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Help me release my 17-Trk Self-Produced Album!!! "Underdog" project video thumbnail
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Help fund "Underdog"! I'm short on funds to mix/master and distribute this album! Thank you so much if you can help me out with this!

Help fund "Underdog"! I'm short on funds to mix/master and distribute this album! Thank you so much if you can help me out with this! Read More
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My project involves me finishing my album. The album is called Underdog. Where does kick starter come in you ask? My album needs to be mixed and mastered. The only way that it can properly be done while sounding professional is by using the same Pro Tools plug-ins that the pros use. To get most of the software necessary, without everything I would still need close to $800. 
After My end of the producing, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering is done I need to consider distribution, and possibly having a DJ host the songs/album in order to get more exposure. Promo plus a DJ hosting together will cost somewhere near $500. 
I don't expect to pay for all of this completely through Kick Starter. I have a job where I work 30-40 hours, plus I am constantly using social networks to find artists that need their music mixed or mastered. My intention is to save up as much as I possibly can. 
Any help from this website, of course, will be very much appreciated. For an artist/musician it is very hard these days to continue on. After high school our responsibilities become higher and we tend to focus more on what brings in the money at that moment. 
I wish I could say that I was making money from the music that I create and/or the songs that I mix/master. Perhaps one day I will, and I believe that this project will bring me one step closer to that day. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you take the time to check out more about me and my music. 
Take care,

Risks and challenges

When I consider the risks and challenges that come with completing my project, I think of the possibility that my album may not sell in the end. I may have put all of this time and effort into recording, mixing, mastering, distributing and ablum that no one wants. But I overcome this very disturbing fear by removing all negative thoughts from my mind. I'm constantly focusing on staying as positive as I possibly can be. I believe that hard work pays off and nothing happens over night. No one will believe in anything until they see proof. My current occupation is to prove it.

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  • I started writing rhymes when I was 14. First began actually making rap songs about 5 years ago.

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  • I use Pro tools to record, mix, and master my music. I also work with Logic when I'm doing any music production.

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  • That is a tricky question, bc Underdog has had several release dates. As Underdog was being recorded, it began to evolve into something bigger than what it was first intended to be. At first it was just going to be a quick mixtape over generic radio beats.
    Once I made the decision to have a hand in the music production, the project began to take another direction. I've recently decided to produce the entire project myself.
    Now what started as a mixtape has become a full length, self produced album.

    It looks like currently Underdog is on track to be released sometime in November.

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  • You can always hit me up via twitter.
    The best place to reach me would be my gmail....

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