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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

RE: Touch Time Update

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)
Dear Kickstarters,  

We appreciate your patience since last update. Since June we have been doing multiple pilot builds and wear-testing the pilot sample builds. During our weeks of testing in June-July we discovered a few anomalies that resulted in high current drain states that we had to chase down and determine root cause, and then solve. For example, we found when the watch was on a table and the face of the watch and is touching a table surface it resulted in "activating" the touch panel, and going into high drain mode. This was an issue that once we determined root cause we were able to fix with our touch panel vendor fix and the appropriate firmware update versus any hardware changes. 

My apology for more timely updates these past weeks, but wanted to provide feedback to you once we had conclusive answers to all the found power drain anomalies discovered during ongoing pilot testing and in several cases it took us few weeks to work with hardware vendors to determine root cause, resolve the issue, and then further test that issue is resolved.   

On a previous update there was noted issue from Kickstarter supporters that they didn't like to see the LOCK icon on all the time. This was great feedback and we have addressed this issue in the software so LOCK icon won't be always visible on the time screens as we have been improving the firmware as well.  


We are continuing our beta testing over the coming weeks with our pilot samples as we ramp up for production. The current schedule provided by the factory is to have samples for our selected Kickstarter testers 2nd half September, and production shipments starting in October.  

As the team has been wear-testing the TOUCH TIME pilot samples these past weeks it has been exciting to note the many comments and compliments we get from folks that notice it on our wrist. We look forward to get the new TOUCH TIME watch you supported on your wrist in coming months as we expect you will get similar reaction. Although there have been many smart watch announcements over the past year, we anticipate that the TOUCH TIME watch we will ship to you this fall will still be the only non-rechargeable touch digital watch in market for sometime to come holding true to our original project goal.  

We will have additional updates and pictures/videos in weeks ahead...


Donald Brewer


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    1. Janardan Nathan on

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but no reply.
      Please send watch and reply my email. I really want watch!!
      My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan

      Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sven Johannsen on

      Another two months with nary a peep. I just don't care any more. This thing, if it ever shows up, may go straight from the mailbox to the forgotten tech drawer.

    3. Dave Butsy on

      Oh, my love, my darling
      I've hungered for your touch
      A long, lonely time

      And time goes by so slowly
      And time can do so much
      Are you still mine?

    4. Ryan S. Carrigan on

      @william great points
      it would never hold up as an investment or the law and the SEC would be involved, blue sky laws and prospectuses would be submitted.
      I think it's closer to a retail transaction with an expectation and promise of delivery.
      it is a contract an offer ---- pay a specific price and get a product. so a failure to deliver can be based on negligence or on equity and detrimentally reliance and unjust enrichment. for the strongest point Donald is a professional not a novice and therefore held to a higher standard.
      it would most certainly hold up in court especially in the court of equity regardless of the definition or understanding between the parties.
      the meeting of the minds, implied contracts, express contracts, constructive contracts can and could apply.
      BTW before the sniveling Alexander starts to flame up... I wish to contribute to the total conversation of crowd funding/crowd sources in general not Donald per se. opinion and for discussion to elevate the platform. unlike Alexander's worthless contribution (there you go alex ....go)
      this is new and exciting territory and will evolve. there is relatively fewer "problem" projects then would be expected.
      Martian was a great project in large part because of communication and open participation with the participants.
      earlier projects that just were inexperienced and no real plan. Here Donald has made Lots of watches before so this project should not be that far behind.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jon Forrest on

      Hey Donald, I'm not much for wearing watches as is it, but I still can't wait to have one of these puppies on my wrist when I go out. Ultimately, it's just a watch, but a very cool watch. I don't think it will be any less cool to have one on my wrist, whether it's this fall, or next. As has been pointed out, just keep the communication flowing and 80% of your Kickstarters will wait patiently. Just because someone's loud, doesn't make them right.

    6. Alex von der Linden

      Glenn, do me a favor and name me another similar product. As in another watch with multiple watch faces, a calendar, alarm, stop watch, a calculator and a year in battery life.

    7. Missing avatar

      Omar Captan on

      I was wondering weather i can have a refund because i genuinely do not want this watch anymore? Please anyone who can help.

    8. Missing avatar


      When a product like this is a year late, many other similar products will have come and gone. The "value" in having this product in-hand when originally promised is very different than having it late this year. Who knows... by the time (if ever) this product comes to us we will have been able to own a Samsung or Apple watch. Heck, even the Pebble is available at Best Buy already.

      Is there any way to "rate" Mr. Brewer in case he tries other projects?

    9. Moose Man on

      Well, Texas wouldn't care because there is no personal income tax.

      And I'm sure they will appreciate any sales or business tax benefits realized.

      California does have a personal income and business tax and since the income was received in California a tax benefit for them would have already been realized as well.

      But wait, this is imaginary money so this would also be taxed as an entertainment tax which would be excessive. Therefore Donald is probably in the poverty line somewhere between Barstow and Lubbock as he awaits a money transfer from his 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in China.

      He is an entrepreneur and as many startups as he been involved with I'm certain he has figured out how to make money or transfer money and I don't care.

      He also knows how to make a Touch Time watch which is the only concern.

      Granted we are all not pleased with lack of updates but I understand the technical difficulties since the technology was not proven.

      Bottom line all this back story BS is just non sense and doesn't make for a good excuse for incorrectly claiming the project was dead.

    10. Alex von der Linden

      You mean the money that we have no clue was used in his new venture? Should we be concerned about hypothetical money moving to hypothetical states?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      Phosphor is in CA his new venture is in TX if he did use the extra capital from this KS wouldn't some people be interested in all that money moving states?

    12. Alex von der Linden

      *laugh* Who is defending Donald? I'm making fun of people who think that life is supposed to be "Fair" or who whine about refunds they're not entitled to. Plenty of people are out there talking about Donald's faults. Why do something others are going to do?

      Also, scare quotes only work if you actually quote things that people say. If you're going to attack someone, you should try and do it right, ya know?

    13. Janardan Nathan on

      Alex von der Linden WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BOOT LICKER?
      Do you sleep better everynight knowing that you have helped defend "poor" Donald from ""evil" ppl and their "nasty" comments? What a weirdo~

    14. Alex von der Linden

      "So if I can't ask for my money back what's fair?"

      Uh... who the heck cares? Fair? Are you twelve?

    15. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Roberts on

      Well I was right with what I said on the sixth update when we were told we would hopefully have our watches by the third quarter.. I did say at the time we would be lucky to have them this year.. With the delays upon delays I would be guessing march/April next year would be a better estimate.. It just feels like the spunk of this project is not there anymore.. You guys wanting a refund can kiss that idea away because in my opinion mr brewer has his fingers in other pie's and the overfunding from this project may be funding other projects.. I would have thought with how much this was overfunded a lot more money would have been put into this project and would have been sorted much much quicker than it has and we would have had more feedback than we have.. I'm just now waiting for donny to tell us all this project has failed and not viable anymore but that's what you get when you throw your money at a pie in the sky project.. I do hope it comes off but I'm not holding my breath any more for the empty promises.. Hey ho you live and learn..

    16. Alessandro Saiko on

      Finally a update! Thanks Donald, even though I'm sharing the disappointment with all the others about the delay of nearly one year. Hopefully we just will get our TT's as promised in the end.

      I'm concerned about this sentence of you:
      "We will have additional updates and pictures/videos in weeks ahead..."

      You promised us updates so often in the past and simply you didn't delivered them.
      So please just keep us up-tp-date about the ongoing progress once (better twice) a month. That would make the wait much easier and also would lover the general negative feedback a lot since most of us just complaining about the lack of information.

      Finally thanks that you heard our feedback (i.e. Lock Icon). Now I'm even more eager to get that thing finally on my wrist!

    17. Missing avatar

      Blake Partridge on

      To people saying asking for a refund is ridiculous or against the concept of crowdfunding - I have to disagree. We're not investing in anything - the key concept of investment is ownership. Do we get a share of the profits? No. So calling it investing is unfair to me.

      I understand the concept of crowdfunding. It's to support the production/creation of an idea/product that otherwise wouldn't be made. But honestly, few of us would do it at the level we have without getting something in return and that sets up fair expectations. Only 79 people supported just the idea, everyone else (2,200) people did so with the expectation of getting something in return.

      Fact of the matter is that this well past the delivery date. I'm asking for a refund not because I don't like the product, but because the delivery date has constantly shipped, updates have been slow, and I just don't want to be involved anymore. And for a company that has past business doing this, this kind of thing just isn't acceptable to me. I no longer want to support the product/company in this venture. Is it unfair that because they've failed to do what they said they would do that I want my money back?

      To bring it back - if you want to argue it's an investment - then why can't I sell my investment back?

      I understand some people think we should be supportive, I've been very patient with every KS campaign I've had (I've backed 26 projects) except this one. But you know the difference I've had with any of those that have been late? Communication. Funding for this ended 10 months ago and we've had 8 updates since then, the one before this being 2 and a half months prior. That's not ok to me and it's the driving reason I just don't want to be involved in this anymore.

      So if I can't ask for my money back what's fair? I don't think massive delays from a company that again, has years of experience with this, should just go unanswered. It's not some guy in a garage, it's a company (one I own another watch from) that should be better at this. Just my two cents.

    18. Justin Mitchell on

      I think that "refund" is the wrong word to use here guys. As investors, we have no right to ask for a refund of money, this is not how investment works. If a company does not hold up their end of the bargain, we do retain the legal right to sue on the grounds of deception and theft. However, Donald has not gotten to this point yet. Yes, it's been way past Nov 2012, yes Donald sucks at interacting with his backers, yes we are all antsy. This doesn't give any of us the right to ask for a refund though. We didn't pre-order the product, we invested in it. What will happen is that all 2k+ backers will have a sour taste left in their mouth after they do receive their watches. Unfortunately for Phosphor, they have lost a lot of cred as a company and will have issues finding investment or selling their products in the future. This is a consequence of lack of transparency and delivery, but this will not and should not impact us, the backers. Those that are angry and upset, I feel your pain and trust me, Phosphor will have this come back to bite them one day. But, until Phosphor announces they will never be delivering the product, we have no legal right to a refund per Kickstarter's rules.

    19. Alex von der Linden

      Is it also smart to make accusations with no actual factual basis?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      Donny has taken so long on this because he was too busy with his brand new company pre launch(mentioned in the main comments from his linkedin profile) he started in Dec 2012, makes me wonder how much of OUR money might have gone into that, it's smart to have no faith in this project anymore.

    21. Missing avatar

      Xenobio on

      Yay finally an update. Thank you. Please do keep us informed on what's going on. I understand very well that "Kickstarter is not a store" (unlike some people) but as investors we are entitled to know what the status of the project is. Anybody who's done any kind of development work knows that unpredictable problems happen, but I would have found it very interesting to learn more about what you all were facing and what was the troubleshooting process.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Fox

      Donald, once again thank you for a great update, expressing that you identified problems and how you remedied these issues. And thank you for not just sending out updates with no real content. I'm really chuffed that the watch is getting to a point of fruition; well done and fair play for sticking to your guns.
      Refund requesters!?!.... How do you think this funding platform works? If you want to buy something with a predetermined delivery time, go to Ebay, Amazon, FAB, or any other web based retail outfit. The whole idea behind Kickstarter is get products that are in development stage; however with funding, it will enable the the item to be mas produced. I'm sure if Donald had the money, without the need for crowd funding, he would have funded it himself and sold the watches to you at full price. It would also mean he'd not have to read the unrealistic expectations of the shortsighted, ill-informed ramblings of the hoi polloi, but actually get on with the job in hand.
      Thanks again Donald for all you efforts in bringing this amazing project to fruition.

    23. Janardan Nathan on

      I really hope that I can receive this watch by November 2013.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      I bought a Blizzard from Dairy Queen and it was melted... They couldn't even flip the cup over to show me that it was made correctly... I want a refund for that botched ice cream Donald! Ha ha.

    25. Missing avatar

      tsss031013 on

      Anyone know how to change the delivery address?

    26. Eddie Hurt on

      This project is one of three tech projects I backed that closed over a three week period between Sept 30 and Oct 21 of last year. I was enthusiastic back then over the promise of being in on the production of innovative items and being rewarded for it, but approaching a year later, none of the three projects has come close to production let alone being shipped out soon. I struggle with the disappointment but remain stoic, having learned the lessons of my naivete. I could swear though that the three developers must have hired the same writer to explain away their delays - maybe the three are even the same person in disguise for all I know, the updates are so similar. I don't whine over refunds and won't make such demands but if any of the three were to offer one, I'd be on it in a heartbeat. I am so over Kickstarter.

    27. Alex von der Linden


      It's one thing to be upset with Donald for not keeping us informed. Everyone has the right to whine and bitch as they please. They laid their money down, after all. I think it's dumb of them to do so, but that's my opinion.

      Refunds though... that's ridiculous.

    28. Justin Young on

      I can only hope that the folks asking for refunds do not back any more KS projects as you do not yet grasp the concept of this platform. This is coming from the guy that has been pretty contestant at yelling from the top of the mountain about how poorly of a job Donald has done using this platform.
      But come on, understand the platform before investing money.

    29. Alex von der Linden

      I like to laugh at all the people asking for refunds.

    30. Moose Man on

      To quote the update:

      "We are continuing our beta testing over the coming weeks with our pilot samples as we ramp up for production. The current schedule provided by the factory is to have samples for our selected Kickstarter testers 2nd half September, and production shipments starting in October."

      I perceive that the beta testing is being done in house and that the KS testers will simply confirm in advance of the bulk shipments that the devices are acceptable by someone outside of the company.

      I believe this to be a prudent approach. I was a beta tester for both Palm and Handspring back in the late 90's and early 2000's and this was a similar approach. We would test the prototypes and then be sent an early production unit to confirm that all issues had been addressed prior to a public retail release.

      About the only difference there was the product had not yet been announced in any fashion or media.

    31. Missing avatar

      Blake Partridge on

      Donald - I'll add my name, again, to the list of people asking for a refund. This is too little too late. As I've stated I was very interested in this watch a year ago. But time has moved on, technology has moved on, and so on. I'm no longer interested in this product and I'm not likely to wear it at this point. This continues to be delayed for reasons I no longer care about. While I applaud you and your team for trying to deliver a battery that will last all year I no longer have the faith that what you say will actually occur. Not saying you're lying, simply that your intentions and goal exceed your teams actual ability. It's a noble goal, but it's not one I'm interested in supporting anymore.

      In short: please considering issuing refunds. At this point you're aiming for about a year late, people should have the option to cancel what they no longer want based on repeated failed delivery goals.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Gordon on

      I agree with those who say that as "backers" we are not legally entitled to refunds. BUT, as "backers" we are, I would think, entitled to accurate and timely updates. This is perhaps even more so when the project is so oversubscribed and the sponsor has a bigger nest egg to work with then expected.

      A good time for this would be to respond to Jason E's interesting comment--Phosphor, you do not have to wait for a new Update to respond to some comments and questions raised, you can respond in real time directly like his, not to all but an occasional one. As I understand Jason E's comment, if the Beta testing with selected Kickstarters is going to begin sometime in the second half of September, and assuming they have some issues (which after all is universal in Beta, and the whole reason for it notwithstanding that you are wearing a sample watch now), those issues would need to be dealt with or not, then production occur, then shipping, is it realistic to say that "the current schedule" is for shipment to us in October?

      These watches are pretty inexpensive, but that doesn't change the principles involved in an open community such as Kickstarter. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      Not sure the point of giving people a watch SECOND half of Sept while the final product is supposedly being shipped out in October, where is the feedback from the pilot program going to come into play?

      Another update and another pie in the sky date that will no doubt be missed by a mile. I wouldn't take this as meaning its coming, I think finally our complaining amounted to at least an update.

      It sounds like using the touch panel activates "high drain mode" which sounds fantastic! I can't wait.

      Phosphor aren't the people to make this watch a real functioning reliable product I guess, or at least not in a timely manner. Hopefully it tells time better than Donny(with the horrible lie of an ETA).

    34. kokobin

      I, nevertheless, would still looooove a refund.
      I have no faith left.
      I have received my Martian watch.

    35. Yura Kim on

      Thanks for the update..
      Though I'm a little surprised that this possible issue wasn't one of your first concerns.
      I feel like this issue should have been caught from the beginning stages of testing since it's such a n obvious possibility.

      Oh well.. as long as you guys are working at your goal.

    36. Tsung Nan Chiu on

      There is only one way working, That is you tell me delay, and i can do nothing. Ok I'll wait until you down, but be sure my order is available and the watch can be ship that day.

    37. Shaun Pryszlak on

      Glad the lock icon has gone. That makes it worth the wait.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sven Johannsen on

      I think my biggest gripe is the time between updates. I get not wanting to update on problems, before solutions are found, but the silence is worse IMHO. I think we deserve a simple 'we are still here and working out things', once a month (at minimum).

      As far as delay's, OK, chit happens. I still think this will be a unique product in the market as it does not connect to, or require, some cell phone to be useful. I work in some areas that the BT connected products would be inappropriate, and cells are prohibited. Maybe the Estimated delivery should be edited to Nov 20something. ;)

      Guess some people don't actually get the crowd funded concept. You aren't pre-ordering a product, you are backing a project. You back at a level with specified rewards. Projects do fail. Oh well. If you can't afford to lose your money, don't play the game. This one is still moving along. deal with it.

    39. Gary Gnatz on

      Isn't this version the same as the sport version of the Phospor ?

    40. Moose Man on

      Legal action - on what ground. There is no promise to ship on Nov 2012. There was an estimated delivery.

      On a product that was not yet fully developed or proven - hence you backed the project to help finish the project.


    41. Missing avatar

      ZC on

      Thanks for the updated. I'm so excited to see the watch!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Marco So on

      An update that contains no photos or videos? How to proof that you're telling the truth? Look at the right side, you promised to ship the product on Nov 2012, almost one year of delay now! You're lucky that I'm in Hong Kong, otherwise I would definitely start a class action against you company. Anyone in the US interest to initial a legal action? I would be one of the first to join.

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      When I wrote that the refund-refrain is inappropriate, I perhaps better should have written that it is pointless. The project obviously isn't dead yet. You may be disappointed or may have lost every interest, but that just doesn't yield the possibility of a refund - as has been explained here more than once.

      Please, can we have an Edit button?
      I've forced myself to re-read my prose three times before posting, only to discover the many mistakes after that.

    44. Moose Man on

      From Google Dictionary:

      estimates 3rd person singular present, plural of es·ti·mate
      Roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.
      An approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

    45. Missing avatar

      Razvan-Ioan Dinita on

      I am extremely disappointed with the lack of commitment and updates, not to mention the breach of contract (if you check the pledge options on the right hand side of this project page on Kickstarter, all delivery estimates are Nov 2012, almost a year late). I would like an official response from you, Donald Brewer, on how I can receive a refund as I am no longer interested in this project. Thank you.

    46. Missing avatar

      Greg White on

      It really is disappointing to see these delays. The technology is starting to seem out of date, and if I ever get the watch, I'm not sure if I'll even wear it. Maybe this was something that shouldn't have been crowd funded. I was once kind of excited about the watch. I don't think I even care anymore at this point. Trying to be respectful and considerate, but at this point, my suggestion is to no longer update us, just send the watches when they are done.

    47. Moose Man on

      Breach of what contract?

    48. Mark Schaffer on

      @Paul Sprangers
      After the long delays and lack of updates, how can you have the audacity to suggest that the "refund-refrain" is inappropriate? Breach of contract is inappropriate! If you are bored, then so be it. I would suggest your complaining about the "refund-refrain" is inappropriate.