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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

RE: Production Underway

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

Production is underway of Touch Time. I have a provided number of pictures of the production process at the factory making the new Touch Time watches and we expect to begin shipments soon. 

If your address has changed since we initially requested your shipping address info please send your name, email, product model # ordered, and your new shipping address to following email:

I will have more updates in weeks to come, and again we thank you for your patience and support.



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    1. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but no reply.
      Please send watch and reply my email. I really want watch!!
      My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan

      Thank you!

    2. Thoo Meng Thian on

      Still waiting.........

    3. Hernan Schlosman on

      This is really NERVE RECKING right now ... we hadn't have any commuincations in a month, the last we heard that these where going to be shipping soon ... OK, truth be told, SOON does not imply 2013, but do you all think that this will imply 2014?????!!!
      In 2012, when I backed this up this watch was going to be state of the art ... but now with the COLOR version that Galaxy has delivered LAST YEAR (a year later that we where promissed ours) it feels we are getting a RETRO WATCH, in Black and white, that we hope WILL work as promissed.
      I am really skeptical of this whole KICKSTARTED ideas and I have not backed up any other projects because of my experience with DONALD and crew. I am still hopefull to get my watch adn will treasure it, but I can't feel but cheated ... I do not know about others, but this has been a really sour ride ...
      Hope we all get what WE PAID for soon (meaning January 2014) ... still waiting here ...

    4. Missing avatar

      Zuleida Mesa on

      I feel like a fool for supporting this product. I haven't even received a response after I emailed them about my new address. The lack of professionalism and communication is really nerve-racking. @ years later and still waiting...

    5. Eddie Hurt on

      Hey Donald,

      So, it's been over a month since you last said "production is underway of Touch Time." Any news?

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Cooke on

      Mr Brewer - is there anyone out there? ... guess we need a digital calendar - not a watch to follow this return-on-our Kickstarter investment ... fingers crossed for 2014 delivery ... thks

    7. Missing avatar

      Susan Allen on

      It has been more than a month since we have heard from Donald. Please communicate. I sent money for my watches in 2012. Delivery was estimated to be December 2012. It is now 2014. Where are my watches? Where is any communication about my wactches?

    8. Moose Man on


      Quote from below:
      +Creator Donald Brewer 4 days ago

      Again if unsure about address previously provided please forward order and shipment info to our support department:

      We will check these any any messages sent to KICKSTARTER as well before we ship products."

      I would say that this last line is definitive - no - they will check the message before they ship and I don't think we're close enough to that yet.

    9. Alex Cheng on

      If I sent an e-mail to change my shipping address, should I have gotten a response of some kind? I sent the e-mail last week and haven't gotten one.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kayla Lane on

      Thanks Donnie!! Can't wait!!

    11. Moose Man on

      To all

      I'd recommend you post over in the main comments going forward as there is a separate comment about shipping from Donald in the main comments area.

    12. John on

      Donald - I'm hoping for an honest answer here. Do you think that our watches will arrive before the Christmas holiday? Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

    13. Donald Brewer Creator on

      Again if unsure about address previously provided please forward order and shipment info to our support department:

      We will check these any any messages sent to KICKSTARTER as well before we ship products.

    14. Alessandro Saiko on

      Yay, FINALLY! Thanks for the update, Donald. Can't wait to get mine! I have sent an email to because of my new shipment address.

    15. Dave Butsy on

      It says

      Survey sent: 11/05/12 • Your response (click your response)

    16. Dave Butsy on

      If you look at your pledge it say view survey results.
      If you click this it'll have the address you supplied

    17. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      I just viewed my pledge but I don't see any address at all... I guess I should resubmit even though I know I gave an address when I placed my pledge.

    18. Missing avatar

      Xenobio on

      @Donald Brewer: I have sent a message to the support email address you gave because I recently moved to the USA, could you please make sure that the customer support people process it so that my watch does not go to my old address in another country? Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Xenobio on

      Woo hoo! I'm getting the mesh metal band one - I really need a watch that's both digital and classy looking because I'm a lab scientist. Excited about this.

    20. Janardan Nathan on

      Thanks for all the "sacrificial virgins".
      Did you include both male and female ones just to be safe?

    21. Moose Man on


      Nice pointer on checking your response to see what address was submitted now over a year ago.

      Also a shout out for'The sacrificial virgins we really appreciate it. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      You can look at your pledge and see "Your response." It shows you the address you wrote.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kjell Erling Hagen on

      Will it reach Norway by Christmas?

    24. Eric Melzer on

      This is great news.

      I don't understand why people are asking for a refund. Kickstarter is not a store, it's a place to help get companies started. If you expect to get your reward quickly, especially with something this technical and complex, maybe kickstarter isn't for you.

    25. STACT LLC on

      Way to go Donald and team!

    26. Donald Brewer Creator on

      if you can't remember what address you initially submitted just resubmit your order and address info to:

    27. Missing avatar

      Jesse Mrozowski on

      I actually don't know what address I put in is there a way I can check or should I just email you with current address anyway just to be sure?

    28. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      Finally, all my sacrificial virgins are beginning to pay off!

    29. Justin Young on

      This is very good to see.

      Thanks for the update!

    30. Alex von der Linden

      Kokobin, you're just going to keep whining, eh?

    31. Superior Robot on

      Seriously, I am very excited. I cannot wait to receive my two watches. Thank you for the information, Donald, I GREATLY look forward to enjoying this product.

    32. Janardan Nathan on

      Wonderful news! I'm so excited!!

    33. Justin Mitchell on

      Do we have an estimated shipping date? At least for specific backer levels or certain yield numbers?

    34. Missing avatar

      Razvan-Ioan Dinita on

      This project has let me down so much... I have backed several so far, but this one I fully regret doing so. A refund would be amazing, but I suspect Kickstarter is not a place to get that from... Oh well, hope it won't be so far behind current technology to make me want to throw it away... Such a waste!

    35. kokobin

      A refund would be very much appreciated instead.

    36. Paul on

      Wow - I'm picking myself off the floor!

    37. Ron Quek

      Haha I totally forget about this!

    38. John on


      But still afraid that this won't show up in time for Christmas. Better late than never...

    39. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      Wasn't expecting this.