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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

RE: Touch Time Update

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,  

While this has been a considerably more difficult and costly development process than our team ever expected, we are now making great progress and the end is near. 

BUT before I go any further, I want to make a personal apology to each one of you. You have been incredibly patient throughout this project and I realize that I have failed to properly communicate with you as our team pushes through the difficult production process. I want to assure you that the delays in shipping your units has not been from a lack of genuine daily effort, but from firstly issues in changing to the larger battery size and recently addressing firmware issues to insure we have a reliable product.

 Nonetheless, I have not shared information with you nearly as often as I should. Please rest assured that my lack of communication has not been from a lack of investment in this project. The entire team has been working extremely hard to get you the product we promised you and we all feel the stress and disappointment of failing to deliver in the time that we originally anticipated. 

Since our late August update all of the parts (case, straps, PCBs) have been procured. The hardware and design is finalized and we are ready to go into production as soon as we finalize the remaining firmware bugs. The last 8-10 weeks has been involved in beta testing of watches with numerous beta testers. A bug we have been trying to track down was that for some beta testers over period of few weeks they encountered an issue where watch didn’t respond to touch on home button to unlock requiring battery replacement to reset watch. This is not an issue we can ship the watch with, so our team has been working to identify the bug, fix firmware and then retest, but each “retest” require a 2 week static (untouched) and wear-test (daily touching) period to insure we don’t see issue over that period of time, and we have had a few iterations of this test process since our August update. The good news is that it appears our latest patch code has finally solved this issue as we initiate our current round of testing.

 Finally, I pledge to post far more regularly as we approach the completion and delivery of your watches so that you know we are striving everyday to get these watches on your wrists. As you have seen from various posts from beta users the final design and hardware is complete and our beta testers get many compliments on their watches, and once shipping to you we will still be the first non-rechargeable touch digital watch with extended battery life in the market today, true to our original specification and Kickstarter goal

We will continue to work hard to ensure that we ship all watches as soon we possibly can with our deepest gratitude for supporting us through this process. I hope shortly to share a picture of our mass production line producing finalized watches. 

Thank you for your support and patience. 



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    1. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but no reply.
      Please send watch and reply my email. I really want watch!!
      My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan

      Thank you!

    2. Zac Franks on

      Maybe he has forgotten to update us cause he doesn't have a touch time watch to see dates and time..."timely manner" haha

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan Allen on

      I am so disappointed. I thought that we would have our watches by now and if not then we would have had another communication from Donald. I guess that we were all taken! This is very bad for Kickstarter. If they don't do something to correct this situation, all os us will be spreading the word that investing in any Kickstarter projects is a shot in the dark and you can very well lose your money. I would not advise anyone to invest in a project through Kickstarter.

    4. goodn on

      When are you going to communicate with us Donald- this is a scam!

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Sonntag. PH.D on

      I jus looked back at my private communication with Donal going back to May 2013 (3 different emails over time) and I have not had the courtesy of a response. Donald do you still exist out there somewhere?

    6. Missing avatar

      Linda Sonntag. PH.D on

      A pledge to communicate more regularly is an agreement, a commitment. When will you come through and live up to your commitments please. I see you are offering phosphor watches commercially. where are ours?

    7. Stephen C Hokonson on

      " Finally, I pledge to post far more regularly as we approach the completion and delivery of your watches so that you know we are striving everyday to get these watches on your wrists."

      It's been 20 days. Can we expect watches before Christmas?

    8. TBD Toys on

      very timely updates! I think we need to track down Donald and put a foot in his ass to speed things up.

    9. Alex von der Linden

      HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So funny! OMG! You're like a comedian! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    10. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      So what happened to more communication and photos of the units? I didn't realize when I pledged my money for this 2012 watch I'd be getting it in 2014. I wonder if Donald is aware that technology changes every month and if no one has copied his idea for this watch in two years that maybe it's irrelevant by now ha ha?

    11. Missing avatar

      Margaret Hjorth on

      Seriously, you think apologising and updating us now makes up for the 12 month delay?? I have forgotten about this watch - it was a present for x-mas LAST year.

      First and only ever experience with kickstarter - it has been a sorry one!

    12. Brad Dancer

      Lack of communication is absolutely a lack of investment in this project, despite your heartfelt apology. but whatever, its just a watch, I'm long over it- thankfully i can still use my sundial.

    13. Justin Young on

      Alex, you just proved right there that you can be wrong (IMHO, almost always actually,) but Janardan isn't a racist, he's a specist.

    14. Alex von der Linden

      Look, I'm half Unicorn on my mother's side okay. Racist.

    15. Janardan Nathan on

      I still belief that "Alex von der Linden" is a flaming unicorn. Only unicorns can fart out rainbows with such ease.

    16. Barry Sewell on

      Alex. Because I'm such a sarcastic person people in my work want me to make two complements every time I am sarcastic. It's really had work. Haha

    17. Alex von der Linden

      Dustin, I'm here in this bog to mock people. Also, it's amazing to always be right and to never ever say the wrong thing ever. I'd recommend you try it. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      @Alex, you wrote:
      "I think that asking for new features a year after it was supposed to ship is indeed sort of silly."

      Well, first of all, upgraded firmware may include new features - that's general practise.
      Secondly, I've asked the same question already more than a year ago, and repeated it a number of times after that, but still didn't get an answer from D. Brewer, However, never ventured nothing gained.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      Thanks for the update Donald and I hope to see the images soon. I still find it hard that you just realized you'd been screwing us out of updates and communication... But maybe you had an awakening.

      I still want this watch because I enjoy techy nerdy stuff. So I don't mind waiting if it means that I will actually be receiving it in a relatively short amount of time (given it's already been a year).

      More updates would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing a working product on my doorstep in a box marked "Overnight Shipping" ha ha.

      As for Alex... Tell me what it's like to always be right and to never ever say the wrong thing ever? It must be really cool. I understand if someone is bitching for the sake of bitching and you ream them a little... But when someone has a legitimate question or concern try responding like less of a douche nozzle. You don't have get pissed at everyone about everything. Just let people vent their frustrations and concerns. That's what a forum is for.

      Not trying to start s**t with anyone at all but can't we all just get along and ignore the people who troll the forums with ridiculous comments? We're all in this bog of eternal stench together.

    20. Alex von der Linden

      I think that asking for new features a year after it was supposed to ship is indeed sort of silly. Regardless of what I think, I just like being a sarcastic person. Hence why I asked for my language to be included. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      Well Alex... perhaps you should provide us a list of comments that we ARE allowed to post.
      I don't think that my request was very silly and I certainly didn't ask for a refund.

    22. Alex von der Linden


      Since, you have plenty of time to wangle with widgets, please also include Klingon, Dothraki, and Asshole in your language selection.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      Dear Donald,

      Since you're still finetuning the firmware, could you please include Dutch among the supported languages? After all, Swedish and Norwegian are both represented, while The Netherlands have more inhabitants than those two countries together. I would love to offer my assistance.

      Best wishes,
      Paul Sprangers (dutch)

    24. danx55 on

      thanks for the great update Donald. I guess not all beta testers were used as I wasn't contacted

    25. Alex von der Linden

      Dear Donald,

      Please also post the results of your last prostate exam, and a completely fertility test. We will also need your long form birth certificate and a portion of the placenta you were birthed in.

      Hugs and kisses,
      Your best buddy,

    26. Janardan Nathan on

      Dear Donald

      I would like to start of by saying that I am very happy with the contents and the tone of this update. Things "seem" to be going in more positive direction since the previous update.

      Still, there are some areas which are lacking sufficient address from your team in my esteemed opinion:

      1)Beta Testers
      Please provide us backers with a list of beta testers.
      How do we know that there really ARE more than 1 beta testers?
      So far I only know of 1 guy who has posted about beta testing this watch, and he is a personal acquaintance of Donald.
      How are we to know that there are unbiased beta testers involved?
      There should be varied group of beta testers coming from different age, gender, ethnic profiles etc in my opinion.
      It may not be very effective if only friends/aquaintances of Donald beta test >.<

      2)Firmware patches

      Why cant Donald & team upload the firmware onto a site like github etc for us to see?
      Is it a trade secret or something?
      Anyplace where we can see the bugs being reported, tracked and fixed would be great!
      You can study other products(smart gadgets) in the market on how to set this kind of thing up.


      You mentioned "we are now making great progress and the end is near".
      Is it possible to provide us with a projected timeline?
      It would be wonderful if we can receive this watch in time for christmas haha :)

      With lots of love, salt and pepper,
      Your Fervent Die Hard Fan........................dream on :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeremy barton on

      Thanks for the update mate, and please keep soldiering on. Don't listen to the bloody whingers.

      I dare say there's a lot of us that are happy to wait as we're looking for the best watch I'm sure you can deliver.

      And its nice to know you're committed to delivering us an above all RELIABLE watch.

      Thanks mate and please keep at it!


    28. Missing avatar

      JOSEPH J ROCK on

      Well at least this lame BS update didn't give another "on my wrist date"... Frankly I'm over this watch experiment and thankfully I didn't get any of my friends involved in this mess.

    29. Missing avatar

      tangun on

      One year is a long time to wait. Can we have the opportunity to order more of our original products (at the original price) to get a win/win compensation?

    30. Stephen C Hokonson on

      My first also, but, I'm hanging in there because I'm hoping for a great watch no matter the wait. Just make it work!

    31. Dominik Haitz on

      this was my very first investment on kickstarter. I knew that the money can be lost, but it is still very disappointing!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Russell on

      The Pebble Watch (smart watch) are looking like a good buy.

    33. Missing avatar

      Xenobio on

      Good to hear the critical bugs have been fixed and things are moving along.

      Donald, I sent you a PM a long time ago regarding shipping and ordering extra silicone straps, please respond.

    34. goodn on

      Product seemingly no good and communication worse... and this is with your "supporters" on can only imagine what "tech support" will be like after launch....i guess you live and learn. Can we expect something prior to apple smart watch launch?

    35. Missing avatar

      andi on

      Great! Finally we have a contact with you. Please keep the communication open and let ua know what ia going on.. a post saying no update is an update for us.. all the best and looking foward to wearing the watch soon

    36. Missing avatar

      tony ash on

      While I appreciate the fact that you now realize the lack of communication and the delays are unacceptable, perhaps you will actually do something about it that matters to most of your customers, which would be to provide us a full refund if we so request it.

      If not, you can consider this watch the last Phosphor purchase I'll ever make.

    37. Missing avatar

      Greg White on

      Given that I expected this to be delivered in November of 2012, at this point I could care less if I ever receive the product or not, as I'm no longer interested, but good to hear that progress is still being made toward completion. Having a business of my own, I understand unexpected delays, and I'm sure the team is feeling the pain of not delivering when they planned to. I hope things go smoothly and delivery comes sooner rather than later.

    38. Sven Nilsson on

      In the summer of 2012, I thought I needed a watch (I haven't had a watch this millenium). But I didn't want a boring old watch. I wanted the modern equivalent of the good old Casio calculator watch that I didn't get when I was 12. I searched everywhere for it but there just didn't seem to be a watch like that. And then I found Touch Time. That's the watch I wanted and it is the reason I still haven't bought a watch (dumb or smart), because this is still the watch I wanted. I've stopped holding my breath for this, but I am at least on the edge of my seat :)

    39. Alex von der Linden

      John Johnson, the top pledge level was $1,050. Who are these backers that contributed THOUSANDS of dollars?

    40. John Johnson on

      Considering some backers contributed thousands of dollars for several units and we're now a year past the estimated delivery without a production model in sight, I can understand why some people are feeling uneasy.

    41. Justin Mitchell on

      Beta testers? Plural? Also, I'm assuming this means no shipping date in site?

    42. Alex von der Linden

      It took 7 comments for someone to start whining. I'm impressed. I thought it'd be less than that.

    43. Missing avatar

      Scott C on

      I wish I could get a refund...What a disaster...

    44. Missing avatar

      David C. on

      Thank you for the update. Please continue to update us on the progress and status of the development. Without updates, when estimated deadlines come and pass repeatedly, we are left to wonder if the project has been abandoned.

    45. Missing avatar

      Raffi Derderian on

      Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing the final product.

    46. Missing avatar

      CARLOS LUNA on

      Dear Donald:
      I am glad to finally have news from you. May be you could update on the development more often even if it is in a shorter format. I believe all of us consider this project ours and deserve to be unpdated frquent;y of your progress. Congratulations, although, I have already seen in the market other similar watches which incorporate the function of linking th watch to the phone. Maybe this will be your next project, a universal wacth which can connect with any kind of smart phoone. What is in th market now only works for specific brands.
      I expect your news, please keep us posted.
      Carlos Luna

    47. Alex von der Linden

      Thanks for the update.

    48. John on

      A post from Donald? It's a miracle.

      Donald - I hope you stay true to your word of more open communication. Looking forward to the final result of this year long process. I'm hopeful that it will be worth the wait.