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Help fund the printing of our groundbreaking (watch yourself, ground) instruction manual -- "How to Doodle" -- and receive UNBELIEVABLE goodies!
Help fund the printing of our groundbreaking (watch yourself, ground) instruction manual -- "How to Doodle" -- and receive UNBELIEVABLE goodies!
80 backers pledged $2,467 to help bring this project to life.

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Attend a Doodle Workshop!

To those of you enjoying your books, doodle on. To those who didn't buy a book, consider buying one now from the coolest store in the world.

To everyone in the world: we are QUITE PLEASED to announce that in one month's time we will be leading a How to Doodle Workshop at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn, New York City. Hurrah!

Have you ever wished you could improve your doodling skills? Do you want to meet your fellow doodlers-in-the-world and compare techniques and philosophies? Now is your chance! We will be kicking off the workshop with some lectures and presentations, and each person who attends will receive their very own doodle workbook to take home with them. WHAT A DEAL!

The logistical information:

Saturday, June 19th
at The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Admission: $20

That's right--it's only $20 to attend, and that includes the workbook and some light refreshments. MMM!

Sign up here, and check with the Gowanus Studio Space or for more information.

See you then and there! Right?!?

How to Doodle - Now in Store(s)!

Hello again everyone! We trust you are enjoying your doodle books and are IMPROVING your skills DAILY! If your book hasn't arrived in the mail yet, please let us know so we can track down your copy.

Meanwhiles, we've heard from a few of you that you would like to SHARE THE FUN of our book, BUT ALAS, you don't know WHERE to BUY another COPY!?

WELL! We have some wonderful news to share with you. The kind people at RAYGUN, a very cool and wonderful store in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, have agreed to sell How to Doodle! You can stop by the store in person, OR, through the power of the Internet, you can buy the book from ANYWHERE ELSE! Hurray hurrah hooray!

Check it out:

So long for now, and watch out for those ocular hazards.

The Great Blizzard Doodle Party of 2010

Some have wondered if we're still having our party tonight. WE ARE! So, by all means, come and warm yourself by the intense heat of our doodle wall, and cool your head with That Beer we keep talking about.

Once again!

The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues), BROOKLYN, NY
Friday, February 26th

See you there!

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The Book Is HERE for YOU

WELL, listen, there's nothing tentative anymore about our book release party next week. (It's Andrew writing, by the way. Hi. Hi everyone. Hi.) As a little friendly reminder to you, our supportive and generous backers, we are hosting a big THANK YOU party next week to personally THANK any and all of you who happen to be in the New York City area.

(Those who won't be able to make it, fear not, we will be sending you your books afterwards. At your convenience, please let us know where you want us to send the dang thing).

The details for that release party, again:

Friday, February 26th
8 pm to 11 pm
166 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY (

To make sure you're as excited about this as we are, here we part with a picture of the actual, real, very much in existence, printed, beautiful BOOK ITSELF.


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The Book and Its BIG BIG Party

Hello Backers and Potential Customers,

I know it's been a long time since the last update, and some of you are sitting there, pen held tentatively over paper, waiting for inspiration. WHERE you are thinking IS THAT VALUABLE BOOK?

WELL: The book is at the printer, and though things could still go horribly horribly wrong, as is the nature of the universe, we've planned an amazing party for you all, here in Brooklyn, NY.

If you can make it, we'll give you the book and your prizes when you arrive. We'll also have cool t-shirts and tote bags to sell, and books for those that didn't get in on the ground floor.

Friday, February 26th
8 pm to 11 pm
166 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY (

Refreshments: FREE BEER from Brooklyn's own KELSO brewery for Backers and Book Purchasers! OTHERWISE CHEAP.
Music: Deborah Chaney Spins Vintage Country and Western 78s!

The book really isn't going to look much like this at all, but we just had to have something:

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