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Seven garments, five dramatic yet delicate looks: Jungle Flora in the city, this Summer 2013.

What is the gist of this project?

I am a newly hatched fashion designer, attempting to output a second small collection of seven garments (five looks total) for Spring 2013, called "Jungle Flora." The line is inspired by a study I did in Costa Rica where I cataloged and collected cloud forest plants and flowers. Petals and leaves in their softness and luster remind me of silk. So this collection will be made entirely from silk, primarily silk satin and silk chiffon. I wanted all of the designs to have a lightness and a flutter to them, so you'll see lots of lightweight layers and ruffles as well as open bell-shaped hems and sleeves. The entire collection is very feminine and graceful. 

What makes this designer unique?

Almost all of my designs implement hand-finishing (couture) techniques and I work with the finest natural fibers and fabrics. I believe that clothes, just like food, should be made with great love and care. 

In this day and age of fast fashion and a preponderance of low-quality garb, I hang on to the notion that less is more. The experience of wearing a carefully constructed garment that is both comfortable and beautiful is a rare luxury; I wish that more people had this opportunity. 

As my business begins to take shape, I hope to work out a model that helps everyday people find access to and appreciate a little bit of luxury.  

What am I funding exactly?

Your contribution will go mainly toward supplies for producing the final samples for this collection. There are many supplies involved in making garment samples, including fabrics and notions as well as muslin and various pattern papers. Extra funds will be used to support the collection in various ways, including the purchase of additional equipment and materials. I also hope to be able to hire a model for a photo shoot finale that will be featured on my blog.  

What gifts are you giving away?

Most everything is detailed in the rewards section, however there have been some important updates. 


I am upgrading the handkerchiefs from a basic cotton voile to a very fine Italian linen that was really too beautiful and lustrous to pass up. These handkerchiefs will be durable and resilient -- don't be afraid to make use of them! -- and will be almost as soft as silk after a washing or two. 

Italian linen
Italian linen

Screen prints:   

The frameable screen prints will be produced on a highest quality 100% woven cotton 130lb paper stock, acid free. I will now be offering backers the option of choosing either black or a slightly more subtle dark gray for the print color. 

Screen print of an original drawing by the designer, from her studies of plant life in Costa Rica
Screen print of an original drawing by the designer, from her studies of plant life in Costa Rica

Design sketch prints: 

Currently, I am investigating printing copies of my design sketches in photo-quality frameable form, size 8 x 10, and will report back on this.   

Pocket squares or neck scarf: 

I will now be offering the option to choose any color of silk charmeuse available. There is no need to stick within the Jungle Flora palette. As charmeuse comes in almost as many colors as a big box of crayons, there are lots of options here! 

Tank tops: 

Finally, for backers who selected the tank top, I have decided to stick with the fine linen "tissue" jersey that I chose for my own tank since it has been such a pleasure to wear. This tank has absolutely been my favorite piece this summer with these 99+ degree days. The linen is so lightweight that it feels like wearing nothing.

Linen jersey tank, with screen print at hip
Linen jersey tank, with screen print at hip

When will I receive my gift?

Most gifts will be mailed in September, once the collection is completed. The custom-made shirts will take a little longer; they will be mailed in October. 

Why do the gifts take so long?

Over the next two months, I will be putting all of my focus and energy into completing the collection in time for my September deadline. There simply isn't enough of me to go around to hand make each garment and all of the gifts on top of that. Thank you for your patience and understanding! I have to hang onto my day job! 

What is the time frame for finishing this collection? 

My goal is to complete the final samples by early September, or by around the time Fashion Week launches here in NYC.

Will you be showing at NYC Fashion Week? 

No. My collection is too small and showing at NYC Fashion Week is very difficult to do without industry connections and an extensive portfolio, but, not to worry -- this collection is about deepening my experience and gaining a little exposure for something bigger and better in the future.

Where can I find more information about you and your work?

Please visit my blog where I document all of the garments I produce:

Feel free to use the Contact form on my blog if you would like additional information about anything.

Where can I find the music used in your video?

Here's the first song by Peter Sharp:

And here's the second:


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    Your confidence and your contribution is greatly appreciated! You will receive a handwritten thank you from the designer and a signed copy of a Jungle Flora design sketch.

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    Your generosity and confidence is greatly appreciated! Receive an 8 x 10 screen print of the designer's original drawing of an exotic Costa Rican cloud forest flower, suitable for framing and signed by the designer.

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    A true value: Receive a lovingly hand-tailored handkerchief, with a hand-rolled edge -- impossible to find in the stores these days -- made from soft cotton voile and featuring a screen print of the designer's original drawing of an exotic Costa Rican cloud forest flower. You may also opt to receive a plain handkerchief, sans screen print. For an additional $10 pledge, add a hand-embroidered initial.

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    Receive a lovingly hand-tailored silk charmeuse pocket square, in one of the jungle flora colors. Ladies, this also makes a beautiful neck scarf, folded on the diagonal. You may add a hand-embroidered initial to your pocket square or scarf for an additional $10.

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    Receive a Rational Construct original design: A fine linen jersey tank top featuring a screen print of the designer's original drawing of an exotic Costa Rican cloud forest flower. Relish the superior qualities of linen, including its natural cooling properties and resilience. Linen jersey is itself a rarity in the mass market -- and nobody else will have this tank! One size fits most.

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    Here's your chance for a custom-made garment. Consult with the designer on an original style of knit shirt or tank that complements you. Made to your size in either linen or cotton jersey, in your color of choice, and featuring an original screen print: this level of gift is recommended for close friends, family members, or friends in the NYC area. You know you are appreciated!

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