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Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
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The art of Hunters of Arcfall, more artwork and new hunter preview

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)
Hey Everyone,

This is Tim the artist for Hunters of Arcfall. With a slightly art centered update.

First off I wanted to introduce myself a bit and also talk about the higher pledge tiers and how the 'work with the design team to create one of the hunters' would go:

Basically I am the art team. One of the main things that attracted me to the project was Tony's idea for one artist to create all the cards. I have been creating art for TCG cards and other similar projects for a while now, but I also really enjoy working on my own projects where I have some creative control (hence why I draw comics these days, as it's one artist doing everything). So Hunters represents a great way for me to do many things I enjoy together in one package.

Working with the design team then wil be just a matter of sending me a description of your hunter (a few hundred words is normally enough). I will create a sketch, send it to you for comments or suggestions. Then I will finish it off, add color, etc. Then you can make any final suggestions. We put it in the game, you can have a credit on the card (Hunter X created by John Smith). When you play the game you can politely slip it into conversation to impress and wow your friends and fellow hunters.

Now in terms of what is an is not ok for a brief... I'm happy to be challenged. If you want you or your friend as some evil badass hunter, no problem. Your girlfriend as a super hot badass bounty hunter? I can do that. Your boyfriend as a dashing hero? Done. Just send me some reference and we are good to go. If vanity is not your style (shame on you) Then describe someone/thing as awesome as you can and I'll draw it. We will put it in the game. Obviously I can't do characters owned by other companies or anything too derivative, but a part from that as long as it roughly fits within the game's motif... game on.

Here are a few sketches and progress shots from the cards so far if you want to see some of the process.

But hang on! there's more...  

I have also made a free 2 hour tutorial that covers the entire process of creating one of our Hunters: 'The Machinist'

Check it out if you are interested in the art side of things. And share it around to help get the word out about Hunters of Arcfall!


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    1. Lee on

      Hi Tim - Am into M:TG for its artwork and this is on a par if not better than most! Awesome work mate!

    2. Bee on

      The making of video is awesome, I had no idea you are doing this completely digital.Hats off for the good work, I really like the look of your characters. Even if I favour the other hunters over The Machinist, I am impressed. Now I am finally going to test the p'n'p version and post about it on BGG when done.

    3. Chris Rennie

      Tim - I've said it from the start of this project and I'll said it again - Your art is amazing. Its what I noticed first, that draw me to this game. Oh and the game looks cool too Tony.