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Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
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A Kickstarter exclusive card!!!

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)
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Never count 'em out! It's never too late!

10 hours to go and who knows what will happen. I will see this project through one way or another. 

Anyone who is a backer at the end of this campaign will get an exclusive card if the project succeeds or, in the event of a re-launch, pledges again at a level that includes at least 1 copy of the game. 

From the beginning I was told that 30k was too high. I've had playtesters tell me they disliked the game only to play for 3 more rounds and then become backers. 

I hope this addition will always remind me and my awesome backers of all the work we've gone through. This is my personal thank you to all of you here. 

The Underdog - When this card is drawn, it will remain in play for 1 complete round. The player with the lowest amount of FAME will be able to re-roll any number of misses. I haven't seen anyone win with this card alone, but it is wild and fun to see competiting players cheer eachother on. At the end of the day, we're all just Hunters trying to save Arcfall. 



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    1. Justin

      Have no fear! Underdog is here!!!!!

    2. Andrew on

      Underdog indeed.

    3. Daniel • Board Game Circus

      Haha, there it is, the exclusive card to an exclusive game. I like the event character of it. Adds some spice.

    4. Alex on

      Great idea :)

    5. Jenny Edwards on

      I can't understand how this game didn't make it's goal weeks ago! I really hope these last 5 hours make all the difference, but if not, I'll be keeping an eye out for the next time Hunters of Arcfall pops up.

    6. Mattimao on

      Go Underdog!
      Tony, I really like the way you have run such a smart KS. I hope it funds, but if it does not, I will be waiting for the re-launch!
      Bring on the new backers. :)

    7. Chris Rennie

      Thanks Tony, that's good of you, nice little card!!
      Here to the bitter end.

    8. Student_of_Tzu

      Either way this goes I look forward to playing it! It's close and there's still 7 hours to go! A lot can happen

    9. Andru Keel

      Love it! Great work!

    10. Tony Go 7-time creator on

      @Derek - I've been told by many Kickstarter veterans to set the goal lower so that I get to 100% sooner because it creates buzz and many people will ONLY pledge if they think the project will succeed or they are garunteed stretch goals. As a self publisher, that is a risk that I'm unable to take. My goal is what this projects need.

      Also, its been a crazy busy month for games projects on Kickstarter :)

    11. Derek Kupper on

      I'm still confused how this KS isn't sailing past the goals.

    12. Justin

      Sounds awesome! Good way to perk everyone up.