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A quick playing dice and card game of gods and mythology for 2-4 players.
A quick playing dice and card game of gods and mythology for 2-4 players.
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Mythic Arcana - Roll dice, summon gods, rule the heavens.



The Apocalypse. Götterdämmerung. Ragnarök. It goes by many names, but in the end there are only ashes. The heavens have fallen and in their wake a void beckons to be filled. Mythic Arcana is an epic card and dice game about the creation of a new pantheon from the remains of shattered ones. Choose your gods wisely and use them to battle the opposition. Only one pantheon can reign supreme.

In Mythic Arcana 2-4 players will take turns summoning gods through the roll of dice. Recruit gods to do your bidding: alter dice results, destroy enemy gods, and unite the ultimate pantheon.  

The first player to obtain a god in each domain: Heavens, Life, Wisdom, War, and Death, will reign over the heavens victorious.



prototype pictures
prototype pictures


Mythic Arcana was designed way back in 2014, however, due to the sheer volume of artwork required for the game to resonate, it ended up on the backlog. In it's current iteration, we've brought the artwork and visuals to the forefront by printing them on large tarot-sized cards. We think this adds to the premium feel and gives the artwork the resplendent space it needs. But we didn't stop there; the whole game is wrapped in tightly competitive yet approachable gameplay mechanics that anyone can pick up and enjoy. A typical game of Mythic Arcana lasts between 15 and 25 minutes depending on the number of players. 

What's in the Box?
What's in the Box?

Each box contains more than 70 individually illustrated tarot-sized cards (70mm x 120mm) and a set of twelve (16mm) dice in 4 different player colors. 

example of dice
example of dice


Gameplay is deceptively simple. Deity cards are displayed on the table, you summon them based on what you roll, and collect one of each type to win. The challenge comes from choosing the right gods and goddesses to not only prevent your opponent from completing the set, but also protecting your own pantheon and manipulating your dice rolls. 

Athena & Fujin
Athena & Fujin

Deities have various abilities that will influence the game. Arrival abilities occur as soon as a god is summoned. Presence abilities are constantly in-effect and can do anything from increasing your dice total, to protecting your gods from destruction. Feats are unique abilities that require a god to be exhausted in order to use. Finally, Destruction abilities take place when a god is destroyed- they'll make you think twice before attacking!

For Mythic Arcana we drew from famous classical mythologies to populate the world. You'll discover gods and goddesses from Greek, Norse, Hindu, Egypt, and Shinto mythologies and folklore. 

Check out some gameplay videos to see more!

How To Play

You can also find a video of a playthrough in our developer update.

Curious for more? Open up the draft rulebook or try the Print & Play for more info!

$22,000 - Gold Foil Cardbacks - UNLOCKED!

$24,000 - Marbled Metallic Dice - UNLOCKED! 

$26,000 - Ribbon Release Insert - UNLOCKED! 

$29,000 - Magnetic Box - UNLOCKED!

$32,000 - Rules Summary/Player Cards - UNLOCKED!

$35,000 - Mystery Promo God Card

$37,500 - Additional Mythic Creature Card

$40,000 - Backer's Vote Creature Card

Shipping rates are based on a shipping weight of 15oz (.43kg) shipping from China, EU, and the US (this reduces VAT and customs charges). To see the shipping rates, click on the pledge tier and select a country from the shipping dropdown menu. 

Backers are limited to 2 total games per pledge. You may add an additional copy for $34. Save on shipping!

Tau Leader Games is a small independent game studio based out of New York. Our games focus on fun ideas and clear playability - any approach that ensures our games hit your table. We still believe Kickstarter is a place for innovative ideas and works in progress, not a place to pre-order already made things. We still need your help and support.

Tony is a visual designer and UX specialist currently residing in New York. He owns and operates Tau Leader Games as the main game designer and is responsible for art direction, shipping logistics, and publishing. This is his 4th published game, following Hunters of Arcfall, Dragon's Ransom, and Deep Space D-6.

Tim is a freelance concept designer, illustrator and author based in Australia, whose works can be found in places such as Editions Delcourt, Gunfire Games, Ankama, Blur studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast. Tim brings a unique style to the world of mythology. He is doing all the artwork to ensure the game has a consistent look and feel. 

Risks and challenges

Mythic Arcana represents a large body of work! Though the game is already designed and playtested, we're continuing to illustrate each deity as their own unique piece of art. Meanwhile, playtesting and balancing will continue as the cards are being finalized.

This is my 5th Kickstarter game project. What I've learned from each of them is that every project is different with manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment changing as often as every month. I have done what I can to minimize risks and shorten time frames. Nevertheless, even my projects suffer from dreaded Kickstarter delays of a few months.

TauLeaderGames has a 100% delivery rate, however, in the interest of transparency our most recent project (Deep Space D-6 Reprint) is still waiting to be fulfilled with an expected delivery of early 2018 (a few months behind schedule).

June 2018 is our best estimate for a project of this scope and I'm confident we'll be able to hit it based on everything we've learned.

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