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Our team set out to create drinks that not only taste amazing, but are also functional.
Our team set out to create drinks that not only taste amazing, but are also functional.
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Help Us Name This Baby!

Posted by Torani Mix Tank (Creator)

Hey Backers, 

Again, thank you SO much for your support! Over here at the Torani Mix Tank, we’re excited to involve you in every step of making Plus Ups a success. So now, we want to ask you to help choose the perfect name for this delicious new product. 

When we were in development for Plus Ups [working name] we brainstormed many different name options. We mulled over the names for days and decided instead of picking its forever name ourselves, we’d have our backers help with this important decision! Yay!  

Now we can’t wait to see what you all think!  Here are the choices:

• Torani Plus Ups (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Plus Up) 

• Torani Smashes (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Smash) 

• Torani Blend Ins (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Blend In) 

• Torani Add ‘Ems (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Add ‘Em) 

• Torani Grinds (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Grind) 

• Torani Additions (i.e. Torani Harvest Veggie Addition) 

Please click on this following link to cast your vote now: 

Stacy (and the Mix Tank Team)
What's the right name?!?
What's the right name?!?


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    1. Diana Goldberg

      I like Eric's ideas. What about "Torani Extras"?

    2. Eric on

      How about "Torani Power Ups" or "Torani Craft Blends"

    3. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      @Terri don't be scared, go with your gut :) @Angel, hope you cast your vote through our Survey Monkey survey link too!!! We're so excited to find out which one is the winner!

    4. Missing avatar

      Terri Hanagan on

      Well, I am SO out of my league here :-(
      Will go with common wisdom...

    5. Angel Leigh McCoy on

      I like Torani Smashes, but it doesn't really convey what they do. I think my favorite is Torani Add'Ems. That's my vote. :)