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Make your night riding safer with RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals.
RydeSafe Reflective Decals make you safer at night.
RydeSafe Reflective Decals make you safer at night.
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572 backers pledged $13,925 to help bring this project to life.

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See photos. I been had RydeSafe reflective bike decals. 

Who wants some?

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    1. Creator Manuel Amezquita on March 20, 2012

      ^ you're not alone, guy. Mine havent arrived either, which is kindof awkward since i had been hyping them up to my buddies for months... and theyre still not here. :|

    2. Creator Scott Thigpen on March 16, 2012

      estimated delivery was Feb - I'm sure there are delays. But I've never received mine

    3. Creator Scott Thigpen on March 16, 2012

      of delivery?

    4. Creator Scott Thigpen on March 16, 2012

      When is the proposed due date?

    5. Creator John Kotrla on March 14, 2012

      I like shiny things

    6. Creator William B Campbell on March 13, 2012

      Yes I want some. :-)

    7. Creator Dave Sag on March 13, 2012

      I hope that means my decals will arrive in the next week or so. 24 hour Mountain Bike race starts on 24 March!

    8. Creator Tonky on March 13, 2012

      7 colors Novus. I been had decals.

    9. Creator Ellen on March 13, 2012

      Glad to hear my decals will be here soon. Good riding weather has arrived!

    10. Creator Novus on March 13, 2012

      Try again in English, please.

    11. Creator Ann Ketter on March 13, 2012

      Now what? Looks like a huge fight coming

    12. Creator Jim Harper on March 13, 2012

      VERY cool! Can't wait to get these.

    13. Creator John Ahn on March 13, 2012

      So what is in a sample pack?

    14. Creator K Lins on March 13, 2012

      Good stuff! I'm so looking forward to those!

    15. Creator Rok Iskra on March 13, 2012

      OMG can't wait to get them :) I just fixed my bike for the season! Great job guys, just in time!

    16. Creator Adam Williams & Leah Kramer Heyman on March 13, 2012

      AMAZING! Good Work Sir.