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Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.
Created by

Donald Brewer

2,278 backers pledged $314,581 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator kokobin about 21 hours ago

      Alex von der Linden on March 11

      Yeah, I bet you're used to salty tastes left in your mouth. :)

      Halex - the voice of experience - and Donald DoNothing's bitch

    2. Creator Dave 1 day ago

      Just checking in.... still haven't received anything yet.

    3. Creator John Ahn 2 days ago

      I finally got my watch, but after a few months, it stopped working. I have zero expectation of receiving any sort of customer support for this defective watch. . . Alex, are you still trolling here?

    4. Creator Alex von der Linden on March 11

      Yeah, I bet you're used to salty tastes left in your mouth. :)

    5. Creator Kiran on March 11

      Gave mine away. The experience with this project unfortunately, left a real salty taste in my mouth. Many individuals, myself included, went along for the ride because of the incorrect press releases that were out circulating this project. It was erroneously reported as being an e-ink watch. No one at Phosphor, corrected this but certainly capitalized on it. Turns out it was a crummy LCD. I received mine but gave it away instantaneously. It never sat on my wrist, ever. I couldn't. Not because it was a bad product, per say but simply because I wouldn't want to wear it and promote something created by an egotistical a-hole. Good bye, Donald. I hope a someone launches a class action suit against you.

    6. Creator Kevin on March 4

      Fortunately for me, I did received my watch. But that's after much trouble. They got my address wrong and the parcel got sent back. Upon multiple emails to the company, they finally accepted that it was their fault and send the parcel again, all these without a slightest bit of apology. The watch was clunky and laggy. I guess a lot of people bought into the hype just like I did. I really have no idea which designer would've approved this design. To me this is huge irresponsibility from the designer. As for Donald and phosphor, understand that there bound to have hiccups along the way, but the way they handled the project with lack of updates is a major disappointment. There is absolutely no excuses for that. For the unfortunate ones who did not receive their watches, I guess it's a painful lesson learnt; that talk is cheap. Hopefully we all learn to do more research before pledging the next time. Cheers

    7. Creator Janardan Nathan on February 27

      Yeahhh...My new backed projects:
      1) Buhel Tech Sunglasses + Headphones
      2) Blu: Wearable Smartphone
      3) FlyShark Smartwatch
      4) *Pebble Time*
      I'm sure that Buhel and Pebble won't disappoint!

    8. Creator Dustin on February 24

      Just funded the new Pebble Time because I love my Pebble Steel. I would give up on this project... I got my watch and it broke within a couple of weeks.

    9. Creator Janardan Nathan on February 13

      Hi Phosphor

      It has been many months, but no watch received.
      Can you please look into this?
      I really want this watch =(

    10. Creator Alessandro Saiko on February 11

      Guys, just knock it off. I did. This kind of a HUGE scumbag called Donald scammed a lot of us. Didn't received mine and I'm sure I never ever will. Next month I'm getting a Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 for my Xperia. Case closed.

    11. Creator wjdiaz on January 27

      Have any one had recent success contacting Donald / Phosphor? They do not respond emails and their phone line 310-765-1597 is no longer in service. I am still waiting for my watches. Any help on this regard will be appreciated. Thanks.

    12. Creator Tai Kim Kee on January 24

      Last year they contact me to pay extra for international shipping. I did it and they reply while they asked for money, after all they received the money and they never reply any more. Even report to Kickstarter they don`t take single action. This is the way they treat backer.

    13. Creator Dmitry Lvovich on January 22

      waiting a miracle...

    14. Creator asque on January 18

      "Still no watch 2 years in.
      Its amazing that Kickstarter has not done anything about it.
      I think that Kickstarter should have taken action towards Donald and this elaborate fraud."
      Ian Tan on December 31


    15. Creator Justin Young on January 16

      Well looks like some still didn't get their watches. I did granted I sold mine before I got it. It does look great on my friend's wrist and the battery seems to be still going strong. I saw him over the Christmas holidays.

    16. Creator Alex von der Linden on January 4

      I got a Samsung Gear Neo 2 for Christmas. It's pretty neat.

    17. Creator Moose Man on January 1


      TheKS agreement that you acknowledged when becoming a member advises they aren't responsible.

      They are as much a sham as this project nearly turned out to be.

      That said call the number I posted a few days ago and talk to Phosphor support. They should be able to provide further direction.

      I actually got a refund in May because they couldn't make the gold watch as I pledged for so you should get some satisfaction albeit it may be a watch.

    18. Creator Ian Tan on December 31

      Still no watch 2 years in.
      Its amazing that Kickstarter has not done anything about it.
      I think that Kickstarter should have taken action towards Donald and this elaborate fraud.

    19. Creator Alessandro Saiko on December 30

      Still no watch. I'm feeling silly for still bothering posting about it. You're the biggest disappointment on Kickstarter I've ever experienced. Shame on you!

    20. Creator Moose Man on December 23


      310-765-1597 is what's listed on their website. They are in Long Beach , California so it's Pacific Time.

    21. Creator Whitecat on December 23

      @Moose Man What is the phone number for support? I am having difficulty finding the one that was posted earlier.

    22. Creator Paul Sprangers on December 23

      Arme Bert,

      Al die moeite, al dat wachten. En wat krijg je uiteindelijk? De TouchTime.
      Ik heb hem een paar weken omgehad, maar het bleek een onhandig ding. Het scherm reageert erg stug, waardoor je bepaald niet voor je plezier een alarm instelt of de kalender raadpleegt. De ingebouwde rekenmachine (waarvoor ik notabene zelf nog heb gepleit!) is van een onhandigheid die bijna komisch aandoet. Wat mij betreft is de TT al maanden voltooid verleden tijd, wat natuurlijk niet wegneemt dat je er een had moeten krijgen. Succes!

    23. Creator Bert Nieuwenhuizen on December 22

      You sold me a watch i never received.
      According to you it is since more than a year with the dutch customs.
      But they never received anything.
      You also never ever again responded to my messages.
      So you leave my no choice. I give you untill Friday 27th december 2014 to give me a solution. If you refuse to respond, i will file a fraud complain the dutch Policestation.

    24. Creator Janardan Nathan on December 17

      Hi Donald/Phosphor

      I Pledged for Touch Time watch on Kickstarter.
      My Pledge: Pledge $99 or more
      "The Touch Time watch with stainless steel case and black silicone strap is expected to be the most popular and will retail for $159, but Kickstarter backers get the stainless steel case black silicone version now for just $99. Free US shipping included, add $25 to ship internationally."

      I have added additional $25 to ship internationally
      And added $30 for two more silicon straps ($15 for each strap: 1 white strap and 1 orange strap).

      I was refunded $30 through PayPal with the following message (May 13, 2014).
      Note from Art Technology Limited:
      Your watch has shipped but we didn't have extra straps available so have provided refund for that amount. Donald

      Sadly, it is already Sept2014 and I have not received my Touch Time yet.
      I emailed multiple times but my emails aren't getting through.
      I hope you can help me on this as I really want the watch. My kickstarter name: Janardan Nathan (

      Thank you!
      Warmest Regards
      Janardan Nathan

    25. Creator Dmitry Lvovich on December 6

      no watch, no mony, no hope

    26. Creator avi on November 23

      BE CAREFULL!!!! This is a Fruad!!!

      They charge me for 174$ , did not supply the watch or refund me.

      I am trying to get them for few months......

      BE AWARE!!!

    27. Creator Alessandro Saiko on November 12

      Donald, no answer for months from you. In July your support told me they send out my watch. I've still no tracking number nor watch. Please give me for what I've paid for or alternatively a refund.

    28. Creator Bert Nieuwenhuizen on November 11

      Still no watch. I don't beleave the storry they went missing at the customs. Please sent a watch or refund.

    29. Creator Paul Sprangers on November 10

      @Alex: ".... Well shit you sold me. I have to take my watch off for forty five minutes everyday?!"

      Well, no.
      Since you seem to be perfectly happy with your TT, there's no need to take it off at all.

    30. Creator Askar on November 10

      Hi, Donald.
      I don't want nor gunmetal or a pair of silicon watches.
      Please refund me.

    31. Creator Alex von der Linden on November 9

      .... Well shit you sold me. I have to take my watch off for forty five minutes everyday?!

    32. Creator Paul Sprangers on November 9

      OK guys, forget about the TT. Go for the LG g watch r!
      Look at these two faces (among the many, many beautiful others - plus the advantages and versatility of Google wear). OK, it needs to be charged every day, but hey... that won't takes more than 45 minutes!

    33. Creator Moose Man on November 3

      For what it's worth, no Touch Time metal banded watches are on sale at Phosphor.

    34. Creator Alex von der Linden on October 31

      Correct. There is no way we could file a class action lawsuit or just put them in bankruptcy.

    35. Creator Elie Perl on October 30

      bunch of crooks, I'm still waiting for my refund...
      if you take customers money you have a responsibility. is there no way we could file a class action lawsuit or just put them in bankruptcy ?

    36. Creator Alessandro Saiko on October 30


      still no tracking number nor watch. Please just give me a refund.


    37. Creator Alex von der Linden on October 26

      Yeah. Damn watch technology that is more obsolete by the day.

    38. Creator Cory Wilkie on October 22

      Received my two watches today in Canada. A silver stainless and a black silicone. The watches are way thicker than I expected, but on the bright side I didn't have to pay duty. Disappointed with the watches and the whole process, and probably try and sell them locally, but at least I can lay this to rest.

    39. Creator Dr Cheng LInk on October 22

      Finally. After so many months, Donald replied me with a tracking number.

    40. Creator Moose Man on October 22


      Unfortunately, I actually did get my watch although it was not as advertised since two watch faces were removed and then to add further insult; I had ordered a "gold" unit and they couldn't create that variant so I got my money back on that unit. Was actually sent a check back in July, I think.

      Unfortunately, there are only a handful (my guess) of people that didn't get their watch or money back so most of us wouldn't be able to support some consortium effort for refunds.

      Part of the issue was the extra $25 for International shipping, supposedly, many did not pay it and hence the delay.

      Some of had luck calling a US number - scroll down through all of these comments as the phone number did get posted. Generally, those that actually talked to a person eventually either got their watch or moneys.

      Good luck.

    41. Creator Oriol Miarnau on October 22

      Hi, I have had reply to my words. His response was to send the watches almost immediately sent me an email where indicated STAMPS.COM who have asked shipping, that does not mean they do. But I guess you will agree with me when I think they should return the money they scammed by a project and a technology that to this day is more than obsolete. So I ask to see what we can do together to lobby against the company that has cheated us for our money back.

      It really is sad that these experiences by people like me and MOOSE stop helping people who actually have a bright future for fear of being ripped off as has happened here.

    42. Creator Moose Man on October 21

      Chris, early on the BBB was contacted with much the same response. Businesses have to be subscribed or members of the BBB to really have any impact and unfortunately there is little reason for Phosphor to care.

      I never expected this kind of program from what I thought, apparently incorrectly, was a standup company.

      As Oriol pointed out I'm virtually done supporting technology products.

      I still back manufactured programs but most of them are from proven project leaders and they don't have a battery.

    43. Creator Chris on October 21

      Well the Better Business Bureau is not having any more luck than I am at contacting Phosphor:

      Complaint ID#: 376503
      Business Name: PHOSPHOR Watches

      BBB has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.

      BBB develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.

      If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify BBB immediately.


      Raquel Negrete
      BBB Complaint Department

    44. Creator Oriol Miarnau on October 21

      After 2 months and I still get nothing. It's a real shame that a company with international market has been subject to a campaign of scam as big as this. As a user of KickStarter, I stopped investing in his projects because they have SCAMMED me almost 300 USD and yet I keep getting emails to put more money when I did not have the first version.

      Only I'm going to ask that to demonstrate good practice, which has not done so, give me back the money invested in your project and you have SCAMMED me !! You know I can not do anything to get it back, but you do not know how you sleep at night having done this to so many users, because I'm not the only one.

      I also know that will not respond to my email, as has been done so far, because to answer that soon it will send and spend 2 months that is neither soon nor anything.

      So thanks for nothing, and I hope that never dies, always sick, to suffer by unfulfilled promises and deceit!

    45. Creator Ashish S on October 18

      Finally sold mine, glad that I got rid of an outdated and worthless watch

    46. Creator Alessandro Saiko on October 17

      Still no watch nor my requested refund. This project (Donald in particular) marks the bottom of my KS experiences. Shame on you!

    47. Creator Bert Nieuwenhuizen on October 16

      My watch still hasn't arrived. On my last message on the 10th of september i got no answer. According to Donald it was sent to customs in Holland but they replied me nothing arrived.
      Please investigate where it has gone!

    48. Creator Dominic Walters on October 16

      I just thought I would come and have a look at this forum out of interest and wow! I consider myself amazingly lucky. My watch only arrived 18 months late and still acyaully works and I even like it. Trust me I am not singing Donalds praises at all as I think this whole project has been dealt with disgustlngly and there should be some comeback and I really feel for those of you who are still waiting for something here. GL and you have my deepest sympathies. Probably best to go and get something far better yourself a few grey hairs!

    49. Creator Roger Williams on October 15

      Not that any of this really matters anymore, but my watch arrived. It's filthy. Clearly used. The touch screen doesn't respond. Donald really is a scumbag.

    50. Creator Dr Cheng LInk on October 14

      pledged for 3 Watches... nothing so far.

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