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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

RE: Pilot Samples

Posted by Donald Brewer (Creator)
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Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

Back from China and we have the first few working pilot samples in hand. Good news is the new tooling for the larger battery CR2450 and revised PCB doesn't appear to have any hardware issues. We have also been able to maintain close to our original case size targets on width, thickness and case length.  (side profile, front profile photos below)

We will have further updates over the next week showing you video of the various final time displays, functionality of World Time app, and the Timer app we added as a request from our Kickstarter supporters.

The factory has plans to build several pilot runs over the next 4-5 weeks working on improving assembly yield and quality on each run, while in parallel they will complete multiple rounds of  watch testing and wear testing. After we complete further rounds of testing over next couple weeks and confirm no unforeseen issues with our final hardware and casing we can accurately advise  target ship date. We will in weeks ahead be able to show you more photos of all the styles ordered by our supporters.

The end is in sight and we appreciate your continued support and patience, but please know we are working hard to deliver Touch Time to all of our Kickstarter supporters.


Donald Brewer

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    1. Oliver Irgendwo on

      Very upsetting this project. "Estimated delivery Nov 2012!" I would like to jump out of this project. It looks like some fraud to me. How can I cancel and get my money back? I backed already several projects here but this is nothing as a big disappointment and bad management. Even if the final product gets out it will be most likely low quality based on the pressure they have to finish the watch. I fear they are going to release the watch doesn't matter how done she is. No updates make it even worth! Upsetting in deed...

    2. Missing avatar

      Lance Mock on

      True, the Kreyos isn't a "watch", it's a "smart watch"... Then some would argue that the Touch Time isn't a "watch" either, but a "semi-smart watch".

      And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some would say the Touch Time isn't the prettiest thing in the world (it's too big and bulky, etc), although I agree the Touch Time is better looking then the Kreyos, but we'll really never know if we never get it!!! Both are just prototypes so final look may not be the same.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      The Kreyos may have pretty features (for those who want them), but it isn't a watch. And it's ugly!
      No excuse, though, for a blatant lack of updates.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lance Mock on

      Looks like this is another lost cause... Too bad.

      Got so impatient I went ahead and invested in another (in many ways superior) watch: They've been updating the campaign at least once a week (several times a week most times) and looks like they are already ready for production (with pictures of a test factory tour). They even had an early review on CNET ( So basically I paid $200 dollars (100 + 100 for this thing) for it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cameron Judd on

      Update please!
      I have supported many project on kickstarted, I have no issues with delays as they are inevitable. However as a backer, I want to know what I have invested in and expect updates regularly.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Ang on

      Hi Donald
      I think you will get a lot more supporter. If you could take just 5-10min to let them know, however, small the update maybe. I guess most of the frustration on this page comes from the not knowing what is happening after some good news, you know what I mean

    7. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Roberts on

      Can we have a update pls and also a eta of the watch pls... I recon by the time this appears its going to be twelve months late so I think free European delivery should be offered especially with how over backed this project has been...

    8. Sven Nilsson on

      Come on, people! Kickstarter isn't some online store like Amazon, where you send in the money and get your stuff the next day. Kickstarter is about having an idea or a dream and turning that into reality. Sometimes that process will be smooth, but most of the time it will be a winding road. Admittedly this has been my most "winding" experience on Kickstarter so far...
      The Touch Time watch is still up for pre-order on the Phosphor website, with an estimated delivery of "late august" so have a little faith. I didn't get my Ouya until weeks after it was available in stores, so I won't complain just yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Russell on

      .....I don't think I will use Kickstarter in the future. Please update on the orders, I hope there will be some type of compensation

    10. Missing avatar

      Ashley Demps on

      I've moved, has anyone gotten any info on updating shipping address?

    11. Missing avatar

      Francois Albert on

      OK it's been a while I have moved since, had a baby, changed jobs, married, been on vacation twice...
      Come on where are we at. and how do I notify my change of address...

    12. Missing avatar

      Ralph Post on

      Hi Donald, can you please give us an update? You're nine months in delay and no updates!?! I'm wondering whether this is still your main priority?

    13. Scott Rothstein on

      I think we deserve updates and an estimated delivery date. At least every month, Lunatik (Phosphur) is an established company so I expect updates and some feedback. I am not looking for a refund but many are, so someone should address these people concerns.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Doyle on

      coud we please just get the money back this is almost fraud this is straight bullshit

    15. Missing avatar

      john pontillo on

      Would you please give us a update? July 15,2013 and only one
      since the return from China's, email...john

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      >Олег: Хороший вопрос. Начинаюсь бояться что некогда не будут часы.

    17. Jason on

      1 year late is a little beyond the pale.

    18. Jason on

      So where are we signing up for refunds?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rogolev Oleg on

      когда будут часы?

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      The Sony SmartWatch 2 certainly is a nice piece of technology, but it's an entirely different concept. It heavily depends on co-operation with an Android phone, where the TouchTime is a standalone watch. You may have a choice if you happen to have an Android phone, but even then you will have to live with weekly charging or worse.

      No excuse for the stupendous lack of updates, though.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      return the money! go buy Sony SmartWatch 2

    22. John Goodman on

      I have asked phosphor for a refund as it has been to long to receive my watch

    23. Missing avatar

      SG on

      How about an update? Is it so hard to keep us up to date?
      I have to be respectful so i am not allowed to write anything.
      Conclusion: How can I get my money back?

    24. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      Sony SmartWatch 2

    25. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      tired! as you fight??
      stupid system! I can not do anything!

    26. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      ired! as you fight??
      stupid system! I can not do anything!

    27. Missing avatar

      David Lee on

      I am beyond disappointment here about this watch and Donald Brewer. This watch seems so jurassic and outdated when I now see the Sony Smartwatch 2 is soon to be launched. I feel cheated that I am getting such a flawed device now and wish back that I had not supported this cause. Infrequent updates and misjudged dates --- why not just tell us the truth. Where is the Kickbacker Police? Truly disappointed!

    28. Justin Mitchell on

      As a long time "defender" of Donald and company, I will break character and say that I do feel a bit jaded here. It's not overly complicated to update the Kickstarter page, even if to say "Sorry, it'll be a little bit longer on the video, things got really busy"

    29. Alex von der Linden

      Yeah! Get mad! Throw around curse words!

    30. Missing avatar

      Kaushal Patel on

      What the hell/ fuck

    31. Missing avatar

      Kaushal Patel on

      i didnt get my watch yet WTF is going on..

    32. Justin Young on

      Hey Art, Blind Ferret not only keeps their backers constantly updated but they also have delivered their projects on time.

      For an example of responsible Kickstarter projects.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ian Tan on

      Art's right, please provide constant updates. Some assurance on how the project is moving along would be really nice.

    34. Missing avatar

      Art on

      I understand that you had to make unforeseen changes to the battery. I understand that there are production delays. I understand that you're working hard to deliver the project as soon as possible.

      What I don't understand is why there is no update since May 23 for a project that's now 7 months delayed and why the project creators are not replying to the comments in this thread!! So far I don't think there was a single project on KS that was delivered on time, and personally, I never expected for this project to be any different. What I do expect is clear and prompt communication!

      @Donald Brewer - it is your responsibility to provide regular updates. In most projects I see on KS that has been at least monthly for projects that have been delayed.

      What's up???

    35. Alex von der Linden

      Hans, I don't feel that Phosphor has any reason at all to compensate me for the "delay". If they choose to compensate for the delay, it doesn't make any sense that they would choose something that would benefit the minority group of overseas backers, as that would just further piss of the majority group, the US backers. Thus it would be counterproductive to do so.

    36. Eddie Hurt on

      It's nearly July now. Like Jorno and iExpander, Touch Time has me in Kickstarter purgatory. Photos do nothing for me.

    37. Hans Kasarjian on

      Kenneth L: + 1

      Alex VdL: what are you complaining about? You're not paying for expensive overseas shipping in the first place. If you feel Phosphor should compensate you for the delay in any way just say so instead of undermining your peers' opinions!

    38. Eddie Hurt on

      Now what? Seriously.

    39. Justin Young on

      "We will have further updates over the next week showing you video of the various final time displays, functionality of World Time app, and the Timer app we added as a request from our Kickstarter supporters."


    40. Alex von der Linden

      John, probably China.

    41. John Rodriguez on

      where's my watch ???? It's almost july 2013... please advise....

    42. Moose Man on

      The lock indicator has been shown before on the home page. Remember folks, you don't have to lock the screen - it's your option - so if you don't want to see the lock indicator then do not lock the screen.

    43. Jessy Dhanjal on

      As mentioned before the Lock indicator should not be there or if it is visual indicator to show that the Watch is locked- Then it should show up {lock icon} when one tries to change the settings in locked mode and then disappear after a few seconds of inactivity. And when the watch is locked from an unlocked state, then should display that icon for a few seconds and disappear. In other words it should be temporary visual indicator and not a permanent display on the face.

    44. Missing avatar

      David C. on

      Thank you for the update! I do want to mention though that I definitely agree with Rossen and Paul that the Lock Icon would really diminish the professional appearance of the watch. I would like to see it disappear after a while of inactivity, then reappear only if the user attempts to operate it prior to unlocking.

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Sprangers on

      Rossen > Is that "lock" icon going to be visible all the time?

      Hm... good point. It would be nice indeed, if it disappears after a while.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rossen Halachev on

      I actually have a relevant question. Is that "lock" icon going to be visible all the time? I understand that as it is touch operated, the screen needs to lock and you have the slide to unlock thing, but it looks damn ugly. I really hope that it goes away after a few seconds. It's a small thing but messes with the whole esthetics of the watch. Just think about it.

    47. Justin Young on

      I'm with Alex. The point to this timepiece is to get a full year out of the battery and adding Bluetooth will destroy that!

    48. Alex von der Linden

      Graham, you realize the reason it's delayed is to make sure the battery life was a full year, and that adding bluetooth would completely destroy the battery life? This ain't a smart watch. If you wanted one, should've backed one of those.

      And Kenneth, I'm not sure how giving international customers free shipping is going to give the majority of people a good feeling, when... most of us are US. Interesting that your goodwill gesture mostly benefits the small part of the group you're in.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tom Fox

      Hi Donald, many thanks for the feedback. Please know that it is thanks to you, that I have backed more Kickstarter projects. It really should be recognised that when people back kickstarter projects that they are not placing an order with Amazon, Fab, or any other shopping website; this is an innovation website, and your watch design is just that, that is why I have backed it. I am amazed at how you've kept focus and stayed true to your design brief. Many thanks for the update and please note that I for one think that you are doing an amazing job.

      Always remember that the cautious mouse gets the cheese. Thanks again and all the best. Tom

    50. danx55 on

      hi Donald,
      thanks for the update - im liking the new pics :)