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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

RE: Almost Done

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,

As we had promised we have the shipped majority of TOUCH TIME watch to our supporters as of early April. There are still a few styles that we are expected to receive shipments of in the coming weeks so if you haven't received your watch yet, you should receive your tracking # by early May.

There are no refunds or exchanges but if you have any other questions or issues with your TOUCH TIME watch once received rather than sending a message through Kickstarter please send us an email at:

And if you have an international order and didn't yet submit your payment to cover shipping costs please send to our PAYPAL address ( Also if you submitted your address info in Japanese/Greek/Russian, please update your shipping address in English.

We hope everyone enjoys their TOUCH TIME watch and thanks again for everyone's support and patience.




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    1. Missing avatar

      ANDREY on

      I have not received a tracking number or a watch yet.

      ! ! ! ! !

    2. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but no reply.
      Please send watch and reply my email. I really want watch!!
      My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan

      Thank you!

    3. Alex von der Linden

      I think you have a misunderstanding of what a scam is.

    4. Hendrik Rommens on

      Still waiting too here ... A true shame... Scam !

    5. Missing avatar

      Debief on

      I never received any tracking number since the last mail received from Phsopor in April. What's happen ?
      It's really a shame. I live in Switzerland (Watchland !) and I would have believed that someone could disturb the watch industry in my country.
      Unfortunately not....

    6. Missing avatar

      Ashley Demps on

      I received a tracking number back in mid April that's said "label created" for months now and still nothing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian Tan on

      Hi Donald, I'm one of the first backers and I have not received anything (not even the tracking number) until today. Full payments including that for shipping has already been completed a few months back. All I want is updates on when I'll be receiving the watch, if any.

    8. Missing avatar

      Guy Brazeau on

      I've finally receive the tracking info for the gunmetal version. I hope you receive yours as well guys.

    9. Dave on

      Two months after this update, still waiting for mine as well... gunmetal black.

    10. Alex von der Linden

      I'm impressed with Klaas's ability to back projects before they happen.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jens Hofmann on

      Hi Donald,
      I'm still waiting for my clock. I have not given up hope.
      It can not be that hard to get an update yet!
      I would like to know a status!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Klaas Deforche on

      Hi Donald, I backed the gunmetal black version more than 2 years ago and have yet to receive the watch. Please give an honest update on when these will be shipped. Thanks.

    13. Oliver Irgendwo on

      Same here, Gunmetal black and nothing! This is a joke... there are plenty of better models available in the meanwhile. Never again! You always have to first experience it to learn...

    14. Marco Eltze on

      Same here. No watch and I also ordered the gunmetal black version

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sim on

      Hi all, I sent TouchTime a few emails but receive ZERO replies. Any1 manage to receive any replies recently? Ipledged 2 watches. Mr Donald, hope to hear from u soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sam Hollander on

      No watch and I ordered gunmetal black

    17. KITT on

      Look what I found today:

      Already on sale and no where done shipping yet.

    18. tom kruczek on

      No, unfortunately you're not the only one who has heard nothing

    19. Missing avatar

      Dariusz Karnowski on

      So I am not the only one who didn't get my watch.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joel Kabahit on

      It's now the end of the first week of June. No tracking number, no update, no watch. :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Mate Palicz on


      I have not received a tracking number or a watch yet either. Can you please update me on the status of my watch?

    22. Marc Anteparra Naujock on

      I have not received a tracking number or a watch yet.

    23. KITT on

      Still waiting...!

    24. Missing avatar

      stephan lull on

      Last week of may.....not even a tracking number

    25. Missing avatar

      Joel Kabahit on

      mid-May and nothing...very disappointed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Anthony Della Siega on

      still wondering where my watch is....


    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      Go to menu => World Time
      Tap on the cog in the top left corner
      Change the locations

    28. Anthony Croton on

      Love my watch the wait was abit long but at least I have it .........Just one question how do I change the world clock locations ?

    29. Alex von der Linden

      OR you could put it on your wrist and see how it looks, because I gotta tell you, the battery cover is chamfered and the way that the watch attaches to the strap, it isn't even noticeable while being worn. No difference in wear with the battery cover on or off.

    30. Paul Harrison on

      Have to be honest, took delivery of my watch, unimpressed that the HMRC wants another £20 out of me in tax for importing a watch (Not Donalds fault but UK residents beware in future!).

      The watch in general looked nice, was quite pleased on first study, then took it out of the box and the battery cover at the back is HUGE! it sticks right out, clearly there was a massive battery/tooling issue (as Donald alluded to, but didnt mention the solution was just to fudge it) and there is no way Im wearing it as it looks so cheap with that back everyone thats seen it has laughed and commented how silly it is.

      Very disappointed that after almost two years there wasnt a better way to execute this, its CLEARLY a makeshift solution to what must have been posing a terrible problem.

      I would almost have forgiven Donald if the final product had been as he intended, the production of the rest of the item (in my watches case at least) seems pretty neat, but that battery back is unforgivable.

      Sad thing is this abortion of a project has put me off backing anyone else for fear of the same disaster, some worthy, good idea will now not be taken a risk on.

    31. Missing avatar

      bvt8 on

      I wish that I could reverse my trust and pledge of $159.00 and give it to a needy family.
      The black watch I got had already rusted elements upon opening of the box and now you think that I will wear this, rust included. Shame on your Donald, a pathetic project that deserves to reimburse every penny you took and give it to the needy folks.

    32. Alex von der Linden

      Tangun, what are you talking about? What is "white stainless steel"?

    33. Missing avatar

      tangun on

      What a rip off... now Donald says there won't be a white stainless stell arm band... I paid for it two years ago and it won't ship.
      This is a disaster in the history of crowd funding!

    34. John Jesse Houlihan on

      Great because I would love to know where mine is or of it's been lost in the mail.

    35. TBD Toys on

      Slowly raises middle finger...points it in scam artist's Danny way! Thanks for ripping me off yet again scum bag!

    36. Moose Man on


      I don't think you were vague enough with your update?

      I mean all the people who are waiting for their watch that is of a style not yet produced or ship, myself included, might actually like something specific beyond early May. You had already stated in prior updates that shipments should be completed by end of March.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jo Tank on

      @Gary - I think you might be advertising in the wrong place. People here are waiting for something they've already paid for and Donald has now made it clear there will be no refunds. You could try the disgruntled people on Phosphor's Facebook page who would be entitled to refunds.

    38. Alessandro Saiko on

      I haven't received my watch by now. Hopefully I'll get my tracking number and shipment confirmation by early May...

    39. Alex von der Linden


      I don't think you understand how the word false works. It is possible that you personally paid your shipping costs in 2012. But obviously not everyone did.

    40. Gary Gnatz on

      I have mine up for sale will sell to serious buyers
      It is brand new in the boc

    41. Missing avatar

      Dennis van Liere on

      Which styles are not shipped? Payment including shipping costs are already done in 2012! So it's time to receive my watches and inform everyone personally instead of making false claims

    42. Missing avatar

      Glenn on

      As much as i would love to give any review of the watch. I still haven't received mine after, what, 2 years?? Donald, can you please give me an order update?