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Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
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Gus, the One and Only, Revealed

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)
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Gus, the eldest of the Hunters to arrive on Arcfall, is a master of survival. Playing this revered and once-famous hunter means keeping caution in mind and always having a spare medical kit when things get rough. Here’s your first look at what this “old-timer” brings to the table.

Deep inside the caverns of Mount Nokk, miners slave day in and day out for precious metals to power the Arc generators. The center of these caves became home for one man. According to the tales, one miner became consumed with machines and technology. He drew upon the raw energy of the Arc to fuel his most ingenious inventions. Far removed from civilization, Gus crafted wild automatons, dangerous traps and tools for any job.

One day, as the people of Arcfall traversed Mount Nokk for their annual celebrations, the Arc generators began to speed up and emit a strange light. In an instant, the ground split as Golems made of heated stone began to march unyielding towards the terrified crowds. As they raised their fists skyward to build momentum, beams of pure energy burst forth, stunning the giants in their place. As the light faded, Gus appeared, as the Golems lay trapped beneath electrified nets.

Whenever Arcfall was beset with rampaging beasts and criminals, Gus and his arsenal of gadgetry would emerge from his hideout to protect the land and its people. Gus quickly became a legend known all across the galaxy. He was capable of capturing the most cunning of bounties. As the years passed, however, Gus began to rely more and more on his tools. The inhabitants of Arcfall could no longer depend on Gus and sought hunters from all over the galaxy. Ashamed and betrayed by the town he once swore to protect, Gus continues to hunt alongside the new hunters in hopes of reclaiming his former glory.

“It’s the hunter that makes the tools. Not the other way around.” -- Gus

Special Ability: Scavenger – Gus’s resourcefulness allows him to turn any single die into a HEAL. Others laugh at his diminutive skill, but the humor runs dry when you’re up to 3 wounds and haven’t rolled a single HEAL.

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    1. Chris Rennie

      Nice update Tony - enjoying the story so far :)

    2. Tony Go 7-time creator on

      You can only heal up to 3 times per turn.

      Also, at ANY time you roll more wounds that exceed your health bar, your turn is immediately over. The inside trick to using Gus's ability is to use it to bring back a rolled MISS. All other faces have a way of coming back into play.

    3. Aaron Tudyk on

      Yes, I think they are once per game abilities.

      Plus it seems that if other players catch you trying to use your special Hunter ability more than once you are ousted from the game!

    4. Erik W. on

      Aren't the Hunter abilities once per game actions? I know they're limited in some way, so don't worry it being too easy

    5. Justin

      So he can never die? The only way he can go out is run out of dice? Seems like it would make it too easy?

    6. Rando Commando on

      Looks cool. He was looking to be my favorite art. I love the backstory!