8. Missing avatar

      Kehlenschnitt 6 days ago

      @Patrick SAYET: Yes, we will be informed about the re-launch. They are aiming for a re-launch in fall (no set date so far), they will post an update here, so you will get a notification from KS. You could also subscribe to their mailing list (see the top of the campaign page for this) to also receive a free and signed Tarot sized character card. Really looking forward for the re-launch.

    9. Patrick SAYET
      6 days ago

      we'll get a message from this KS for the relaunch?

    10. Jim on June 3

      God Speed on the next campaign!!

    11. Almar Zwets on June 3

      Same for me, Freddy

    12. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 3

      @Ronald - yeah, I too supported a few too many KSs these past few months. I'm going to take it slow for a while. In fact, if I manage to stick to my plan, this relaunch may well be the only one between now and the end of the year.

    13. Ronald L.
      on June 2

      @freddy And I hope when they relaunch the project I already recovered from some of the projects I backed and the dnd miniatures I bought. Lol!

    14. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 2

      A company's very first Kickstarter is never easy, and many companies underestimate the complexities involved. This has been a good learning experience, and I'm sure the relaunched campaign will do a LOT better!

    15. Missing avatar

      zack gardiner
      on June 2

      Good luck with the relaunch BC games! I love the game and can't wait for it to get the run and attention it and you two deserve!!! I'll definitely be back

    16. BC Games Creator on June 2

      @Nichola Good one, lol

    17. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Cole
      on June 2

      Lol I managed to post that two minutes before the update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Cole
      on June 2

      BC is cutting it really close with the cancelation. I hope they're not gonna go through with it and rely on late pledges to meet their break even point.

    19. Preston
      on June 2

      I like the box art as it is too.

    20. Crazy Celt
      on June 2

      I agree with @Alejandro Duarte, water tiles should be part of the core game if they are going to be included. I understand the areas not being covered are water and I am fine with that, will just put the game on a blue piece of fabric when I play it. I understand very well about NRE costs and recurring costs of manufacturing and the way the SGs are laid out appears to have the spacing of miniatures set to cover the NRE during the period of time the more simple cardboard items are earned, but let's face it, miniatures are supposed to be a key component of this game and the way they are laid out now it would appear we would have to more than double the base funding goal to get 3 miniatures (based on the spread of the first couple SGs with value), Most backers will do the same math and determine that a backer could be looking at about 9 new miniatures for a grand funding level of 4X the original goal (I know everyone in my gaming group did the math and I am the only one that backed since the others did not see the value, but all saw the potential). I want this game to be a successes for both the creators and the backers, and I am looking forward to the relaunch.

    21. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 2

      @Alejandro Duarte - well, that's one of the reasons why a relaunch is a good idea... that will hopefully give them enough backers and enough funding to include all those great stretch goals in the box.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Gonsalves on June 1

      @ Flemming Madsen. I love the box art! Definitely would not want them to change that.

    23. Alejandro Duarte on June 1

      @Freddy, I’m sure you’re right. I still think they should be a part of the core game. It’s a gorgeous production, those tiles only add to the appeal.

    24. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 1

      @Alejandro Duarte - well, you don't really *need* the water hexes. Any hex that isn't filled in when you connect the boards, is considered water by default. So those hexes are just a quality upgrade to make the board look a bit nicer. And it's fairly normal that such kinds of quanity upgrades are stretch goals (comparable to many campaigns that have stretch goals to upgrade cardboard tokens to plastic).

    25. Alejandro Duarte on June 1

      The water hexes really should be apart of the core game. It’s silly that they’re a stretch goal and that they were so high on the list.

    26. GrimmPendragon on June 1

      @freddy- thank you for the reply. That clears things up. Hopefully this gets more attention during the relaunch, I for one will definitely be back.

    27. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 1

      @GrimmPendragon - welcome on board. Have you read update #20?

    28. GrimmPendragon on June 1

      I just came onto this and tried to find my answers through the flood of comments, they really should have a search feature, and it isn't answered in FAQ. Please excuse me if this has been answered. If, this doesn't get cancelled, how long will we have the opportunity to upgrade a $1 pledge to the full game?

    29. Flemming Madsen
      on June 1

      Suggestion for BC Games - In order to attract more backers there are some marketing thoughts. I think the cover box should not focus on the dragon and the tower and the dark theme in general. This is very cliché and signal that the selling point is only the theme. This is clouding the special good game as I think this is. I think the box cover needs to be a lot more colorfull as the playboard itself is, and showing some resource gathering and some hero fight and towers in background. Signal that there are actually 4x elements in this game. Show on front page that it is all about Explore, Expand, Collect Resources, Build, Upgrade and Fight... :-)

    30. Almar Zwets on June 1

      The miniatures look great! I hope that the relaunch will be good. I would like to paint these.

    31. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 1

      @Brian Bari - I guess we just both have an eye for good games ;-)

    32. Freddy (Full Supporter) on June 1

      @Chris Lockley - very true, but it's not just the add-ons. The current number of backers of the core game itself will also need to rise significantly as well.... the gap between the current 408 backers and the minimum print size of 1000 is just too big!

    33. NecroNuke9
      on May 31

      This is a great looking game. Unfortunately, I can see that the campaign is doing poorly. This was caused by a slow start which led to poor momentum. I believe that the main cause of this was just bad timing. The campaign started around the same time as "The Black Rose Wars" and "Hellboy". Both campaigns were hugely popular. Backers only have so much money to spend on KS campaigns and are more likely to support the wildly successful campaigns. The currently successful OrcQuest doesn't help the situation. The competition "Towers Of Conquest" faced was just too overwhelming.

      Cancelling and later restarting the campaign will probably be the best option. It would give this campaign the benefit of starting fresh and hopefully gain a stronger momentum the second time around. Backers shouldn't panic over a cancellation and restart. I have been apart of few KS campaigns that originally cancelled and restarted again to end their second try very successfully. An example of this would be the game "Vampire Hunters". They cancelled their first KS campaign even though they achieved their funding goal. They ended their restarted second KS campaign with almost $566,000.

    34. BC Games Creator on May 31

      @Chris The Hordes of Hazor and Obake Clan Expansions with their Tier III miniatures: Akkorokamui and Hazor can be used in game play by anybody, not just by the person playing that faction.
      Lol, I thought i saw that comment when you asked about it. but now I don't. Anyways it was a good question to be answered.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Lockley on May 31

      @ Freddy - so, if every backer sees the merit and value in the extra factions and opts for both the Obake and Hordes of Hazor, not only will it make a more compelling reason for the publisher to pursue completing the ks, it would up the $$$ and get to some more sweet SG.

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari
      on May 31

      Thanks Freddy, Man I see you on almost every campaign I back. Are you a collector or store owner or like me an addicted completionist

    37. Freddy (Full Supporter) on May 31

      @Brian Bari - in this campaign, they have a minimum print run of 1000 copies. Right now the number of backers is still considerably lower, so they're still losing money. When you combine the remaining stretch goals into optional add-ons, it's even worse... if they have to print 1000 copies of those add-ons, and only 100 people add that particular add-on in PM, then they will be left with 900 copies of an add-on that nobody pays for. That is why very few campaigns do this (and only if they know that the demand for a certain add-on is very large, or if they are able to get a much lower minimum print run size).

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari
      on May 31

      I wanna see the figure that’s missing top part of his head or at least it looks that way. Very silent hill looking. I would def buy the other figures as an add on or hopefully they get unlocked on the reboot campaign

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari
      on May 31

      I don’t know if this has been done by any campaign (I’ve never seen it done,yet) but I would love for a campaign to take all the unlocked stretch goals and combine them into an optional upgrade/add on. I know this doesn’t work for SGs that permanently upgrade components it for more figures I can’t believe campaigns don’t do this. Or have contingency based add on for the rest of the models like if at least 300 backers commit to the add on at a certain price then it will be made if not no harm done as they didn’t produce anything

    40. BC Games Creator on May 31

      @alejandro I believe comments cannot be deleted. We certainly haven’t deleted any although lol I wish we could. We will be updating everyone very soon regarding our plans and reasons. The bottom line is that we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and we all desire pretty much the same thing. On how to get there well there’s lots of ideas

    41. BC Games Creator on May 31

      @Freddy thanks for all your responses you should be on staff lol that is correct all tier3 characters are faction-less the ghouls belong to hazor and can be resurrected ad infinitum until hazor dies.

    42. Freddy (Full Supporter) on May 31

      What comment was that? The last one I see from you, is from 7 hours ago... if you wrote another one, maybe you forgot to 'post' it?

    43. Alejandro Duarte on May 31

      Why did my previous comments disappear?

    44. Freddy (Full Supporter) on May 31

      @Chris Lockley - you're right, figures like Drogo, Lich King, etc in the core game, as well as Akkorokamui and Hazor in the expansions, are factionless and can be purchased by anyone. I believe the same applies to the 2 Ghouls, but I'm not 100% sure on those... I hope @BCG can confirm that.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Lockley on May 31

      @Freddy. Thanks for the response. I guess I should have amplified my question a little more.
      Each faction has 4 tier one units, and 3 tier two units.
      Obake optional buy has those plus Akkorokami and
      Hordes of Hazor optional buy has 2 x Ghouls of Hazor figures and a Hazor Re-animator figure.
      In watching the tutorials, it looks like tier 3 (tower) allows the purchase of any figure - not a faction specific unit. So, my question is does the Obake and Hordes of Hazor have additional factionless tier 3 units or are they specific to a faction?

    46. Patrick Prior on May 31

      I can see that “Nemesis the board game” is advertising on instagram and facebook,.. They got me on both platforms,.. (I do know facebook and Instagram is owned by facebook but they have a huge platform to reach the ppl you want)

    47. Alejandro Duarte on May 31

      If it’s canceled, there’s no guarantee that it will be a success later. Look at Mournequest that’s going on right now. I think it’s a huge mistake to cancel. If the game is good, and you truly believe in the game, sell this one and reprint later with greater fanfare and fan support.

    48. Freddy (Full Supporter) on May 31

      Canceling a campaign is never a fun thing to do and will always cost the creators some money, so, as EXO showed, creators will do everything in their power to repair the damage while the campaign is still running.
      EXO had more than 1300 backers at the end, and almost 2.5 times the initial goal. So even though that campaign lost quite a few backers along the way, I can understand why the creators didn't cancel.
      ToC barely made it past $20k after the first 2 days, and only managed to reach the 'funded' level because of some upsurges on the 6th and 10th day... which, if I have understood it correctly, is for a large part due to a few retailers investing big in this campaign to help it get funded. The actual number of backers is still disappointingly low. If ToC had come anywhere close to the needed 1000 backers, then I'm sure canceling would have been the last thing on the creators mind. But as it is, I don't see how they really have any other choice.
      And who knows, maybe it *is* a good idea if @Matthew's retailer friends pull out of the project right now, so that we can see straight away how much money we really gathered from standard backers. Then I doubt anyone will still have any doubts about the need to relaunch.

    49. Patrick SAYET
      on May 31

      I honestly don't like the relaunch thing, but let's compare with EXO Mankind reborn. They got two first smashing days totalling 132000€ (goal 50000). Then people began complaining about the Early bird free character (that was an add on for 5 €, making early birds get a free "5 €" thing when 99% of Early birds gain around 10 $/€ so it was already awkward. Then people complained about it not being a "heavy figure game", as each player only controls 2 figures and never more, so they felt cheated as the figures were put in front of the campaign. On the sixth day the team saw things were going wrong as they lost backers and money each day so they reworked the main page. But it didn't work much as they ended with 124000 € (less than what they made in the first 2 days). This one should have been canceled after 5-6 days. But it wasn't canceled even after having only 5 days of positive backers in the last 28 days. I backed it anyway for 99 € not sure why, mainly the theme putting animals as the hope for mankind. Sadly not too much people told them to cancel and relaunch.
      So back to this one, they got to 50000 fast but will never reach 100000. It was decided soon to cancel and relaunch but still go on until the last day. In my mind it should have stopped when they saw it should be relaunched, as some new backers in the last days (especially the crucial last 48 hours) might not understand why it is funded then canceled.
      Both this projects have tried to change things and be transparent to backers, inform them as things are progressing but there might be people that miss the important informations in both and quit as they're disappointed (I might ask a refund for EXO as many people will).
      I haven't followed all the arguments, and people on Kickstarter act all different, but it's certain some will quit the project, how many, no idea. Will it reach 100 backers and / or 100000, obviously not. But will many people be confused and disappointed, I think yes.
      I'm not even sure I like the Catan elements while adding combat and possibly losing some resources is the best idea ; where Catan made it impossible to change the resources you have but the thief would BOTH block the resource and steal a card (that makes it too powerful).
      So there's good points and bad points in relaunching, I'm not sure what I think of it honestly right now.

    50. Freddy (Full Supporter) on May 31

      @Chris Lockley - the core game is playable with 2-4 players. The two optional add-ons basically add 2 more factions to the game, so that it can be played with upto 6 players.

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