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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
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RE: Touch Time Update

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)
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Dear Kickstarters,  

Ongoing testing is going well for TOUCH TIME. We have several hundred unit pilot run starting 1st half September, which we do before beginning mass production. 

Attached are some recent marketing shots of newest pilot samples. We will be in touch in next several weeks with everyone to reconfirm your mailing address so we can prepare your shipments beginning in October.  


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    1. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but no reply.
      Please send watch and reply my email. I really want watch!!
      My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan

      Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Dennis Loh on

      I have ordered 4 watches and I also start wondering whether this is fake

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan Allen on

      It is now November 5 and we have not heard anything from Donald since August 20. I have found out that if I had ordered my watch straight from Phosphor 5 or 6 months ago I could expect to receive it by the end of this month. If I were to order my watch today, I would probably receive it in March because they are backed up with their orders. So WHERE is my watch that I paid for well over a year ago? Will Kickstarter do anything to help us? How do we contact Kickstarter? I am going to try to find out something. Maybe we should all be calling the company (Phosphor) directly and trying to find out if we will be getting our watches. Look them up on the internet to find the phone number.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas Lex on

      Hello, i've paid for over a year. And now is November! Is all here a fake? Or can you send me the clock nearly?

    5. Pubsy Saki on

      I agree that this is probably a fraud. I think Kick starter should do something!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dinesh Chhetri on

      The watch on pictures still looks nice and is intriguing. However, I've kissed this money goodbye and think it's likely a complete fraud. But bad news for Donald and KickStarter. I won't fall for it again.

    7. Fedir Levchenko on

      More we wait, less of originality we get... Especially in light of many other companies coming up with smart watches and alike...

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Russell on

      So... October is now over and I don't have a shipment number. This is taking too long, I hope we get something for this wait

    9. Grant Young on

      Just wondering, is there any news on the progress?

    10. Mark Schaffer on

      @Michele Aceves
      So, Michele, how many years should one wait before one is not considered impatient? The original estimate was November, 2012. Now, it's almost November 2013. Since funding closed at the end of September, at most, they expected to work for 60 days. It's now 600% past that estimate. Donald Brewer started with a "working prototype" had made pilot runs, and promised updates. The latest promise was that units would start shipping in October. Well, October ends in 3 days from now....

    11. Missing avatar

      Raffi Derderian on

      I loved my old DH04 Phoshor watch. I get a lot of compliments on it whenever I wear it. So when I saw that Phosphor had a kickstarter - I was one of the first backers. All that being said, I understand there have been technical issues and setbacks, but that's still no excuse for the silence we've received for the last two months. Especially when we were told we'd be contacted in a several weeks.

      The facts are quite simple. Phosphor is now a year late on the delivery of this watch. Other competition has come out during the past year (Samsung, Pebble, Cookoo, etc) making this watch less desirable and advanced.

      It's not crazy or inconsiderate for your backers to want a refund. Quite the opposite - I find it extremely rude on Phosphor's part to keep us in the dark and not honour refund requests. We were the first to have their backs and support them on this project, and they have let us down. Simple as that.

    12. Michele Aceves on


    13. Philippa Skipp on

      Yep it's time for a refund. This has just taken too long. Delay after delay.
      Dont think this watch is now offering anything revolutionary as the market has moved on
      In the last FEW YEARS while we have been waiting for them to deliver.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      I have not seen

    15. Paul Harrison on

      I have to say if they really wanted to be a successful company they would know to manage their customers and social engagement, there's nothing worse than bad press, and Phosphor are getting plenty. I agree with an earlier poster to go online and make as much of this as you can on Facebook and Twitter, its the only social forum companies seem to respond to now and the more people we can warn to be careful of them the better.

      This has all the hall marks of a project that isn't going to finish. All Donald really had to do was stay in touch with his backers even if just to apologise regularly for another delay, the lack of actual real news for a project that's a year over due yet was funded 6x the initial amount requested has the hall marks off a project that won't deliver now.

      I may be wrong but his lack of interest in giving out refunds, and his failure to even answer requests to do this don't do anything except reinforce that this is a project that's not going to happen.

      I would further question if people are able to now bring litigation against Pirate Bay, Iso Hunt etc for enabling file sharing then surely Kickstarter could be seen as liable for providing a platform for enabling fraud? They appear to have made no move to help bring Donald and Phosphor into line on this missing money and project. Has anyone seen any comment from Kickstarter regarding this project?

    16. x on

      Dear backers, the only way to force Donald to act is to make this story known, reach out, tell people, leave comments wherever you see anything related to Phosphor, Prelaunch etc. My guess is that Donald chose to forget about this failed project and hopes that it will die quietly. Still, he has obligations towards us and if he chose to leave it - so be it, but he needs to refund our money too (just as other failed kickstarter projects originators did or are doing). If he doesn't he needs to be hounted by this in the future, whenever he goes to a job interview, starts a new company and looks for funding, meets new people - he needs to be known as a failed interpreneur who took 300k dollars from kickstarter backers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Morrison on

      I urge all backers to take a look at Donald Brewer's LinkedIn profile. He has been working on a new startup since December 2012. Not accusing him of doing this but if he used $1 of the kickstarter money to fund the new entity - Prelaunch, LLC he committed fraud. I just find the timing peculiar.

    18. Missing avatar

      Audrey Miller on

      And Alex, do I really have to show you a better, cheaper product to prove that this is a total ripoff? Where is the product that I was promised a year ago? ANY product is better if the company will actually put it into my hands within a year of my paying for it. I want a refund regardless.

    19. Missing avatar

      Audrey Miller on

      Pretty sure these originally said they would be ready for Christmas '12... Now it's looking like they won't be ready for Christmas '13. I was okay with the price when there weren't cheaper options with better features available. Now I just want a refund. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

    20. Missing avatar

      Susan Allen on

      I see that I am not the only person who is questioning where our watches are. The last we heard from you, Donald, was August 20 and you said that you would be contacting us in a few weeks to get our final information about the color of the watches we wanted and where to send them. It is now October 21 (two MONTHS later) and I have not heard from you. I am very disappointed. Yes, I have been patient but I am running our of patience. I can not believe that you are selling watches like what you promised us but that you can not send us our watches. I hope that you are not taking more money from other people and not giving them their watches. Please let us know what is up with our watches.

    21. Junny Phimrat on

      I want a refund too. I wanted this watch for my cabin crew career to have world time on my wrist. now I can remember time zone different already! Refund please.

    22. Justin Young on

      And we are about to leave October...

    23. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      One more observation about the odd "model images"... Not only is the watch on the model upside down. But as a professional photographer I can tell you that it's just a horrible photoshop job. I can tell because the of the lighting going across the watch face. It's not very plausible that the light reflection would be going across the glass of the watch face from one corner to the other... perfectly. It's just bad photoshop work on a dummy model. I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ashley Demps on

      Please can I get a refund! I don't even want these outdated watches anymore.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrea carignano on

      No news.... I start being worried! They said we should receive mail with shipping address but nothing until now...

    26. Missing avatar

      Zach Bookout on

      Only sad part about all this is that I wanted to have the first smart watch out.. Now that the galaxy watch is coming this will just look like a cheap wannabe without as much as the next galaxy watch :/ I won't take it out on the Touch Time team because they obviously want this project completed and done correctly as soon as possible. Just a little disappointed in the timing since it won't be the only one anymore.

    27. Mark Schaffer on

      @David Landais
      They don't' say which November. 2013, 2014, 2020. It's anyone's guess.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan DeRego on

      The sad thing about this is that Phosphor is a real company and that they are selling real watches on their website. I should have been more suspicious why they were starting a Kickstarter project.

    29. Mark Schaffer on

      It's not patience if you do not have a choice.

    30. Jason on

      We've hit October and I've heard nothing. What is this? I think some of us have been overly patient.

    31. kailash on

      I believe it`s already mid october now and we still waiting!!!!!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Rogolev Oleg on

      MY WATHES??????????

    33. Missing avatar

      Rogolev Oleg on

      MY WATHES??????????

    34. Missing avatar

      Ian Tan on

      Hi Donald,
      Please provide us with more constant updates. We've all been waiting from one Christmas to another for the watch and the lack of updates is really disappointing. Please be reminded that some of us are not residing in the States and have paid way more than a hundred bucks of our currency for the watch.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      If you think you're getting a watch this month you're in denial... If you think you'll ever get this watch you're probably wrong. I was hopeful for a while but if the makers of Bluetooth supported devices with WAY MORE functionality than the TT have already gotten their devices into major retailers... Then I'd have to believe that we've all been screwed. A watch company like Phosphor with a myriad of E-Ink devices and devices like my World Time Sport with touch sensitivity should not take this long to make a watch with a calendar and moon phases. They already have the technology to make this device and yet it's no where to be found. Also, if you believe for one second that those horribly photoshopped images of "models" "wearing" the actual unicorn... I mean watch... Are real you need a reality check. One of the watches was upside down for Christ sake! They can't even make a fake mockup without screwing it up. It just upsets me that so many people gave their hard earned money to support this "project" and may have very well lost their investment completely. Not to mention the fact that there are people here that back up Donald and think that he could do no wrong. In three years when we're still waiting we'll see if they are still singing high praises to their fearless leader.

    36. x on

      Come on, there's ONE guy, coincidentally a friend of Donald, who got his watch, so it's legit, right?

    37. Kosho Gambe on

      If you want to know the estimated delivery date, please look at the right side of this page.

    38. Mark Schaffer on

      Well, it's October, 2013. No update, no watches, no surprises.

      @Donald Brewer
      At best, you are incompetent. At worst, you are a fraud.

    39. danx55 on

      that would be cool :)
      i was selected as a beta but no beta so far :/

    40. x on

      Hey, so in a few days phosphor starts shipping our watches, right? ...guys? oh... s***t.

    41. Dmitry Lvovich on

      All reasonable deadlines have passed. I have never believed they would complete this project quickly. I have expected they would complete it in 9-10 months. But has already passed more than a year. Where our devices?

    42. Missing avatar

      Ramarasu on

      They are testing our patience

    43. Missing avatar

      Kevin Segreti

      Shame on you for not providing more timely updates on a project that is over a year old. Shame on you indeed.

    44. Justin Young on

      Almost the end of September...

    45. Cesar H. Perez on

      They should sell this design to Fossil, because that's what they'll be by the time they come out :p

    46. Justin Mitchell on

      I think it's finally set in that we aren't getting watches. I broke the news to myself last night. On top of that, it drives me nuts every time I read this update that watch is backwards on the naked chick.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.