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Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
Become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy in this Sci-Fi themed card and dice game for 2-6 players.
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A look at the dice.

Posted by Tony Go (Creator)
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We made it to 100 backers! Thanks to everyone for supporting and getting the word out. 

A lot of people have been asking, so lets take a closer look at the dice...

The dice in Hunters of Arcfall are standard size 16mm D6. There are 13 dice in the game and they are all identical. The technique used to manufacture the dice is known as 'debossing'. This creates an indented and painted image set into the face of the dice. Dice created in this fashion are more durable and last much longer than pad printed or etched dice. This is more or less the same type of dice found in Zombie Dice, King of Tokyo or any other premium dice game. 

Now the sides. Each die has: 1 Heal, 1 Wound, 1 Hit, 2 Stuns, and 1 Miss. 

Heal - A good hunter will always bring a spare MedKit, but sometimes they don't always work. Use any rolled heals to remove up to 3 Wound dice on your Hunter Card. Place Wounds back into play for your next roll. Any unuased Heals will be re-rolled if you choose to roll again. A player can heal up to 3 times per turn. 

Wound - Bounty Hunting is a dangerous job. All rolled Wounds are placed on your Hunter Card. If your Hunter Card exceeds more than 3 wounds at any time, your turn is immediately over. 

Hit - Nailed It! You've successfully hit the Bounty target. Place these dice on bounties to weaken them until they are captured. 

Stun - Bounties don't go down easy. Use stuns to get another chance at capture. If you choose to roll again, you will re-roll these dice. Some Bounties will require stuns to capture them. 

Miss - Maybe you should get more practice... Any dice rolled a Miss are removed from play until that Bounty is captured. Miss dice are placed back into play when a new Bounty Card is drawn. 

Some fun facts: The colors were chosen to correspond clearly to thier results. Ie: the red are clearly bad and easy to identify right away as something that you don't want. The iconic heal emblem is green because those are good. For the Hit, blue became the positive color because blue is the main color to the entire game, and blue looks the best on the cards. Orange stands out as a middle ground for being good and bad- as re-rolls, they can become either! Then of course, miss is white for readability. Lastly, we did our best to design each icon to remove as much weight equally across all faces to better ensure a fair roll. Its slight and perhaps negligible in the long run, but I like little touches like that. 

Thanks again and keep spreading the word! Let's hunt!

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    1. Chris Shourek on

      I think it is really cool that you took the weight into account when making the dice. This game looks like a lot of fun. Love push your luck dice games. Good luck in your campaign!