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Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
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Add-ons now available!

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)

Due to popular demand, I am making the prototype expansion "Tools of the Trade" available as an add-on. This prototype version will feature scaled back (but matching!) artwork and will be printed on a lower quality Print-On-Demand card type. Because the deck is optional and does not shuffle into the other cards, you'll hardly notice the difference!

 Tools of Trade ($10) creates a more complex Hunters of Arcfall experience for players craving more challenge. Every bounty claimed will be worth points that you collect at the end of your turn. At any time during your turn you can purchase 1 of 3 available random item cards that will aid you in your hunt. 

Custom Aluminum Dice Set ($60) - Upgrade your game with 13 machined custom dice add-ons. These lightweight aluminum dice will survive even the most dangerous of prey. These are 16mm carved aluminum dice with limited availability. You get these dice in addition to the standard set. 

To get these Add-Ons, simply add the correct amount to your backer level, and note that you want one of these extras. We'll send out a survey at the end of the campaign to sort out what you want. 

Forward Hunters!


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    1. Justin

      @Jim - the survey you get at the end of the campaign is where you specify,

    2. Jim Diffin on

      I added $10 to my pledge for the Tools of the Trade add-on but I'm not sure exactly where to record that. I hope this comment is what you're looking for.

    3. Chandler Sutton on

      Add-on Sold! I hope this plan works out, good luck on the campaign!

    4. Tony Go 7-time creator on

      The prototype version will be printed on high quality 280 GSM matte finish cardstock suitable for any board game. This will differ slightly from the core game only because they are from different manufacturers. The expansion deck is never shuffled into the main game so it won't cause a problem with identifying different cards.

      The artwork will be basic- images of items, but still matching. If we reach the stretch goal, we will upgrade the cards to the same manufacturer of the core game as well as upgrade the artwork- images of characters using items, actions etc. The funding will also help better balance the items and playtest more; this could result in different cards between the versions. With sleeves, you will even be able to use both expansions in conjunction!

      Currently, it is too risky for me to do a full print run of the expansion pack without a garunteed number of sales. It's kind of like a min-kickstarter in its own. Here is an excellent link about the costs for producing even a small set of cards:

    5. NicolasLehoux on

      I'm waiting for answers at Magisystem questions to up my pledge.

      Like Jorge I would prefer an add-on at 20$ with same quality as a PoD quality. It's better when we shuffle all the cards in a same deck.

      On your screen, add-on 's cards haven't any picture; they will have at printing moment, isn't it?

    6. Jorge Alvarez

      Is there a possibility to make the expansion with the same quality as the other cards and raise the price of the add on? Either way I'm in!

    7. magisystem on

      Thanks for making the expansion availanle as add on. This should give the KS a nice boost. Count me in on that add on.
      But i don't like the sound of "prototype". Does that mean we pay for a low quality version and if we hit the stretchgoal, we will get the high quality non-prototype version for free, rendering the paid-for version useless?
      And what if we fund HoA (and we will do that!), but don't reach the stretchgoal. Will you make the non-prototype version available to us (maybe as optional upgrade with a higher cost to match the increased production costs)?

      I am not a native english speaker, so chances are i just misunderstood. Could you please clarify this?

    8. Martin Irish on

      @Tony: Any additional international shipping on either of these?

    9. Justin

      Awesome! Double sold!!!

    10. Tony Go 7-time creator on

      @Justin - the dice are actually silver, they are nice aluminum color. The picture makes them look a bit gold, but they are actually silver.

      @Benjamin - I will see if that is a possibility. Non-rounded dice actually roll fairer, but tables are important! What a tabletop game without a table-top?

    11. Benjamin Robert Hernandez on

      Is there any way to get the dice somewhat rounded or beveled so they don't destroy wooden tables?

    12. Justin

      Awesome! I'm down for the game addon. Can the dice come in something other then gold? I'd be down for a different color.