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Time Hammer is an 8-bit sidescrolling adventure. It's also the first full-featured game developed in HTML5! And it's open-source! Wow! Read more

Portland, OR Video Games
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Time Hammer is an 8-bit sidescrolling adventure. It's also the first full-featured game developed in HTML5! And it's open-source! Wow!

Portland, OR Video Games
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Play the demo!

Now you can get your paws on Time Hammer and play through World 1 from start to finish!

EXPERIENCE the drama
RUN from left to right
JUMP a lot

It's in alpha, so be gentle!  And of course, any feedback you can give would be much appreciated.

What is Time Hammer?

It's two things:

First, it's a game where you run, jump, fall and die, try again, smash enemies, and have fun (hopefully!)  It's a retro, 8-bit throwback to an earlier time, but with some modern touches that we just couldn't help but include.  Low gravity, destructible environments, a kickin chip-tune soundtrack... yeah, it's a blast!

Second, it's a gaming engine built from scratch in HTML5 / Javascript. Time Hammer will be the first fully-featured, plot-driven game featuring the HTML5 <canvas> tag. There are other "proofs of concept" out there, but none are attempting to tie together a complete, professional game experience.

Third, (I lied about it being two things), it's an indie community dream come true. The game engine will be released open-source on GitHub - meaning that anybody can download it, improve it, and use it for any purpose, free of charge.

Wait what?

Yeah, you heard me! Open-source! Historically, companies have built and licensed engines because the barrier-to-entry was too tough to attempt from scratch. I think that sucks! Since HTML5 is a brand new emerging technology, and much more accessible to casual programmers, now's the chance to get in quick before some conglomerate corners the market (or patents some of these technologies!)

So you aren't just handing us money (but please feel free to do so!) -- you're also investing in getting this new gaming platform off on the right foot: in the hands of indie developers worldwide!

Got something to say?

You talkin' to me?  YOU TALKIN TO... ok, terrible impression, I know.  Hit me up at if you want to talk Time Hammer!


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    The wallpaper, PLUS a thank-you postcard which we will write on with our bare hands... maybe even doodle!

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    The wallpaper, the postcard, PLUS a thank-you on the Time Hammer site with a link to your URL.

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    Booya, it's the Time Hammer T-Shirt! Complete with a secret witty phrase ("Get Hammered"?)

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    You get a black and white wood cut print of our hero, Reginald. (We can do this? That's so cool!)

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    You get a hand-watercolored, wood cut print of Reginald, and a special prominent place on the website as a triple-digit sponsor.

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    Now we're talking! You'll get everything on this list. Yep. The watercolor, the postcard, the t-shirt. Oh, and every game we release - ever!

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