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Our team set out to create drinks that not only taste amazing, but are also functional.
Our team set out to create drinks that not only taste amazing, but are also functional.
Our team set out to create drinks that not only taste amazing, but are also functional.
377 backers pledged $16,738 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Karin Winslow on

      I still haven't received my backed product - I have sent a message and have not gotten a response. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    2. Missing avatar


      I haven't received mine...

    3. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Narvaez on

      I still haven't received any word back from you guys about my shipment. Please help since I still don't have anything.

    4. Gilligan on

      Package got rejected by customs and was sent back to you. Can you please contact me?

    5. Missing avatar

      Chasidy on

      I received my pledge, thank you; however, it was not what I ordered. I received the Coffee Bean instead of the Green Veggie. If you could get back to me and let me know what we can do about this as I do not want the coffee one! Thank you! I did get the Vanilla Bean and Mango Syrup! Cannot wait to try those.

    6. Stephanie Jagge Frayre on

      Received my pledge!! Thank you so very much!!

    7. James Hudson on

      Still waiting on any news of shipment or delivery :(
      Whatever happened to emailing with tracking details after spent? Did that just fail completely?

    8. Stephanie Jagge Frayre on

      Still waiting on my pledge... I can't wait to try out the goodness...

    9. Josh Fields on

      Theeeeey're heeeeeere!!! All the way to Tokyo!

    10. Andreas on

      Box arrived and was full of goodies. Very happy. Thanks to the entire team!

    11. Melissa Spolidoro on

      I got my package today, very happy it came, but there was no replacement for my green veggie plus up :(

    12. Heather Holmes on

      Got mine yesterday. Unfortunately for me everything is too high in carbs. Gave my stuff away to a friend,

    13. Sheri Dieck

      And if, like me, you find the mango mix too...generic tasting...add almond milk! Adds a great creaminess! Currently enjoying one with the Harvest Veggie. I hope the Plus Ups will be available for purchase to consumers, I don't recall if they ever said anything about it. I'd definitely be a regular buyer.

    14. Sheri Dieck

      Got mine today in Tennessee, and I hadn't gotten a tracking number. It looks great!

    15. Richelle

      Update: I got a message from the project creator with the tracking number. It was shipped yesterday and should arrive here on Friday. If your backerkit still does not show as shipped, do not despair. It might magically show up on your door step this week. I'll post back again when I get it. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

    16. Richelle

      I would assume something is going on because even by hand it wouldn't take one person two weeks to pack and ship 217 packages (160 were already done as of the last update). I do not need a lengthy update. Just an updated timeline would be good.

    17. Missing avatar

      Karen Waldron on

      I too am wondering about a pkg. no notice of shipping or anything? It's been 2 weeks since the last update...what's up? Disheartening to see comments here that others have received their kits

    18. Richelle

      I don't mean to pester, but I have been watching my backerkit to see if my reward has shipped but have not seen anything yet. Is there another delay? If so, that's ok. I was just wondering. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

    19. Aileen Lowe on

      I did not receive my package or any tracking. Can you please advise?

    20. Missing avatar

      Meghan Meissner on

      Got my package yesterday! Excited! Just randomly showed up. Question... Now Im kinda addicted to the mango mix you sent out, how can I get more!?

    21. Richelle

      Carolyn, you didn't get an email from backer kit? If not then I might have a surprise when I get home! I logged into backer kit and didn't see any of my stuff shipped including the Torani stuff.

    22. Carolynn Beej on

      So I am so excited. I came home today and had a package. Did not even know it was shipped. So excited to try.

    23. Jack Zhang

      that is a pretty good deal for the people that selected green veggie... sadly i asked for 3 of green coffee only so just the extra jug still a great deal. though this boost confidence in the quality of the product everyone is getting.

      will you guys have any recipes on how to use these in the packaging or online? any video, etc on these products?

    24. Damian Parkin on

      Firstly, thank you for the extra tubs, but just please confirm that we will still get our reward of the green veg when you've managed to perfect the process??

    25. Richelle

      Have you started shipping yet? (Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? :) )

      Will we be getting a tracking number or will it magically show up on our front door one day? :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Liz Coleman on

      I haven't seen my package our a tracking number, should I be worried?

    27. Josh Fields on

      30 days since last update. I'm as curious as Richelle and the rest... Thanks!

    28. Richelle

      Think we could get an update as to how production is going? Did it start in time? Are we on track for shipping next week? The last update said mid September. Next week is mid September. :)

    29. Alexis Croushore on

      My address has changed-- where can I update this information?

    30. Missing avatar

      T Miller

      Any updates on when we might expect shipping to begin?

    31. Danusia Szumowski on

      Hi - can you repost the link to order, please.

    32. Missing avatar

      Cliff Albright on

      Do you have a size chart for the jackets? Wanted to ensure a right fit on choosing the size.

    33. Missing avatar

      Hazel lowe on

      Was hoping for the smoothie mix in strawberry too!
      Please make it happen!

    34. Missing avatar

      Denise McNickle on

      I wanted the smoothie mixed too. Maybe Torani will still make it happen for the backers.

    35. Jack Zhang

      Short of stretch goal. I wanted that smoothie. Would really make our day if it still happened! Congrats on successful project

    36. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      @Chasidy that's exactly right!!! And @Yuji, we WANT you all to get some of our delicious Torani Real Fruit Smoothie Mix too!!! Let's Do This!

    37. Yuji Akaoro on

      Gotta push that stretch goal! I really want that syrup for smothies haha :) remember backers! Please.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chasidy on

      Definitely all the Veggies! It's so hard to get your greens in when you live a busy lifestyle!

    39. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      Hi Guys! Not sure what went wrong... here is the correct link:

    40. Katrina Hennessy

      Do you have nutritional information? Am I missing it somewhere?

    41. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      Hey Chasidy! Definitely! I'm curious... which flavor are you going to pick?

    42. Missing avatar

      Chasidy on

      If we choose a reward level with more than one of the plus ups, can we choose to order multiple of the same flavour?

    43. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      @Jerry, great ideas! Thanks for sharing those!

      @Eric, great name choices! We do have a list that we're working off of right now, not sure if you've visited our Survey Monkey (the link is attached to our "Help Us Pick A Name Image"), but we will certainly think about your cool name ideas as well!!!

    44. Eric on

      Name suggestions - How about "Torani Power Ups" or "Torani Craft Blends"

    45. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      Stretch Goals- an additional flavor, recipe book or T-shirt

    46. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      Hey Richelle! Right now we are looking at 14 servings per container (each serving is about 2 Tbsp).

    47. Richelle

      How many servings in each plus up container? And how much is one serving? Tablespoons? Teaspoons?

    48. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      Hi Emanuel - I just confirmed that all ingredients and the process are Kosher certified! Thanks for reaching out!

    49. Emanuel Levy on

      Will this product be certified kosher?

    50. Torani Mix Tank Creator on

      Hey Andrew! We are so blown away by the early response, I guess it is something we better start thinking about! Thanks for your support and we will definitely be in touch!

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