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1st printing vs. 2nd printing

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)

Many of you have been asking: what are the differences between the first printing (the only currently available printing) and the second printing (the one that will come from this Kickstarter).

The following are the changes between the two version:

Revised Rulebook

The new rulebook contains extra card clarifications that were absent in the first printing rulebook.

Page 10, where it currently has a "Notes" page, three more special threats are listed:

Solar Winds - Place this card above all the external threats. It cannot be attacked.

Meteoroid - The effect occurs whether it destroyed itself or it was defeated.

Hijackers - You may complete this threat as an external threat or away mission.

Lastly, one more step is added to the setup page to help players who may have missed the text on the inside cover:

Page 1, Setup. Another bullet point is added to the list: Optionally: set up the Ouroboros final encounter (see inside cover).

PLEASE NOTE: Because the rule revisions represent minor clarifications, and because the ruleset is much larger than the expansion box, I will not be able to offer a revised rulebook as an add-on or include one with the expansion. A digital copy will be made available for free at a later date. 

Additionally, I will offer stickers to those of you who wish to upgrade your 1st edition rulebooks. To keep fulfillment simple, these stickers will ship separately. 

Hull and Shield tracker cubes 

The component is slightly different. The corners are now rounded. 

This is purely a manufacturing thing. It's what cubes are available.  

Ouroboros Final Encounter Card Revisions

The Ouroboros was a late addition to Deep Space D-6 as a result of a last minute stretch goal. It was not able to be playtested as much as I would have liked. For the 2nd printing, I've rebalanced the Ouroboros set of cards to create a more rewarding and manageable final encounter. 

  • Core - Destroying the core destroys the whole ship. No longer regenerates health. Instead, on a 6: Send a unit to the infirmary
  • Barrier - Now protects the entire Ouroboros. Health is now 2, down from 3. Ability remains unchanged.
  • Missile Array - No longer activates on 6
  • Hydra Cannons - Both of them no longer activate on 6
  • Attack Matrix - Remains unchanged

PLEASE NOTE: The expansion will come with cards to replace the affected Ouroboros cards from the first edition game. Meanwhile, the 2nd printing will include these in the base game from the start, therefore if you get the base game + expansion, you will have extra cards.

All revisions are subject to change. 


Remember: If you are getting the game for the first time from this Kickstarter, there is nothing you have to do. You are getting the complete game with the latest rules and components.


Metal Dice are back!

A lot of backers have requested that I make the metal dice set available again. The metal dice from the first campaign was a collaboration with Javelin Dice. They have graciously agreed to manufacture more sets.

If you would like to pick up a set, head over to

Each set of metal dice includes six 16mm black anodized aluminum crew dice, one 16mm red threat die, and a metal Hull tracker cube to replace the plastic one included in the game. These are made to order and will actually ship in a few weeks- perfect to use with the print & play until the full game arrives. 


Lastly, here are some awesome DSD-6 videos made by the board gaming community!

Two full playthroughs with two different ships!

Another unboxing! (shown with the limited edition first print sleeve)

For French backers, a playthrough of the print & play:

Yikes I can't believe we're already over 300% in funding and it's only been the first week! In the next update we'll go over each of the 4 ships with some tips on how to play them!


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    1. Felix Rios on

      I was mad because of the huge delays.

      Then, i received the game. The moment I opened it and started playing, it all went away.

      Thanks for this great game. It was worth the wait

    2. Nancy Hutchins

      Any chance of getting a pdf posted of the revised rulebook?

    3. Eagle-Man

      I would like the sticker updates. I would recommend putting this as a question in the post-campaign survey.

    4. Haris H.

      Love the look of the metal dice. Definitely interested in getting a set. Sadly it doesn't ship to my country. TT__TT

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt M

      How long will the metal dice be available for purchase? Is this something they'll continue to manufacture / offer indefinitely since they are MTO? or is this a limited run?

    6. neko_cam on

      How do we arrange to receive the stickers to upgrade the 1st edition rulebook? Thanks.

    7. Nandor Gaspar on

      Great update Tony, I really appreciate that the expansion will contain the replacement cards of Ouroboros! This seems to be a very little thing, but I'm glad you keep us - who own the first edition - in your mind.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nam Phan

      Great idea about the stickers and would love to get them for my rule book! Hopefully they will ship out to everyone who's buying just the expansion...?

    9. sgbeal on

      Just FYI, about the metal dice:

      a) the company is located in, and the dice ship from, the USA. Ergo the costs are listed in US dollars, not Singapore, Canadian, Australian, or some other $.

      b) the dice are 16mm (Tony mentions that in this update, but none of the product pages list their size).

    10. Timothy Bennett on

      Another Deep Space D-6 playthrough that is currently ongoing by GrayBoardGamer is at…

    11. QorDaq

      Please disregard the question about plastic dice, as I just saw the reply in the comments section stating that extra sets will be available from the website at a later date.

      Continued Success Warriors!

    12. QorDaq

      Thanks for the great update, I've been looking forward to it since it was first mentioned.

      The metal dice are pretty cool. Not sure I want them, but they are a great price right now for metal dice.

      That said, I'm actually kind of more interested in getting a second set of the plastic dice, any chance that those could become an add-on, since new dice are (presumably) being made anyway?

    13. Carles Neira Garcia "Arguset"

      Nice to know about the dice! Already ordered!

    14. TheMetalDiceGuy on

      Marlon, contact the seller there. They will add other countries if there is a request to ship there.

    15. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      whoops, hit post twice. sorry

    16. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ Tony - I love dice, but I am not comfortable using 3rd party websites. Please can you list the cool metal dice through your kickstarter as an add-on.

    17. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ Tony - I love dice, but I am not comfortable using 3rd party websites. Please can you list the cool metal dice through your kickstarter as an add-on.

    18. Pauly Paul on

      Thanks for the clarification Tony.

      For the stickers how will obtaining them work? Is it automatic or something we need to opt in for?


    19. Allan Bedford on

      I think stickers for the first edition rule books is an excellent idea.

    20. Zardos on

      I dont suppose a stretch goal or 2 would be in order given the great % so early on? Nicely done so far!

    21. Marlon Yabut de Guzman on

      Too bad that the metal dice does not ship to the Philippines.. �

    22. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      You have made me buy another copy for my son. Have you no shame?!?

    23. sgbeal on

      FWIW, "cannot be attacked" begs the question "can it be targeted?" (e.g. Stasis Beam)